Unemployment In Russia

The monthly decrease in average incomes during the spring this year could be about 5-6%. Employment. In this January in major Russian cities the average unemployment rate was 9.3%. Compared with January last year, unemployment has increased by almost 26%. Certainly, major factor in the growth of unemployment today is a spontaneous process of downsizing as a result of deteriorating financial performance of companies. In the last three months lay-offs affected virtually all business areas, weekly jobless became tens of thousands of people. Often, these dismissals were based on sheer panic managers seeking to optimize their business by any means.

Naturally, primarily affected office workers that are not in the main production. As office specifics of the work is characterized by large cities, their population has fallen principal "punch element. In January, markedly while the share of entrepreneurs, leading his own business. In December, their share in low-income segment (up to 25,000 rubles per person per month) was 15%, and in January dropped to 12%. In the middle income group (25000-50000 rubles per person month) about 5% of entrepreneurs have completed their business: their share fell from 44% to 39%.

These changes are commensurate with the overall decline in the number of jobs in most industries. Over the remaining job cuts in major cities in the crisis affected service industries: advertising, consulting, financial services, insurance, real estate and other non-manufacturing sectors. Savings. In January, was first detected household income exceeding their current expenditures. This means that the family began to spend on current consumption by previously accumulated, and it is very unfortunate trend.


Conventionally, this group was divided into segments of the "elite media" and "elite", but in the context of this article, all families with income greater than $ 4000 per person referred to as "elite". The average monthly income of the studied group is $ 6,370 per person, of which the current consumption is spent on average $ 2200. In fact, the money spent on compulsory expenditure, which significantly higher compared with other segments, as are a significant added quality and other factors shaping the high price. It is clear that the same goods would cost cheaper than the elite, whether this segment less prityazatelen. It is likely that the crisis required the consumption of a segment of the elite will be reduced by lowering the stamp sostavlyayuschey.Iz remaining $ 4,170 the average income of the elite tend to save about $ 1400 and spend on other needs $ 2770. This part of the discretionary spending includes many personal services, recreational activities, frequent travel and other items directly reflect the high standard of living. It is in this part of the consumed by the vast majority of products from the category of luxury. Average amount of accumulated savings of the elite is more than $ 25,000 per person.

This sum of a man with a monthly cost of $ 2200 provided for a year, even when fully loss of any source of income. By providing such a "safety cushion", the elite households have every chance to survive during the crisis, even without drastic reductions in consumption. Of course, many families will reconsider home budgets downward against the general pessimism, and it is even more secure with the economic situation in a difficult situation. Simulate a hypothetical situation to reduce earnings in the segment of the elite 50%, ie from $ 6,370 to $ 3,180. In such situation, the family can not reduce the usual structure of current consumption, but reduce the discretionary portion of the cost of $ 2770 to $ 980, and temporarily abandon saving money. It also remains the possibility of balancing mandatory and discretionary budgets, reducing the branded component in the price of purchases. In other words, to withdraw to step back in the consumption of luxury goods – not the most painful loss.

Thus, for halving income elite can maintain a stable economic situation, even without sacrificing savings. Accordingly, the demoralizing effect of the economic crisis on the segment of the elite can occur only in high risk areas associated with exchange losses and other situations, reducing the liquidity of capital. Conservative households are in this case in a more secure position. As a result of these reflections can be concluded that the most weighty "Black mark Crisis" issued by the middle class. This social group is losing jobs and incomes, reduce social optimism and consumer confidence. Business-oriented middle class, it's time to consider possibility of developing a stand-segments, as middle-class consumer activity can be affected negatively in a short time. Perhaps one of the most reliable segments in a similar situation may become a pseudo – a fairly large superstructure on the middle class, showing the elitist style of consumption. Losing the middle class in an amount 11 times, this segment has a gross income, comparable with a quarter total income of the middle class and far more motivated to Consumption. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

