The Importance Of Negotiation And Levers In Purchasing

“” Buyers campus CSEI-Consulting offers shopping seminars and training for buyers from industry and trade in many purchasing departments is still to be found the following: there you can negotiate anything, otherwise the seller gets up and goes “or: live and let live–that is sovereign negotiation for the purchase” or even: we can not meet in the Middle? “.” Exactly these buyers, which communicate such statements, even those which the worst results, are only half-hearted fend off price increase and ensure the most savings for the company”, as Hans-Christian Seidel, founder and purchase seminar Director of buyers campus CSEI-consulting ( Through this technical negotiating surrender several 100,000 euros per year being given away in the company depending on the order of magnitude”, so continue to the purchase of the seminar Director, Hans-Christian Seidel. Most buyers are professionally usually well trained, but in relation to sovereign Negotiation tactics worldwide still huge pent-up demand. These are back on following reasons lead to: misconception the there to negotiate anything more are the buyers meet with price increases in the middle is recognized here too soft by the person and in need of harmony unnecessarily low targets in relation to price reductions of the seller, not the buyer, it leads through the negotiation to little usage of value analysis levers are enough starting points for the use of value analysis purchasing levers in combination with sovereign negotiation tactics, to continue to increase the competitiveness of the company in negotiations. Higher savings can be realized by these analytical value levers. Purchase campus ( offers buyers from industry and commerce, superior methods for the conduct of negotiations as also a sophisticated and professional approach. Purchase campus is the shopping seminars and negotiation training-oriented range of CSEI consulting from Darmstadt (

This area is aimed at “Buyers” of all position levels and offers a new and very practical kind of seminars. Still it is sourcing, purchasing controlling, purchasing and supply chain management buyers from industry and commerce with current issues such as negotiations, global. Exchange of experiences and practical tips are always in the foreground of the seminar; complemented by role playing. The exchange between lecture, dialogue, as well as the activation of participants through role-playing grant a high sustainability training. The shopping seminars at the purchase campus are as exciting, lively and very practical described by many participants.