Rural Confederation Argentina

Among them there are agricultural companies like PGG Wrightson Ltd., of New Zealand, and Adecoagro (endorsed by George Soros). The agrarian policy generated a fort increase in the value of earth and is why many have decided to sell them to foreign investors except for Mr. Gramont, farmer of 66 years that it affirmed: nonselvage no of my properties, but always I have gone against the current. For this year one hopes that the sector grows in more of a 4% in spite of the worse drought in eight years that the country affected. The tax structure for the sector in Uruguay does not have great secrets. country does not apply taxes to the agricultural exports, and in its place, it applies a uniform tax of 25% on the entrance of the sector.

With its agricultural policy cattle Uruguay already it has exceeded to Argentina in volume of export of bovine meat. Uruguay is surpassing to Argentina every time in more cattle subsectors agricultural. Days ago back, the Newspaper Today, gave account that the milk sector Argentine count with the same amount of animal that ten years back, while it affirmed that: the interventions of the national Government were key to prevent the milky development in the country. The newspaper spread a report of the Rural Confederation Argentina (CRA), that among others questions marked the following thing on the effects of the government price regulation towards the sector: If the situation of the Argentine producer is compared that produces 3,000 liters daily with the one of the Uruguayan, lost to perceive US$ 95.400. This is equivalent to the value of 1,200 rolls of alfalfa or to the value of 140 hectares implantation, protection and form of silo, I graze sufficient for a year of food. In the cattle ranch in addition, product of the divergent policies, Uruguay exports more bovine meat at the moment than Argentina. Please visit Sheryl Sandberg if you seek more information.