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System owners must count on income, sales and business tax clean electricity from clean sources is becoming increasingly popular. Many homeowners have therefore built a photovoltaic system on their roof. Such a system creates green energy from solar power. The homeowners themselves consume a portion of the stream, the rest is fed into the public grid. Thus, private homeowners become entrepreneurs, which entail sales tax, business tax and income tax.

However, an individual tax advice can avoid unnecessary burdens. Revenue from the photovoltaic plant are subject to value added tax the generated electricity into the public grid is fed, the photovoltaic system of sales tax revenues are subject to. Many private operators of such equipment but not more than 17,500 EUR annual turnover. You are as a so-called small-business owners to be classified, which are exempt from sales tax. However, it is useful to abandon this scheme and to log on as a sales taxable entrepreneur with the tax office. Because then, for example, the 19% VAT from the purchase of the photovoltaic array from the IRS can be refunded. The investment costs, reduces at the same time saving interest. Initial losses save income tax which are income from the photovoltaic system as business income in the income tax return.

In the early years, but mostly losses, which can be offset with positive wage or rental income arise. This saves income taxes and is beneficial for the repayment of a loan. In addition to income taxes, business taxes may apply to be gains achieved with the photovoltaic system, also business tax will be charged in addition to the income tax. However, the annual allowance of EUR 24,500 usually causes that no trade tax must be paid. If you do, the tax must be removed partly from the income tax. But who must pay no or only a small income tax, which cannot be might even trade tax. Real estate companies can buy commercial markings prevent caution is required when a photovoltaic system on the roof of a rented building is built, belonging to more than one person. Business income are obtained with the power supply to the public network, rub off on the required partnerships. In other words, the income from the rental are subject to in addition to the income tax of trade tax also. In residential complexes with a variety of rented apartments can cause thereby higher tax burden. But there is a way out of the dilemma. Real estate companies can operate photovoltaic systems by an independent company. So the commercial income of operation of the photovoltaic system not on the rental can rub off. Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser of Bautzner Strasse 38, corner 2,500 road 02943 Weisswasser Tel.: 03576/2839-0 fax: 03576 / 283930 Internet: sp white water email:

Ralf Kogeler

For banks, aspiring for a refocusing on its core business and the quality of advice in the branches, external service providers can reach so Bach, a significant improvement in the quality of the processes, as well as a transparent and stable level of service. Economic benefits are added due to the effects of scale, resulting in improvements for all those involved with increased end customer satisfaction by high expertise and an optimized process. To note however is that a customer-centric strategy requires technology, which integrates data, processes and people to get a consistent picture of the customers and to use these as needed and advise. The customer service is outsourced, must both the Bank as also the service providers can access this system. In addition to the technological challenges are”the specifics of the outsourcing of telephone customer service in the banking sector particularly in the strict legal conditions and privacy policy which applies to note it, Bach said. From 23 to 24 can present themselves to experts around the topics of customer, call and contact center management in the Forum of Messe Frankfurt and replace. The human and technical safeguards are”here far more stringent than in other industries, the Managing Director of the be.connected added.

Contractors who apply for the multi-tenancy with the BFin according to the banking law, must also have a data protection and money laundering officer as well as a compliance officer. Only under this condition it is possible to service providers, for more services such as customer acquisition to offer lead management or direct marketing.” About the trade fair be.connected: from 23 to 24 September 2010 is be.connected the new specialist trade fair in Frankfurt. Instead of. At around 2,300 sqm of exhibition space, 50 expected exhibitors from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland present products, services, solutions, and services for a future-oriented, efficient and economically attractive Customer Center. About walter services: Walter services throughout Germany is number two of the call center industry.

