International Club Country

You love to sit with a fishing rod on a beach or stroll through the woods with a gun? Or maybe you prefer just a comfortable rest for the city or corporate in nature, away from city noise and smog? The International Adventure Club Absolute Result offers you an unforgettable active holiday including the traditional grandeur of Russian nature. Very near the river Volga, and nearby is the famous Rybinsk Reservoir. Official site: State Street Global Advisors. The system of International Club of Adventures Absolute Result – a single network country clubs leisure, where you can hunt, fish, relax with friends or family. A variety of infrastructure systems and services of European level is ideal for a variety of corporate and business events of any level. Each of the country clubs of Absolute Result located on the picturesque waterfront, where you can arrive by water, air or land.

Here it is convenient harbor for mooring and parking courts, boathouses warm for storage, repair and maintenance of yachts and boats, each club has its own helipad and parking. For recreation and leisure entertainment provided for all: great pools, gyms, saunas, nightclubs, restaurants and lots more. For business meetings at your disposal a conference room, fireplace and game room, meeting rooms, billiards, bowling, bars. If you decide to arrange corporate in the suburbs, the fresh air, delicious cuisine and plenty of entertainment at the country club to help you escape from everyday worries. The choice of holiday animated programs and team building training, rent personal watercraft, snowmobiles, motor boats, helicopter flights, fishing and hunting with rangers – all of which can include corporate in nature.