Barack Obama

The recent emptying of information on the War of the Afeganisto, with the exposition, in the Internet, of about 92 a thousand documents where they are described atrocities of the occidental troops, is irrelevant: exactly that the facts specified there are not true, similar slaughters every day occur (when we speak regarding war, a minimum reasonable reasoning takes in them to this conclusion). Those documents, therefore, do not have the power to increase the indignation with the belligerence state. What it has this power is the behavior of the media. Since the spreading, the press insists on spreading out the information of that such breakings would have happened between the 2004 and beginning of 2009, excluding, thus, of any responsibility the current controller of the White House, as if, since that it assumed the power, the mined field that is the Afeganisto if had become palco of a war ' ' more suave' ' ' ' responsvel' ' (yes, for some people they exist ' ' wars responsveis' '). I repeat: identical events to the described ones in those pages if always occur in elapsing of a war. The media, therefore, gave a shot in the proper foot trying to save Barack Obama, directly responsible for any occurred crimes of war since the first day of its mandate, as well as Bush is responsible for the committed genocide when president. Therefore, it fits to ask: why, with so serious infractions in its biographies, one is ovacionado and the other is execrado? It does not have justification for so great difference of treatment, therefore ALL the presidents of U.S.A. always arrive at the power financed by great corporations, great multinationals, the most powerful economic conglomerates? people grada of some sectors, especially of the industries warlike and production of energy. The comprometimento to guarantee financial return to these groups is as much that the price to defy them would be the fall of the government by means of impeachment, since also they pay the campaigns of all the Congress of U.S.A.