China Exports

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Export Declaration

Packing List – cargo accompanying document. Is in addition to the invoice. Export Declaration (EX-1) This is a common international document which confirms the export of goods for goods produced and sold in countries (EEC). With the maturing of the European Declaration on the customs administration of the eec countries (in shipment from a transit warehouse) to the supplier confirmed the fact of exportation of goods from the territory of the eec. This fact allows the buyer of the goods to avoid payment of intra-VAT (VAT). Declaration of the EX-1 must accompany the goods European origin, that follow from a transit warehouse outside of the eec countries. Declaration of the EX-1 is made the supplier / distributor or agent of the carrier / forwarder, which are relevant to this license. Declaration of the EX-1 must be stamped at the customs administration.

Transit declaration (T-1) Northern passport (T-1) – warranty document for customs transit. It must be accompanied (through EC), all goods non-European origin (eg from the usa, Asia, etc.) and cargo arriving from European customs warehouses (bonded / customs warehouse). d view. Transit declaration T-1 for goods arriving by land, is on the border of the eu, if the goods have arrived from outside, either supplier / distributor or agent of the carrier / forwarder – if the goods came from the customs warehouse within the eec. On the air cargo / freight going by sea from countries outside the eec, T-1 is right at the airport / port of arrival authorized agent.

The Exports

The companies are some of the econmicos agents who develop in the market, thus is clear that we must study the same to be able to include/understand the exports, thus is clear that we will study the same. The companies must export because this way the markets tend to the growth, thus is clear that the administrators must design polticas of penetration in the external market, since the national market is always or is always very small. The market is where it is united the supply and the demand, that is to say is the place where they engage to salesmen and buyers and is of three classes: national or internal, external and international market, thus is clear that first market is not nico and consequently it is clear that for exportacin to be due to consider markets later both mentioned. In such sense we must by all means have in account the external market and tambin or of all ways the international market.

Exists different jurdicos mtodos like exegtico, histrico, teleolgico, funcionalista, comparative, among others, consequently is clear that the econmico analysis of the right arises like mtodo to explain the consequences of the application of the right, in such sense is clear that we must study the same. Thus it is clear that in the present subject we must study the incentives for the exports, desincentivos for the imports, econmica efficiency of the exports, among others own subjects of the econmico analysis of the right. Considering that the exports cause benefits to the economy of different exporting states we must study the same in the sense that all state must stimulate the exports. The different states must design different polticas to stimulate the exports, because slo this way the market tends as much to the growth for the exporting state as for the exporting companies, thus is clear that if the exports are not stimulated the companies tend to have or to occupy small markets but..

Document Export

With its new ERP document export connector for SAP opts CaptureBites the KGS software technology and know-how. Together, the Belgian manufacturer of Add-ons for professional scanning and the German specialist have developed for SAP Archiving and document management this solution for SAP-document export ArchiveLink to any document management systems. The SAP is ArchiveLink interface technology used by PCP. CaptureBites developed software, allows to extract data from scanned documents or e-mail messages and can be exported to any of the following systems. The CaptureBites product suite complements the Kofax express and Kofax capture solutions functionally; In brief, a stand-alone solution will be presented in addition with the CaptureBites MetServer.

The ideal technology partner for the connection of our export tools with SAP is KGS for us,”says JD moons, CEO of CaptureBites. As SAPs of global outsourcing partner for the certification of the ArchivLink interface and SAP Archiving specialist and Document management provides the interface between SAP and the new CaptureBites tool KGS. The SAP ArchiveLink interface provides connectivity to archive and document management systems to the ERP. The new CaptureBites ERP document export connector for SAP can be used in this scenario, to place documents in the DMS ArchiveLink compliant. He supports three archiving scenarios for SAP: late archiving with barcodes, early archiving with bar code and early archiving workflow.

