Big Apple Helicopter Tour – New York Attractions

You should necessarily allow plenty of time for the Manhattan skyline during a holiday in New York. Bernard Golden has much experience in this field. Helicopter tour release the perfect views of the New York landmarks. For more information see this site: Allegiant Air. But there are also alternatives, which are priced much cheaper and have also to offer excellent views of the famous skyscraper silhouette. From the observation deck of the Empire State Building from one has fantastic panoramic views of the legendary big Apple’. Even the prospect of putting on the observation deck top of the rock ‘ on Rockefeller Plaza can enjoy, is not by bad parents. From here, you can touch the Empire State Building and other architectural masterpieces of the city extensively in the eye.

One can imagine the extent of the Rockefeller Center just once when you stand at its entrance before: the building covers an area of over 89,000 square meters. Its construction began in 1930. The money for the construction came from one of the most successful business men in America: John D. Rockefeller. The building complex includes among other things the Radio City Music Hall, the NBC Studios with the studios for Saturday night live, ‘and a restaurant with the fanciful name of Rainbow Room’. In the lobby, the history of the House is completely documented in words and pictures. There is also the world-famous photo titled eating above Manhattan’ to see.

It shows a few construction workers sitting on a steel beam and who cheerfully smiling and up eating their lunch over New York City. A special variant of the motif, in which you must be not even afraid of heights, you can pose and then for a small fee to take home the pictures! During the quick trip up high in the 76th floor, you should at least briefly take a look through the glass roof of the elevator. In its interior, you’ll get carried up higher and only just below the clouds to a halt. On cloudless days you have fantastic views of Central Park, the statue of liberty, which from there very small and seems to be almost tiny as well as Wall Street and the surrounding areas. If you are the first time in New York, you should take necessarily a skyline brochure to the hand. On the observation deck it helps, sure to recognize all special New York sights from a distance. If you’re first up, you can admire the city at your feet as long as you just want to. Before entering the elevator but, should make sure once again that you have also taken with the camera, because you will discover the best motifs on the viewing platforms and in particular on the upper balcony.