Weight Loss Products

In this article I talk about weight loss products, which have to be careful when choosing to not harm the health and get the desired results. In the market we have a wide variety of products to lose weight, but how should we trust them? Be very careful when choosing weight loss products. What we have to take into account mainly q is not harmful to our health, avoid products that promise instant miracles, we must choose carefully to know which can help us in our goal. Would be good if we take into account the product’s reputation and that we inform you about all aspects of this in order to prevent damage. The vast majority of weight loss products fail to meet promised goals, only show a fast and low effectiveness, and may even be harmful because they are not taught the proper way to eat well. The first thing to do is tell us the good of the side effects that may be, to prevent any risk. One of the many are diuretics, are compounds seeds, stems, leaves, etc. Those favoring the elimination of water, but not fat, misuse of these products can lead to dehydration, fatigue, insomnia. In this list are also laxatives, these are used by people who want to lose weight effortlessly and quickly, their use is indicated in case of constipation and always in a medical record as if taken for a very long may cause irreparable damage.


The poinsettia is a beautiful flower that many people who love flowers are interested in. Because poinsettia is a flower so beautiful, is quite extensive trade in this type of flower in the flower market. They are also many books and discussions are part of people enjoy the poinsettia to know what care should have this flower when purchased for your home or to decorate any space. Let’s see some details about the poinsettia. The poinsettia is technically not a flower. Or, to put it more precisely, what we admire in a poinsettia are not exactly the petals of the flower, nor are leaves.

They are another kind of component that is part of the parties that has a flower. Despite this observation one can say that the plant the poinsettia if you have flowers, what happens is that the flower is very small and is not as beautiful as those large species that has leaves in various colors poinsettia . The poinsettia is not a flower that can be cut as we normally see can be many flowers. Indeed, the poinsettia is a flower that has for the care and maintenance of a person who is awaiting her. Although this does not mean that we are constrained to have the poinsettia in a garden, since you can have this type of flower both within an enclosed space like a garden that is outdoors. There are multiple care must be taken with the poinsettia. You could say that to have a beautiful flower in the house must pay the price and the price of this is all the care that we should have this beautiful flower to keep it beautiful and healthy.

These flowers are very sensitive to temperature, both hot temperatures as cold temperatures, this is one reason why it is not easy to care for the poinsettia. Furthermore, the risk of the poinsettia should be special. This is not to irrigate the ordinary way as you do with any plant, it is necessary to create humidity in the environment to make the plant absorb absorb what you need to live. There are several types of poinsettia in the world. While poinsettia is the most famous red, poinsettias are other exotic colors while not famous, they look equally beautiful. Many of the fans of the poinsettia have a kind of each color in your garden or home, since each one of them looks great. If you want to purchase the poinsettia, do not forget to look at all the colors there, remember you do not have to settle for the usual poinsettia red. We hope that information about the poinsettia that you find on this site will be of great help. We also want beautiful flowers in the care of your garden or in the care of the plants you have inside your home.

Happiness Is A State Of Mind

They have also come to the conclusion that money or material success are by no means a given factor. Apart from this, it has not drawn any conclusion. I think there is some truth in most of these articles, but today I will share what I’ve noticed about happy people I know, beyond all these considerations. Probably the most important thing I see is that Happy people do not identify with their life or situation. This is my personal definition of freedom.

Not affect their happiness to an external factor. They are happy even if at some point feel sad, disappointed or frustrated. They are basically not happy but not happy all the time. This makes me think that if one can be happy and feel a diverse range of emotions, many of them negative, while happiness is not an emotional response, but a state that is generated and developed at a deeper level. Is happiness a state of mind? Most people are trapped in the belief that there are certain requirements for us to be happy. His life is a constant search for the steps they consider necessary, such as finishing a race, find a mate, have a good job, having children, or improve their physical appearance, to give examples.

But the truth is that happy people are regardless of their status. They are the richest, healthy, handsome and triumphant from the social point of view, but are morally and spiritually advanced. This may be the reason that in similar circumstances, some are happy and others not.

