Brazil And Colombia

Brazil is currently world-wide the producing greater of coffee. in accordance with Beling (2005 P. 39) the position of leadership of Brazil in the coffee production has little possibility of being threatened in short term, because the main Brazilian competitors today have production levels that are far from threatening the Brazilian supremacy. The Colombia that already produced 18 million bags is now the harvest stabilized between 10 and 12 million bags. The Vietnam not yet exceeded of consistent form the platform of 15 million bags.

The average of annual production of coffee in Brazil is of 36 million bags. On the basis of this calculation, 22 million bags are destined to the exportation and the remain goes for the internal consumption. This volume places Brazil as main exporting and responsible country for more than one tero of the world-wide production? three times more than what Colombia, as the bigger exporter. In accordance with Beling ' ' the coffee more than continues being an important generator of verge for the country, contributing with 2% of the total value of exportaes' '. 2.3.2 The IMPORTANCE OF the COFFEE FOR the Stolen BRAZILIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT makes reference the transformations: Hardly an observer who studied the Brazilian economy for the half of century XIX would arrive to perceive the amplitude of the transformations that in it if would operate in elapsing of the half century that if initiative. They had passed three rooms of century where the dominant characteristic is the stagnation or the decay.

To the fast demographic growth of base migratory of the three first quartis of century XVIII it succeeds a relatively slow vegetative growth in the subsequent period. To the observer of today, it is figured perfectly clearly that, to surpass the stage of the stagnation, Brazil needed to reintegrate in the lines in expansion deals of it international. In a country without technique and in which it practically did not form capitals that could be deviated for new activities, the only exit that offered century XIX for the development I deal was it international.