Collective Agreements

The question of the right to strike, despite it subjects the regulation, also represented a great advance for the freedom of action filed by labor union, therefore it left to exist the legal figure of the legal or illegal strike, becoming this a right of the workers. On the other hand, the question of the union dues, although the opposition of more modern sectors of the unionism against this type of contribution, was kept. By the way, the manifestation of the sectors most advanced of the unionism, seems that it was more speech of what will politics accomplishes to eliminate this obligatory and paternalista figure, arrives in port since it financial deriving of this source is significant and important for the maintenance of the activities of majority of the entities. Considering its origin as institution, the Brazilian unionism pautou for a umbilical entailing to the State or the dominant politics in this. Usually, it was used as component of maneuver of some governing for its intentions electoral politicians. This situation occurred until the end of the representative democratic system in 1964, when the military had breached the institucional order and had assumed the power through strong repressive system, that reached the entailed syndical leaderships to the considered political parties of left. From then on, the action filed by labor union was restricted to the assistencial field, without any power of decision in the working conflicts that pass to the court of appeals of the State.

This establishes the indices of wage correction to be applied, being the union only with the bureaucratic function of homologador. The Collective Agreements, in the dates of negotiation of the professional categories, pass to be defined by Justice of the Work that, without exception, kept the indices settled for the Federal Government through the Ministry of the Planning. The taxable incomes of the wage readjustments had for reference the average inflation of last the twenty and four months and a tax of productivity based on the national average of all the industrial sectors.

As Souza Commercialization

Also it guides the tests of commercialization as well as the activities of promotion and distribution. It must adjust it the characteristics of the product and the market the one that if destines the products, as the basic foods, have simpler commercialization. The sales are more direct and personal. Importance of the agricultural commercialization As Souza (1992, P. 284), Little advances to be the sufficiently careful agriculturist with its production, trying to get it possible lower cost, if in the occasion of the sales, it to be unaware of the best chances of market for its product. The final result of all its agricultural activity is necessarily in the commercialization. The agricultural producer to look for must reduce the costs in the production most of the time because, in the sales of its products it loses the longed for profit, therefore the same it is not in the price, but yes in the form where it is commercialized, either even so essential the product quality.

To get good results in the commercialization of hortalias it is essential to develop some essential activities, making with that it arrives until the consumers of fast and efficient form, in view of the transport, packings and storage so that the end item keeps its quality. 1.5Metodologia This project will be developed with the finalista group of the Course Technician in Urban and agricultural Administration in the Area of Management of the State College Tolentina Barcelos Gonalves de Santo Antonio of the Missions? RS. Being that the College does not make use of physical space it stops to make horta will be made a partnership with the family of a pupil, as well as with the Emater and the City department of Agriculture, with the end to get advising technician. Also the following steps will be observed: To search bibliographies on horticulture, accounting and administration; Elaboration of the planning of the company (Plan business-oriented); Execution of the decurrent practical activities of the horticulture, such as: analysis and preparation of the ground, sowing, collect of the production; Meetings with pupils and professors for analysis of the course of the project; Sales of the products (tomatoe, lettuce and radish); Launching of the countable operations; Closing of the year of account, after the cycle of each product; Lectures with Agricultural Technician; Day of field with the participation of pupils, agricultural professors, producers, Emater, unions and Secretariat of Agriculture; Participation in the MEP 1.

Fertile Valley

In the period of floods, for a natural process, these mineral and organic debris if deposit on the subject to flooding edges, giving to them to a good fertility and value as areas for the agricultural exploration. In the hydrography of next fertile valleys to the coast the tides constitute the dominant element. They exert influences in the direction of the rapids, in the intensity of the sedimentation, the quality of the water, the transport of mineral and organic debris and in the oscillation of the level of floodings. The tides when overflowing in the maritime edge or the low course of the rivers, effect a bigger deposition of sediments in the stretches next to the edges. For the action of the gravity force it is there that the particles of bigger diameter are deposited.

Following the edges of the rivers or the coast, it more has a band of raised level. It is what we call of high fertile valley. In each high water, the waters that cover the high fertile valley do not remain what two hours more than on the ground, returning soon to the riverbed, in the receding tide. This dry stretch completely during messes less rainy Later to this band delinquent comes another one that receives the sediments lesser. She is of quota lower and it can be called of fertile valley low. In this, flooding if processes for more time because being the inferior level to the one of the edge, part of the water that overflows on the high fertile valley, cannot return in refluxo of the tide and is dammed. The fertile valley low is invaded or humidified partially during almost all the year, for waters of full moon and new moon.