Major Tips

Take a journey his carriage for easy access in airports, in her carry hand luggage, from it we can feed the baby). You will be able to pass the carriage of personnel aircraft it would amount to a special trunk. But consider that when you exit the plane you will have to wait a wheelchair for 15-20 minutes. 10. More let your child drink on the plane and drink themselves. Perfect option for your baby – breastfeeding 11. Try before you travel several options “can stock” of food that the baby got used to it.

Product brands are not difficult to find abroad. 12. Do not feed the first week of the child anything new for her, take cereals, used to prepare meals without all the usual for us, cereals can be purchased abroad. 13. Do not hesitate to ask for warm meals for the child in any place where there are microwaves and ask for any help for the baby wherever she need 14. Use the right place some procedures without the queues, because you have a child 15. Think carefully before using this tube in the plane (I use it to you a lot of children) 16.

Limit your child’s contacts with strangers people, at least in the way 17. Physically and psychologically protect the child in crowded places (wear at the hands of belly to belly, or back to back, find a deserted area for the rest of the child, do not leave children alone in rooms) 18. Prepare your child for a new place of residence (acquaint it with new objects, describe a new place, let your child get used to, potorgaty handles everything from the beginning) 19. Insure all on the trip, but bear with any money on medical care just in case (if a large time difference between the country to fly and our own, the insurance company can agree on a question of your service, even a few days) Major Tips In any case, a trip with your baby – a challenge for you and your child. This is your experience, but it can not be negative. Prepare yourself. The more you know ahead of time, more confident and relaxed you will feel, and hence, the more comfortable your child will intuitively feel your condition. However, everything is difficult to envisage, therefore, under any circumstances, just do not panic, do not fuss, do not change your decision and not blame each other. Calmness and confidence are saving under the most difficult of circumstances. It is important to be able to relax and enjoy just from what you and the whole family. Canadians, for example, take their three-month children even at hockey games, and certainly not indulge in trips with children anywhere. So the success, courage, love for one another – and all you get well.