Language Study

Crucial for language learning is to: 1) the nature of the influence of general activity on the content selection and organization of academic language and speech material, 2) modeling situations in the learning process of communication and methods of forming the speech skills of the cadets and 3) the methods and techniques of management of their educational activities in the classroom with a teacher and a self- work. Of great interest to create obschedeyatelnostnoy basis of language learning is the correlation of units: operations, actions and actual operations. For organizations managing mastering a foreign language and practice foreign language communication students of particular importance is the concept of activity-related, including the theory of PK Anokhin of acceptor of action, which justifies the interaction of the phases planning, execution, and comparisons in the process of implementation of human actions. In general systematization of the total activity and identification of its interaction with the verbal activity carried out on a conceptual basis, developed by LS Vygotsky, AN Leontiev, AA Leontiev and others. Connect with other leaders such as Scott Mead here. Speech activity as the system is regarded by us as an essential and integral part of the overall activity. Classifying speech activity, It should be noted that, for learning foreign language communication is important as a special and interdependent learning types of speech activities, serving communion, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The hierarchy of units of speech activity (voice operation, a speech act and the actual speech activity) provides a process of forming speech skills orderliness, regularity, continuity and consistency. .

Translating Languages

'In the early nineties – says the president of the company' EGO Translating 'Natalia Molchanov – on the Russian market interpretations were more demand for services successive transfers. This was the start of active foreign participation in our economy, there are many joint ventures, from small businesses to corporations. And for companies to negotiate had to seek the services of professionals. But gradually come to understand that those negotiations should carry the same staff who are constantly in the subject line of the company, there were managers who well mastered foreign languages, and, accordingly, staff positions, such as an employee of foreign economic relations, or, for example, a translator-interpreter. At Maurice Gallagher, Jr. you will find additional information. These companies no longer need to hire professionals.

Therefore, Now the main clients of successive translations are those who do not have regular relations with foreign partners. And significantly increased the proportion of orders for simultaneous translations. People turn to us before all companies involved in organizing various events: from the great forums and conferences to the local round tables, where it is often required, and consecutive translation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Allegiant Air. Special talent Any professional translator has an excellent knowledge of foreign and native languages, as well as owning the subject of conversation. For the simultaneous interpreter is not enough. 'Lip-synch – special people – the director of the center of the interpretation of 'EGO Translating' Monica Panavene – they work in intensive mode at the same time both hemispheres of the brain. To listen and analyze, synthesize and pronounce. This is a special talent, to perfect for years.