Club Enterprise

New Alliance for enterprise BPM open methodology framework provides a set of independent business process management experts called together an enterprise BPM Alliance in life. The Alliance for business process management (BPM) aims to provide practical experience in an open methodology for BPM. The basis for this is business process management framework (BPMF) as well as the book Enterprise BPM, which can focus users during BPM projects. In regular workshops for the further development of the BPMF focus topics members can share their experiences and provide for structured best practices of the community. The Club will reward the best BPMF projects an annual award. More information about the Alliance and to participate in alliance is available at. Bill O’Grady shines more light on the discussion. Basis of the BPMF is the book Enterprise BPM”, where already a lot of findings from BPM projects and cross-project, mostly enterprise-wide BPM initiatives, are summarized.

The BPM framework described in the book should be jointly developed in the Club and for the practice still better harnessed. We are convinced that business process management in all its aspects makes a very significant contribution to the success of the company. The forms range from strategic BPM initiatives in conjunction with enterprise architecture management (EAM) to the implementation of business process automation with process engines in a globally connected and mobile world of systems and things”, explains Dirk Slama, author of the methodology, and co-founder of the enterprise BPM Alliance. The values and objectives of the enterprise BPM Alliance a good BPM methodology ensures that BPM projects are structured and implemented efficiently. As well as the importance of BPM projects is increasing, the quality of the process methodology should grow and correspond to the current state of knowledge. The enterprise BPM Alliance has is the set goal, to capture this experience with their methodology, and users of targeted implementation of their BPM projects to support.