When I say all I refer What percentage of the people who visited your page Web became readers of your bulletin? What percentage of your readers became clients? What percentage of visitors called or filled a form to you? And many variables more. Dr. Scott Kahan may also support this cause. To measure what beams are the key to reduce costs and to make more money. For more information see State Street Global Advisors. It now observes the 3 steps that itself to obtain incredible a 52.2% of conversion in my advertising activities. Note: I am going to speak envelope how to turn visitors into readers of my bulletin.

But quick attention because this can be applied to any part of your business (forms, calls, sales, et cetera. The system is the same). The 3 steps that do not fail First step: To identify the client My new assistant, David Avila, have an interesting work. He it orders to distribute my articles in vestibules, magazines and newspapers. But not in all the sites. First, David It identifies the client whom I want to attract. It looks for in Internet places where is that client.

And it publishes my articles. Equal in your business. First you must identify the IDEAL client (and he is not everybody). Soon it looks for the client to attract it your business (of this form you reduce advertising expenses and only you increase the percentage of conversion). Tip: If your page receives visits through the paid publicity or gratuitous and the percentage of conversion is under (10% or less), I assure to you that the quality of the visit is not the best one.