Madrid Cardboard

In the Community of Madrid 148,947 tons took shelter of paper and cardboard coming from the systems of municipal selective collection, which supposes 23.06 kg by inhabitant in 2010. At national level the collection of paper and cardboard coming from the systems of municipal selective collection is placed in the million tons, 21.44 kg by citizen to the year. In these Christmas dates, and especially in the days of Christmas, New Year and Kings, the generation of residues increases near 20%. These numbers demonstrate, once again, the consolidation, year after year, of the sector of the recovery of residues of paper and cardboard like a clear example of the industry that will govern the new sustainable economic model. An industry that bases the growth on the technology, the innovation, the formation, the energy and the environment: more and more it jeopardize with the society; and abierta to new markets of products and sustainable raw materials. At the moment Europe counts on an average rate of recycling of residues of paper and cardboard of 69%, direct consequence of the success of the correct application of the policies of management of residues, of the consolidation of the model of selective collection of the fraction paper-cardboard and the new culture of citizen participation. This is translated in which in Europe every second 2 tons of paper are recycle and a surplus of paper and reclaimed cardboard is generated, considered in 12 million tons, that in the tactical mission of France, Spain and Portugal ascend to about 2.4 million tons. This surplus recyclable material of Europe exports to other countries, by means of return containers, taking advantage to the maximum synergies the transport, with a minimum environmental impact, a smaller power consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions; avoiding that is consumed new natural resources for the manufacture of materials, transmitting a productive model and enterprise person in charge at world-wide level that contributes to construct a society of global recycling and guaranteeing the survival, without additional costs, of the systems of collection and of activity of recovery of the recyclable materials.