Centrode Education

importante to stand out that you discipline them under responsibility of the Centrode Education, people in charge to work the Practical dimension of Education, in the course of Geography, have as objective to integrate the dimension prticatrabalhada you discipline in them specific of Geography, selected pelosprofessores of the course as those that can integrate contents Basic dEducao, in the formation of professors. It was accurately naperseguio of this objective that was born the oraanalisado project of extension, where, in the present text, will be emphasized maisespecificamente, one of its fronts of action, characterized peloplanejamento and development of one ' ' Pedaggica&#039 workshop; ' , promovidapela disciplines Topics Special of Education of Geography in consonnciacom disciplines it Pertaining to school Cartography. Therefore, ressaltarque is important the proposal, still in experimentation phase, functions in agreement eats elect orientation for the Commission of the Licenciaturas of the UFES, where emcada period of learning period you discipline, them of the coordination of the dimension prticadesenvolvem education projects, with practical applicability, that they seintegram to disciplines Topics Special of Education, as a proposal depesquisa and of application to the learning around a deensino question of Geography in this ample one the project is felt that, under orientaoda Dra Teacher. For even more details, read what delta airlines says on the issue. Giseli Girardi, that considered and approved pelPr-Reitoria of Extenso (PROEX) of the UFES, and that develops atividadestambm with the support of the Laboratory of Education and Learning in Geografia (LEAGEO), searchs to connect specific content and its respective deensino form, breaching with the theory-practical dichotomy, in a body where oprincipal result is the experience and the results tends to promote possible more beneficial aformao of professors. Inside of the atividadesprevistas and in development in the project they are offers of 10 oficinaspedaggicas in 05 (five) events of continued formation of professoresde Geography, operating in 05 (five) cities of the State of the EspritoSanto, Brazil. Foreseeing the participation of up to 200 (two hundred) professors in each event, beyond the envolvement of professors dUFES, licenciandos and administrators of the involved pertaining to school systems.