Investors Through

Recession alarm top & flop candidates have shown in the past few weeks the stock market DAX that a recession is increasingly likely. Stoked, now Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has fears. By significant downside risks”in the U.S. market was the speech of a stop of further printing of money” as well. This unsettled many investors and ensures a wide pull off large amounts of money.

The Exchange Portal reveals how investors behave best. For the DAX might continue downhill in the coming weeks. Who want to arm themselves against it, should keep not only a possible put in the eye. Even when the individual values investors have a good chance to get through a crisis. In August, the stock exchange Portal recommended a Turbo-put on the DAX. This pays off well for investors, because the put is 104.6 percent in the plus. Now it would be worth to retighten the stop price and to benefit from the profits. In any case, but still a decline of 15 percent is in the leading index conceivable.

The share price of Fresenius Medical care would probably come through a recession without damage. This is because for the most part, that the economy has no major impact on the day-to-day business of the company, finally is a consistently high demand for dialysis machines and accessories. A crisis affects only the semiconductor industry in the second wave. Previously, including the plant and machinery must fight with slower economic growth. General one can speak but only after two consecutive negative quarters of recession. More information:.