The Brain

It was noted that according to the intensity of the insult, there is a cascade of pro-apoptotic signals and changes in expression levels of PGC-1alpha, a regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis. The overproduction of angiotensin II at tissue level caused by of AT-1 receptor systemic disorders that are often independent of hypertension. All these effects cause a systemic pathophysiology preferably in the heart, kidney, and most of the arteries and arterioles of the body including the coronary arteries and cerebral arteries. It was recently observed that angiotensin II plays a central role in cardiovascular physiology, as well as neuroendocrine regulation and cell cycle control. By the fact that angiotensin II uses the insulin receptor substrate (IRS-1) to relay signals to different intracellular sites, allowing a biochemical explanation why these two systems interact in both the disease and in healthy patients. Since the on angiotensinergico system activity causes an alteration in intracellular signaling mechanisms of insulin, particularly the nuclear factors involved in gene transcription has been shown in experimental studies both in-vitro and in vivo that the thiazolidinediones (glitazones = ligand selective PPAR-gamma, a subfamily of intracellular receptors that regulate the homeostasis of blood pressure, and metabolism of glucose and lipids) with activity for greater sensitivity insulin, have a common path with the system and have also angiotensinergico an anti-hypertensive and antiateroesclerotico. DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT a The mainstay of treatment of hypertension is to prevent vascular stiffness, as well as vascular thrombotic events that the disease entails. In addition to myocardial hypertrophy with predominance of interstitial fibrosis, inflammatory lesions caused renal glomerular and small vessels, particularly in the brain and retinal level.

Sonnet Eden Divine Child Jesus

And the world is to be desperate … persistent and committed in their quarrels between lightning and thunder Threat, False peace is not truth, always stubborn. God is peace visible the invisible and silent word we understand, if elected to the kingdom we know. When born in Bethlehem is incredible, Children, their mission is impossible, everything can love as we shall see! Sonnet Eden Divine Child Jesus is now I think Escondido, quiet and tiny, can not cover nor infinity of God's heart is so big. Tree growing everywhere, extensive, without sin, the human without crime, Prince of Peace The Miracle nice dreams his intense love of Eden. He gets to mourn and sleeping Tears of God, I come out, happy to be sad and crying. Awake from your sleep and you smiling And the Virgin looks charming, good night dawns the sun I sing! Friendship Sonnet combines transparent love, you'll end up loving, the truth does not lie, you're believing the lie that you are feeling false. Misperception wandering ends.

There is no unfairness you're thinking the joke is not an enemy that is hurting, you invent the ghost you're seeing is not the wound and you're imagining. Combines love love the sea and the river is life running towards death, has already said Manrrique rivers. Dar is the way to the sea and good luck maternal source and strong friend, friendship Transparent, no such trouble walking! Incredibly unforgivable Sonnet Love of friendship knot is well that is dry and we weigh, and weigh the truth and frankness, Silent malicious, is mute. It is not intended to mock or play rough, Who wants to be faithful to their fortitude does not ignore the truth that interests you and is a fatal blow to know he could not. Stone hardens the soul friend of greed, does not have a crumb, Generosa becomes greedy. The rose becomes a nettle growing every thorn, if an enemy, Its petals thorns without the rose. Credible and excusable Sonnet If dry it well and if we weigh Their silence is never silent, the love of friendship knot is not God speaks frankly sincere.

The never say that and really could not ignore our weakness, forgetting the offense to his integrity, with its clean friendly, frank nudity. Wasting a banquet every crumb liberality lacking greed, the Divine friendship is without malice. It does not make a nettle pink and even your spine, flowers and stem, petals and is always in your caress. In conclusion God Haiku Without fail my roots will not let me dry, Divino friend! Success Sonnet With the kiss of love of God is eternal kiss If we truly love, His divine friendship conservative, is triumphant friendship, full success. The kiss that is treason is worse than zero Betraying to kiss him, we lose, we can not deny that we know that heaven is hell without love. Forgiving heart grow healthy, God friend hides in the beggar If we extend a hand to each brother. We must not let go of his hand, not enemy, God is always good friend, I never want to let go, it is flat!