This emerges professional call center from the magazine’s annual ranking, which annually determines the leading service providers in the industry based on information such as turnover, number of employees, customer contacts or locations. With around 203.000.000 customer contacts and a net crude income of 203.781.273 euros, walter services is advanced according to 2008 again from third to second place. According to CEO Dr. Ralf Kogeler was this success through the restructuring and favoured greater alignment of the company on the new customer sales last year: 2009, all German subsidiaries to the walter services GmbH have been merged. In addition, she have Acquisitions two source call center at the end of 2009, as well as the SEB card service GmbH as of March 1, 2010 the position strengthened by walter services in the Keybranchen Commerce and finance. Especially with BPOs in the Banking segment on basis of multi-tenancy you would continue to grow, Dr. Kogeler performs. As external service provider walter services holds here has a unique feature in Germany. Contact: be.connected. GmbH main street 1-3 65344 Eltville phone: 0 61 23.70 98 31 E-mail: Internet:


The gastronomy can extend the outdoor season in the cooler growing season with the practical service and for more sales contributing when something would like to offer your guests as a restaurateur, you must come up with nowadays some. Not easily in your industry, last but not least because the smoking ban will, make to create most of your colleagues as the. “How can you keep your guests despite this situation at the bar”? The smoking tent in the back yard or the terrace heater before the local are any services you will offer your customers happy. Free service for your guests are warm Blanketsmaterial which smokers and smokers out there can be pampered with a good alternative and at the same time a practical service for your guests. These are also ideal for smaller beer and wine gardens, to keep the clientele despite decreasing temperatures longer. Also on Christmas markets or ski huts, the Blanketsmaterial ensure that your guests in socializing under open air not freezing need. Ideal advertising media are Blanketsmaterial the use of Blanketsmaterial in the hospitality industry has mainly a promotional effect in addition to the practical benefits. The modern microfibre easily with advertising messages, such as embroidered company logos, slogans or graphic elements.

The investment is relatively low when compared to expensive patio heaters. As the use of Blanketsmaterial is not yet widespread, the level of attention and the associated promotional benefits for you are high. Inexpensive and easy to care for we have this form of advertising can sell several restaurateurs and organizer of Blanketsmaterial are easy to care for and keep nicely warm. Usually the Blanketsmaterial used even throughout the year by our customers in the hospitality industry. Finance our customers be coverlets advertising from their beverage suppliers or business partners. But Blanketsmaterial are ideally suited for the self-promotion. The advertising possibilities of the Blanketsmaterial are the fleece rug in 3D embroidery varied: Colors, fringes and embroidery are customizable according to your corporate design.

With the embroidery technique can choose between flax tick or 3-D-stick be selected. We have up to seven different sizes of on sale. You can see examples of Blanketsmaterial with embroidery and color patterns on our Web site at. About is a German company which specializes in the refining of promotional textiles, such as caps, shirts, aprons, and Fleeceprodukten.’s customers include small and large businesses, sports and social clubs as well as private end customers and nonprofits. The production of individual textiles within the range of basic colors is the core competence of the company. Modern manufacturing methods allow the advertising installation on different places of textiles. The goods is entirely manufactured in Europe and refined. This in addition to standard products is also environmentally-friendly textiles, the the Oeko-Tex standard match.

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Useful tips and tricks for more traffic on your website neck bridge, the August 12, 2010 so you generate massive traffic to any Web page the Internet is increasingly a platform for traditional companies at the present time. To present its products and services on the Internet, some criteria must be observed. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, blogs, forums, press portals, wikis, etc. are excellent advertising portals – if you use them correctly! Many of these platforms are available free of charge, and help to provide the desired target group with relevant information. More visitors to its Web site who really going on here, can bring quickly and free of charge. Why do you still a search engine optimization? What are Ping services, how use to bookmarks, and much more is described in detail in “More traffic by a top ranking”. In the following I will show some simple steps how your website can be optimized exemplary: step 1: revise and change the content all your Web pages to achieve an all-round optimization.

