The Legion

Main article: Legion Roman See also: Legionnaire In the early days there was no distinction between the army and legion, Rome had a single legion of up to three thousand foot and three hundred knights. But the wars at that time were limited skirmishes that ended with the winter, and it is doubtful that ever came to collect the entire army. Was not even a permanent body, was recruited and licensed as required. The size of the legion from about three thousand to over four thousand, and may reach the five thousand. There was also a specialization of the soldiers, but tactically there were no changes and maintained the basic structure of the hoplite phalanx. In the early Republican period the legion was organized with a more formal structure and stringent. As wars became more frequent and were no longer mere skirmishes, battles require more planning.As the campaign grew in length it became evident that the situation of a permanently militarized citizenship was not sustainable. This meant many economic problems until the end of V century BC C. and early fourth century AD, when Rome began to be large enough so that the soldiers were only a small proportion of the population. Especially important was the win against the Etruscan city of Veii (369 BC), which were annexed territory and population. At that time the state and to compensate those who suffered economic loss by having to leave work. The loyalty of the army was reinforced by the oath (sacrament) of allegiance and obedience to superiors and not desert the battle. Breaches of discipline were punished according to their severity with suspension of salary, by whipping or even with death. The punishment was to decimate entire units, ie to apply the death penalty to one in ten legionnaires.During the course of the Republican period was used to recruit up to three or four legions. However continued to have, as during the monarchy, an ephemeral existence. Only the legions became permanent I-IV. These, commanded by a consul, the couple were the consular armies. During the Second Punic War many more legions were recruited to cope with the serious threat of Hannibal. Towards the end of the Republic Gaius Marius reformed the army. Stuck. Limits were abolished by the kinds of Servius Tullius and increased the pay of the legionary, bringing the potential number of these increased significantly. The new soldiers, unemployed, without property, were unwilling to reach the end of the campaign, which also meant the end of the pay. The soldiers enlisted for sixteen years, which was extended to eight or nine. So the army was professionalized.In imperial times the army was composed of thirty legions of some five thousand three hundred men each. The legion was already a permanent body, could vary in number and composition but always existed, each with its symbols, history and individual glories. They had wide variety of specialization as soldiers, sappers, military police, medical, etc..

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is defined by outsourcing the management or daily execution of a business function for an external service provider. The company will transfer part subcontractor administrative and operational control to the subcontractor, so that it can do its work away from the normal relationship of the subcontractors and their customers. Outsourcing also involves a considerable degree of two-way exchange of information, coordination and confidence. Hiring an outside firm is not necessarily outsourcing. Organizations that offer these services feel that outsourcing requires the transfer of corporate responsibility for managing a portion of the business. In theory, this portion should not be critical for the functioning of the company, but the practice often indicated otherwise. Many companies hire specialized companies working as subcontractors for ordering the administration of the areas most conducive to this.These can be found in computing, human resources, asset management and real estate and accounting. Many companies also outsource technical support to users and telephone call management, manufacturing and engineering. In short, outsourcing is characterized by expertise not inherent to the core of the contracting organization. Overhead costs are usually less service if they are outsourced, allowing many businesses, from services to consumer goods, shut down their own departments of customer relationships and outsourced to third parties. The logical consequence of these decisions was the outsourcing companies in countries with lower labor costs, often called offshoring trend. Because of this demand, the call centers customer service have increased in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Chile, Uruguay, Canada and even the Caribbean.Many companies, like Dell and AT T Wireless have achieved a certain notoriety for their decisions to use resources in India and Pakistan for its technical and customer service: one of the most frequent complaints is the possible problems of communication between customers and staff replacement. A related term is the outsourcing of tasks (out-tasking) to delegate a portion bounded strictly business to another business, typically through an annual or even shorter. This usually involves continued direct or indirect management of decision making, the contractor. The word outsourcing became widely known because of the growing number of technology companies in the early 90’s that were not large enough to maintain their own departments customer.In some cases these companies have hired technical writers to simplify the instructions for use of their products, order the key points of information, also have contacted employment agencies to find, train and recruit skilled workers who answer the calls . These employees work in call centers where the necessary information to assist customers was available in a computer system. In many cases, workers were not allowed to tell the client that does not work directly for the original company. In some cases, could not even identify with their real name.

Furama Express attacks!

A few days ago I found in my mailbox a delivery notification, you know, when they come to hand over a package and you are not home often leave a note in order that you go look at post or quedeis and they must call another day. Well, I was not expecting any package (which already made me suspicious) and when I saw the delivery notice I thought: “Since there may be people who fall into this scam “.I do not need comment on everything fishy but I leave the piece of paper with the most curious: The boxes of day and time that I found at home are empty. The little cross is printed Absentee! ! I thought they did the messengers to boli .. . The back is completely blank when the policy is normally come from delivery of the company and other details. The website which give the right side there, and the server is to create pages charge, a bit stingy of Furama’s not A 905 phone number for a shipping company … And the strangest thing of all: AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY!! Please, that’s the straw that broke the camel! Well, unless you Furama Express to become clear there is only a method for people to call the phone number and leave your two euros (or more) in the call and then not get anything for nothing. Alerted you are!


His first prominent role was in the series Confessions of Teens (Teen Confiss es) in 1994, on TV Cultura. The work was based on Maria Mariana in homonymous entries in this work she played Carol. In 1999, the opportunity appeared to participate in the Suave Veneno (Suave Veneno) in Rede Globo, as Marina, a lover of football players. In the same year she posed for Playboy magazine. In 2000 he acted as the villain Frank ris Mendes Lacerda, in Family Ties (La os de Fam lia). Consequently after, in 2001, she made her first protagonist, Cec lia HS in La Patrona (A Padroeira). In 2002, in the novel The Kiss of the Vampire (O Beijo do Vampiro), Deborah was Lara. By this time she posed for the second time for Playboy magazine. In 2003, it was time for Darlene Sampaio disturbed Celebrity (Celebridade), an unscrupulous character and that she had a goal of fame.In 2005, he acted as the Sun of Oliveira, a woman who has a dream to make life even in the United States is like an illegal immigrant, and a protagonist of the novel America (America). In 2006, he participated in the dance contest at the Ice Domingazo the program Faust n (doming o do Faust o), being in third place. In the middle of the picture, she broke two ribs. Now she is playing her second villain, Elizabeth Aparecida Bar, Pie in the cartoon on the hoof (P na Jaca).