Special Effects Contact Lenses

The enhancement tints are a solid (yet translucent) tint that is darker than visibility tint but does not affect the eye color of the user. As its name suggests lenses to improve the current color of the eyes. The enhancement tints are a subtle but nice change for those who just want to add a bit of the intensity of their eye color. Color inks are deeper, opaque tint allowing the user to change dramatically the color of your eye. For anyone wanting a completely new look these are the color contacts to choose. Some of the lovely colors come in colors such as the sapphire true blue, gray, green, turquoise, Caribbean aqua, sea green and blue of the Pacific to name a few. The different shades are usually made with a series of colored shapes, lines or dots to mimic the look of natural light. Special Effects Contact Lenses: Costume and theatrical lenses also fall into the same category of opaque color contacts.

These special effects lenses are available in prescription and nonprescription medications. The lenses are an excellent choice for any theatrical production, television or advertising needs, and for most people a great addition to any Halloween costume. The special effect contact lenses come in attractive designs like jaguar, cat eye, alien zebra, blackout (changing the eye color of black), white-out (change the color of eyes) bloodshot hot, red, wolf designs. The special effects contact lenses are as safe as regular contact lenses provided they are treated in the same way..


The width of the edging boards and beams measured anywhere in length, with no wane, but no closer than 150 mm from the ends. The width of the edging boards and beams with non-parallel edges, measured at mid-length. The width is measured on the boards unedged middle of the length of the floor as the sum of the widths both layer (bark and phloem). The measurement result is rounded up to 10 mm to 5 mm fraction does not take into account the shares of 5 mm or more say over 10 mm '. In Estonia and other Baltic countries there is a reverse situation, which can not be called fraud, but rather a manipulation. Most exporters of sawn timber and saw familiar paid sizes, which indicate in their procurement specifications, their partners from abroad. In fact, this is reason: lumber natural moisture and lose moisture during the drying process, reduces the width and thickness.

Foreign consumers say they do not want to pay for water. It is therefore indicated and saw paid sizes. No trick here is complete. The thing is that very often the size of transcripts slightly less than the size of lumber after drying. These 1-2 mm immediately become super profit for the importers of sawn timber. Recipe counteract this phenomenon is simple – to require foreign partners specify in the contract prices saw the size of which will be at the same time and scoring. Not to be trapped, we must remember the most important rule: purchase Edged board, timber and other timber with no arms, not 'cheap' and reliable and proven timber processing companies, where you will talk about all the competence of the acquired products.


It occurs that the climate was being more cold and implacable. The plantations had started to perish. The wood, with which the Scandinavians construam its habitations and that he served, next to the coal, to heat the water and to cast metal for the hunting, he finished of time. Exactly with the expansion of the cold and the hunger provoked for the fact of the plantations to be dying and the hunting to have been rareada for the climatic alterations and the forcible consumed, and, therefore, inefficient metal use to capture it, vikings had not extinguished the old custom to import of the Europe religious articles, as candlesticks, vitrais, ostensrios and others (mainly after being converted Christianity, possibility that always had been condemned for Erik in virtue of being it an arduous defender of the Nordic paganismo) and of products of luxury for the feudal leaders, as well as of for exporting skins of animals there, bears polar, imprisoned of morsa and other raw materials that, in those emergenciais circumstances, were well more necessary in Greenland. Instead of modifying its commercial habits, vikings had started to use the turf – vegetal that it recovers great part of the ground of the Arctic regions? to substitute the wood in the tasks the one that this age affects. This made with that the ground was eroded, and, consequently, with that the remaining plantations, already suffered, meagered of time. Finally, the cooling of the island caused its isolation of the exterior world, disabling any change of attitude, despite delayed: the cold and the hunger if had become insuportveis and the groenlandesa society viking if it extinguished around 1400.