National Secretariat

On the basis of the data of the Ministry of the Tourism, the tourists who more travel for $fortaleza are deriving of Italy, Portugal, U.S.A., Holland, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Handle Verde and England, respectively placed on the basis of the demand of the tourist number. Graph 01 (2009) Demand of International Flows of Tourist for $fortaleza Source: Personal elaboration (Database: Department of Federal Policy and Ministry of the Tourism) We still analyze, on the basis of Graph 01, the superiority of the aerial trips and the dependence of this for elaboration of politics of the tourism, that is, great territorial extensions as Brazil and the too much American, dependent countries Latin of its main international basin (American basin) relative to the international flows, lack of bigger investment in the sector, visa the effective tourist demand in the present time and the profits aimed at with profit concernente of these. As Cazes (1989), the changeable distance is a preponderant factor in the constitution of the American basin, and determines the degree of dependence of the tourism in relation to emitting countries (DANTAS (2010) apud CAZES (1989). Dantas (2010) evidences that north-eastern, in virtue of the continental dimensions of the country, the flow directed for the capitals northeasterns is, the example of the event in destinations insulares, strong dependent of the air transportation. Second research carried through for the National Secretariat of Politics of the Tourism divulged in February of 2010, studying the thematic one between the 2004 and 2008 Italian tourist in 2008 was to a large extent, young men (77.9%) and alone (49.1%), had been motivated in its trips mainly for the search of the leisure (41.0%) to find here sun and abundant beach (52.6%); they had been lodged mainly in Hotels, Flats or Pousadas (45.0%), had spent with personal leisure a per capita daily average of U$ 79,33 and had been established for about 18 days, when still they had the leisure as main motivation. .