Customs Office

Numerous tax and legal aspects legal certainty only with constantly up-to-date software In the terms of trade today through the pure import and export declaration, a role. Sanction regulations and preferential pricing are just two examples. In addition, that imports, exports and all other customs related operations in future exclusively electronically to handled the ATLAS method. Customs and foreign trade are now so complex that companies similar to complete it as tax matters only with the help of experienced experts and a powerful software efficiently and complies with the applicable legal provisions. ATLAS is an electronic procedure, which simplifies customs clearance and accelerated, because it eliminates paper-based documents and the personal appearance of the Customs Office.

Since 1 July 2009, the participation in the ATLAS export procedures is already mandatory in Germany. The existing 1,000 euro bound, from the goods on ATLAS export Customs logged on must be, should be repealed. So the new Customs Code foresees it, which is expected to be valid until 2015. Then all exported goods on ATLAS export must be registered. The new customs code make mandatory the use of the ATLAS import process for all importing companies also.

Experts estimate that until then nationwide still more must make to ten thousand companies in the electronic procedure. The choice of the software on which a company participates in the ATLAS method, is this. Only requirement: the software must be certified by customs. Currently, there are a number of providers, make available to the ATLAS-affiliate software with different functionality and user comfort. In particular, the use of Web-based solutions with secure data lines is an attractive alternative. Here, the user has the advantage that the system continuously currently held by the party he is so not about the installation of new ATLAS releases or updates by Tariffs, forms or similar care needs. Preference determination a comprehensive and important in particular for industrial enterprises issues in the area of foreign trade is the preference determination.

Exporting Petroleum Countries

Exporting first ethanol Brazil and a key company to invest During the seminary on energy organized in Vienna by the Organization of Exporting Petroleum Countries (OPEC), Brazilian minister of Mines and Energa, Edison Lobao said that Brazil will increase its production of ethanol in a 150% reaching 64,000 million liters towards 2017, and transforming itself into the first world-wide exporter of ethanol, leaving to the United States in the put second. " The Brazilian ethanol production will grow 150%, happening of 25,000 million liters in 2008 to 64,000 million liters in 2017? , it indicated Lobao. Investments in energy are expected in Brazil by US$ 352,000 million, being the investment in biocombustibles a 6.5% of that total. Brazil " it contemplates investments of energy by 352,000 million dollars: 146.000 million in the area of petroleum and natural gas, 83,000 million in electrical energy and finally 23,000 million in biocombustibles" , Lobao said. " About 2017, Brazil thinks to export 8.000 million liters of ethanol, against 5,000 million in 2008, consolidating like the exporting ethanol major of mundo". At moments at which the prices of petroleum climbed until US$ 143, the biocombustibles climbed in popularity like alternative to fossil fuels.

But the voices in opposite arrived from the hand of social revolts in countries where the maize is food bases for the population like on Mexico, and many alerted that the ethanol production with maize would put in risk the use of this culture like food, besides the majors prices derived from the increasing demand. But the ethanol of Brazil does not put in risk the world-wide feeding. The country is the first ethanol producer with another culture, the sugar cane, and it does not compete with the nourishing production, since 1% are derived less than from the area cultivated total for her.

GmbH Academy

Logistic people academy offers practical user seminars for intelligent management of customs from 1 July 2009 the conventional paper-based procedure is accepted more from any Customs Office. AES, the electronic export procedure of Customs is now binding and brings substantial changes in the practical application. The logistic people academy logisticians and carriers expert advice and practical training around the new process offers. The so-called ATLAS export system has led since its inception on August 01, 2006, mainly in the processing at German Airport Customs Office to problems. Who is not adequately prepared in case of emergency on the changeover, faces possible fines. Also in-house AES entail far-reaching effects on the process control.

Forwarding and industrial companies can count on the advice and training through the logistic people academy. All seminars on customs are practical and easy to use. The Frankfurt branch also users seminars with additional participant software Instead of. Academy of the logistic people: the logistic people is your professional partner for intelligent customs management academy. With over eight years of experience and expertise, we offer companies a partnership support during the implementation of AES and all other related customs issues.

