Carioca University

First it contracted the services of a specialized consultoria of in programs of long-distance education. The idea of the Globe soon gained body with its pioneering attitude. Even because, exactly five years later, none another sender of TV had similar idea. Currently, the program calls Join-globe and is made in partnership with the Carioca University, the Unicarioca. Nowadays all the training system is on-line.

In accordance with Beth Accurso, responsible for implantation and coordination of the project, the gotten results are more than satisfactory. The Globe offers programs of training in some areas, as marketing, advertising, advertising, financier, journalism, for example. The goal of the sender is to reach the involved staff with the teledramaturgia nucleus, one of the greaters of the organization. In any part of the country, the Globe has its identifiable and personalized style. Another one in case that it is on the Daimler-Chrysler.Sem Bank a system that organized the process of conscription and election of new collaborators, the company daily faced a maratona when contracting a new employee. The lack of adequate procedure compelled the RH professionals to analyze stack and stacks of resumes until finding candidates who could incase themselves in the position to be filled.

The method was slow, laborious and little efficient until obtaining to reach the person with the ideal profile to the vacant. Without counting the risk to contract professionals with difficulty in if adapting to the organizacional culture. In accordance with Maurcio Azali, director of RH of the Daimler-Chrysle, ' ' much time in the conscription was lost. Today, we have more comfort and conditions pra to carry through a necessary election and eficiente' '. The Bank decided to enxergar the old process as a strategical problem of the organization. It contracted a consultoria specialized in conscription processes and election. The fruit of this action was a conscription project total on-line, housed inside of the site of the bank, and that it completely eliminated the manuseamento of the innumerable resumes.

Financial System

For the time being we only attend the decisions of alteration in the financial system in national scope and focadas in well prompt questions of little impact. In the long stated period, however, this situation can be minimized if the meeting of the G20 to occasion some result and if, as much emergent economies e, mainly the developed ones, will be made use to yield in some point, in order to reach consensus. Although this process of consensus is extremely complex in the international relations, as the financial crises if succeed, are possible yes that it has reforms that they reduce sistmicos risks. The reforms in International the Financial System are indispensable and, even so obviously they cannot hinder the occurrence of crises, can be capable to minimize them or to become them more restricted and less contagious. The excellent performance of international the financial market, under any angle that if it analyzes, bar, in parts, these alterations. For the time being, what we have in the next scene are only prompt changes that, with very effort and diplomacy, can be materialize in significant structural alterations in the long stated period.