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Metav tools GmbH is the new design of the rapid-I measuring 2013 on the CONTROL. The rapid-I measuring machine comes this year in a new guise on the control in Stuttgart. Plain, simple and clearly structured, fully geared to the function and with the full power of a CNC-capable measuring machine. In addition, the standard measuring machine receives the cross table 200x150mm. Together with a measuring height of 150 mm in turn is a powerful tool for its quality assurance in the hand. The measurements may be both visually, than also tactile with a probe.

Used the rapid-I can in quality assurance for the measurement of items or also in series production for series measurements. The in-house rapid-I software brings an extremely extensive tool set for both applications. As well as all measurement requirements can be done with this. In the series measurement, it is especially important to feed fast multiple parts of an exact measurement. Here the rapid-I can play one of its great strengths. One eliminates time consuming programming.

So, a program can be created with a simple click, which can be conveniently called up through the user interface and simple and efficiently performs the recurring task. Of course the data easily mouse click in an Excel table transfer. Also a reengineering of different parts is easy to do with the rapid-I. The extensive tool set allows users a measurement of the parts in all locations. The export via mouse click in a DXF file which you can play programs and processed in appropriate CAD. The accuracy is 3 + L/100 m (L in mm). Optional scanner or even a contour tracer software can be added to a 3D. Scanning can be achieved with the appropriate lighting that brings the rapid-I with very good results of the 3D. The scanning can be done both visually and tactually. The rapid-I 2D/3D coordinate measuring machine is a product of the company of customised technologies in Bangalore/India. Customised technologies is a young company, which specializes in the development and construction of 2D/3D measurement systems. Flexibility is extremely important in this context. Customer wishes can be taken into account accordingly quickly and easily and inserted into the software. India is a relatively young, emerging market for measuring machines, customised technologies has reached a range of over 70% in the market with the rapid-I in India. Among the customers, companies such as Bosch Ltd.

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OS-PDM – the standard solution to the recipe and specification management in the food industry the leading producer of glucose products Dextro energy uses the formulation and the Swiss company object solutions specification software. Thanks to the standard solution, internal processes from product development to production are facilitated by central management. Recipes and specifications are set on the central database and can be called at any time in the development of new products and improved. Time and cost savings, increased efficiency and innovation. Order to respond faster to market and specific customer needs, Dextro energy is also working with the object solutions portal solution Globalfoodspecs.NET, where all the desired data can be managed online. Suppliers can electronically capture the specifications and flexible update.

A head pressure sufficient to release them and to import in the local product development. Dextro energy can therefore wholeheartedly on the efficient More powerful focus their production. About Dextro energy GmbH, Dextro energy is the world’s leading manufacturer of grape sugar products and the market leader in Germany. In addition to the well-known energy dice that appear in flavored variants, produced the company include also energy bars and nutrition products for athletes. The Krefeld company exported to 22 countries and employs over 130 people.

Today, Dextro energy belongs to the Zertus group. About object solutions software AG, object solutions software AG with headquarters in the Switzerland and subsidiaries in Germany and the Slovakia is the leading provider of innovative solutions for product development and quality assurance in the food industry. Well-known customers such as Dr.