No Web page should take up another. Link also to fit your individual Web pages themselves actively and thematically. Use the nouns of the linked page in the link text. Step 2: Add META tags to each page. Begin with the search for keywords that are important for your business. Then you can optimize your Web page further, to the optimialen tags in the meta-tags, the tags, headings, category name, title, ALT tags of images, etc.

to integrate. Step 3: Log on your website with the major search engines, Web directories, Web directories, social bookmarking communities and regional directories to build the first back links to your new website. As a result you get varied sources for visitors on your Web page. You can use the free registration service “Submit Express” your Web page to login or tools such as the “Internet business promoter” by Axandra. Step 4: Build reciprocal links. Exchange links with other Web sites and Web master, which have similar content as you. This also includes that you find all competition sites with a high priority and find out where they have placed your links. Then just make sure that you place your link there. Don’t overdo these kind of links but because from a certain extent mutual links no longer can lead to the desired effects and turn even on the contrary. Step 5: Check the report to improve your search engine rankings. If necessary, optimize your website again and sign again the search engines and directories. Lead site statistics and tracking conversion rates. If you have no idea how you get such statistics or reports, you simply use Google Analytics. You will find more information for a better ranking in the search engines, such as for example duplicate content, ping list, RSS-feeds,…, see: more Traffic Peter Schulze Backergasse 4 09633 neck bridge

Mike Sheldon

Replace the Cisco IP phone 7962 G by the 7960 G IP phone; replace the Cisco 7942 G IP phone with the 7940 G IP phone both both the 7940 and 7960 are IP phones of the middle class, even though they appear in the current range of products that already have a successor in the form of models 7962 and 7942. The main difference between the old and new models is the screen resolution is improved in the newer devices. Half of the price of their successors, the older models companies who plan the purchase of hundreds of Cisco IP phones, offer significant savings. Even the newer models can be found, where used 7942G-and 7962G-Telefone at discounted prices offered on the secondary market. Positive voices Mike Sheldon, CEO of network hardware: IT companies nowadays work with steadily growing network needs with smaller budgets. The secondary market offers long OEM delivery times in increasingly are unacceptable, especially since large quantities of popular products and comparable devices on the secondary market within 24 hours are available. considerable savings in the purchase of new Cisco products and never unprecedented discounts on older models, without compromising the performance or reliability of accept to have to.”businesses” with the Cisco 3845 as an alternative to the 7204, customers can purchase a topical product to one-third of the price of the latest model and get a router”, which settles on modular design and flexibility of the rest really.” Further information Cisco models with long delivery times, NHR available are instock / alternative hardware NetSure maintenance maintenance / quality assurance for procurement and refurbishment quality /.


Ethnocentrism in social theory of religion when we use a definition that is looking to define and limit the ground-based concepts clear and distinct as Descartes would say. A maximalist definition considering functionalist theory of religion as a part of social theory. The religion thus becomes practical. If we take a very broad definition of religion, we fall into the error of considering any religious phenomenon of spiritual or therapeutic nature as with acupuncture or as some artists who attributed his genius to divine influence. If we adopt a definition from the study of small groups or communities that do not represent the majority social group, will not get a full picture of the religious phenomenon. The field work must be done on the entire social group considering both majority and minority groups and the evolution-diachrony “of religious ideas in parallel with changes in society.But the biggest problem for a social theory of religion is not the breadth of the field to observe only the starting point. We have elaborated a theory of religion based on a given religion: Christianity, in a given society, the western. This starting point is conditioning defective largely a neutral interpretation of religious phenomena as we see today with the categorization of sects that applies to any religious movement that disagrees with Christian orthodoxy. The concept of religion arises as a generalization and export features of Western Christianity to other similar social and spiritual phenomena in other societies, which carries the typical ethnocentric bias of early anthropology as social science. In this way, can not conceive a definition of religion that does not include Christianity. Christianity and the West are inseparable concepts.By applying the Western concept of religion to social structures of primitive peoples or east entered the paradox of Eastern religion, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Shinto religions but are not themselves moral systems, wisdom about life and internalization techniques., A concept of religion must at least meet the requirement to include religious forms of East and West., The main concepts for the study of phenomenology of religion as a church, sect, popular religion against official religion, charismatic leader (messianism), symbolic practices (rituals) religious ideology (dogma), come from a particular historical experience of a Christian tradition and are not exportable to other forms of religiosity or spirituality. To make a neutral approach to primitive religion or Eastern thought these concepts must be understood within the context of the social culture of the group to which they belong.The generalization, in a subject as complex as this, is the greatest enemy of the truth to which every student should seek the religious phenomenon. For example, the concepts of mana, magic, chi, universal energy or teacher does not agree with their Western counterparts of divinity, prayer, God or Son of God. The messianic idea involves the concept of the Son of God, as Savior only, or renewal of the established order comes through Judaism. You can not apply this concept to the idea that in the east there is the spiritual master or mahatma. Aterno as a way to see it in ethnocentrism, when separate religious language of theological language. Please note that religious language is the symbolic manifestation of a religious ideology. When you take a word ( concept) the language of everyday life and applies to a theological concept, it should be noted that we have given an extra semantic load.Religion, well separated from the theology that has nothing to do, can approach the religious phenomenon from a neutral approach. The theology is discourse about God, while religion is an attitude, a belief, a prayer. A theologian is a grammarian of religious language. The metaphysical serve much but say nothing.,. The language of theology without the religious experience becomes empty. Another attempt of empirical studies of religious phenomena to find a religious concept that includes East and West is to reduce the concept of religion to moral conduct within the meaning of life style or ethical behavior. Other authors reduce religion to psychological function, of the myths including religion in the emotional field. Because it is so difficult to define what is meant by religion would be better to dispense with this term and refer to religion as “phenomenology of religion” or “religious phenomenon.”