GmbH Export

BEO-CONSULT opened BEO-CONSULT, the consulting firm of BEO GmbH, its range of software training courses training center in Endingen with a new training centre on the premises of Endingen enlarged. Seminar centre opened in the now courses around the issues of customs and shipping take place all year round. Current knowledge to the Customs and export processing across belongs to long to the business programme by BEO. In the context of country-wide road shows and business breakfasts, users can refresh their knowledge regarding the current import and export policies and deepen. With its newly constructed seminar centre at the headquarters in Endingen, BEO now further expanding the extensive. Along with the training for the BEO Atlas export release 2.1 opened the establishment of Regina Konrad, BEO-CONSULT GmbH, and Clemens Sexauer, BEO GmbH, in August 2012. In the coming months, further training, BEO software packages cover the complete range includes for example seminars on the topics follow export control, Preference determination or sanction test.

Aim is, to allow an easy introduction for new users and to keep existing customers always up-to-date the solutions”, explains Regina Konrad. In the Customs and export laws are very complex and in addition constantly undergo changes. Therefore, the BEO software products need to be updated continuously. With our training program we want to help users to keep the guidelines at a glance and to benefit from our IT solutions”, adds Regina Konrad. The new seminar Centre offers on an area of 200 m2 space for up to 80 people. Distinguishing features of the new building is the continuous ecological construction: a landscaped wall ensures a good climate In the entrance area and serves as an eye-catcher. Positive also the used clay plaster affects temperature and humidity. More information on upcoming courses, as well as the application form is interested parties.


Do we have taken the task of visiting some websites of exporters and have found some very cute, stylish, informative, creative, and as he is said in the field of the design some very clean, and arose us the question, are selling their Web pages? The Statistics say that 1% of the websites selling if same, rest must carry traffic to them that sell, get customers, or help us market our or products or services, otherwise its presence on the network will not be active. No matter all the money that you invest in advertising to attract potential customers, if you do not know the strategies to sell online, your Web Site will not sell. To make your website sells single, you must meet the following requirements: 1. that the product solves the customer’s needs. 2 That there is a wide market to whom address 3. That the visits that has your Web are segmented. Do 4 that your customers trust you know you and your team how to do it? For this reason that learning strategies to promote your business on the net, and a Designing an Online marketing campaign, is key in any industry, and even more for the exporters and importers where the highest percentage of actions to get clients are made on the network. That is why we recommend the unique training program designed in the network especially for your type of business, with information and strategies that are being used successfully in other sectors, tailored to your industry..

Importation Exportation

It is not only a benefit traders to buy them of China. To buy of China is also a great business when it is about people related to the process of importation and exportation. If you to acquire a license of customs broker, this can be a great business for you. A customs broker also acts as corrector or intermediary between traders and purchasers. Of some form they are involved in the center of each transaction, the process of each operation always passes for its hands with the item that leave the salesmen and finish with the purchasers. Maritime load agents ' ' Freight forwarders' ' they deal with the transferences, load, since its entrance in the port come of the manufacturers until the o port of the final destination. The dispatchers guarantee that its products fulfill the proceedings with customs.

They certify themselves of that all the taxes and incubencies are paid. Now it is a moment opportune to make its estreia in the industry of importation commerce and exportation. As many peoples and more companies buying of China, this indicates chances for who does not like to be enterprising. In the case where you were waiting to get more important information as to buy of China or always it wanted to know on the particularitities of the management of a commercial company of Importation Exportation, after that it has access link below, I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning. Debtor Antonio Severini Then, if you are looking to more information on the importations exportations, or want to know the advantages and cons of as she functions a business of importation and exportation, after that, to go stop: she gratis requests its report on as to start. Importation Exportation Is a Great Business