Coffee And Its Classification

A lot of people in the world loves coffee, but I do not know about this drink almost nothing. We offer a series of articles about coffee. Today, the story goes on classification kofe.Kofeynoe tree belongs to the family Rubiaceae, and genus name, which belongs to the coffee tree, comes from the Arabic cahve, which translates as "drink". Coffee tree is an evergreen plant with broad, dark green, leathery leaves. Ripe coffee tree looks like a red berry. In the wild coffee tree reaches a height of 5-10 meters and blossoms and bears fruit throughout the year.

Coffee tree can produce yields of up to 3 kg of grain per year, but it's all individually and depends on weather conditions, the differences in chemical composition of the soil. There are over 50 species of plants, but 90% of them belong to two varieties – arabica and robusta. The quality of coffee beans depends very strongly on the altitude above sea level is one or another coffee plantation, which is why coffee beans are classified according to the place of harvest. Coffee beans are collected by professional pickers manually. It's hard physical labor as daily garbage shall pass from 10 to 20 bushels of coffee (a bushel is a unit of measurement equal to 35.2 liters and adopted in the U.S.) Knowing the country and the region in which the harvest was possible in some way to judge the quality of coffee beans, which offer consumer sales. Familiarized with the main countries – exporters of coffee and varieties of coffee beans grown on their territory, you can take your first steps into the wonderful world of coffee flavors, and eventually perhaps advise their friends about the quality characteristics of a coffee, or varietal blend. The best grades of coffee grow, mainly at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and above, although there are exceptions. Good luck in the world coffee!

GDP Country

As a result, the number of tourists over the next 10 years has increased almost 4-fold and reached 24 million man in 1970 in the future, this growth accelerated expansion of air transport and the opening of the country for the Nordic markets, in particular, for the UK. Tourism has played a significant role for the Spanish economy, creating new jobs to 500 thousand in the mid 60s and one million in 1975 and generating for the country's foreign exchange (tourism accounted for a quarter of Spanish exports in 1975). Not surprisingly, the Spanish government in the future continued to actively support the tourist sector. However, the rapid and uncontrolled growth has led to environmental destruction, and continue to converging concentration of tourism in the Mediterranean coast affected the demography of the country, contributing an influx of population in this region. In the mid-70s, a period of rapid growth of tourism in Spain began actively building a large modern hotels for meet the demands of mass tourism. In the 80 years tourism has continued to play an active role in the economy of Spain and has provided jobs for 11% of the potential workforce, as well as 33.4% of Spanish exports and 9% of GDP in 1989, but within 5 years (1988 – 1992.) Total number of foreign tourists remained at the same level – 34 – 35 million people a year. The main generating markets of Spain – France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, in 1988 – 1990 gg. .