Rafael Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez

We must encompass the tones, timbres, times to establish the rapport at the verbal level, and at the same time doing so at the level of body language. 3. The Verbal structure of our receiver: Our receiver, according to their personality, whose structure psychic formed by its family, social environment, their country, their culture, etc. The personality of our receiver, has no doubt a form of express themselves, where it uses Deadbolts, and ways to talk, because we must speak with his way of speaking as if it were ours!. It is very important to verify that neurological level is aligned our receiver, identify if this is auditory, visual or abnormalities. This is achieved by understanding visual to refer to something someone tells you: look, notes, look, imagine, etc. While the hearing person will always tell you: listen, listen to me, listen to me, this sounds, etc and everything related to the ear, while the kinesic is always going to be mentioning as: I feel comfortable!, I have a feeling that…

, you must enter in contact!, etc. To identify neurological level is using as a preferred representation, we can speak with best tuning, for example repeating: he or she (kinesthetic): I feel a little heated your does by which you feel overheated? It would be nice if just: does by that these heated?. Another example: He or she have seen a great change lately! You have to change ever seen? You are are some of the ways of copying its structure.Continue 4: Respiration: encompass the breath of our receiver, will help us much to be able to even talk to her same speed, tone and pitch, apart from the hypnotic effect move your respiratory box at the same time that the person in the same way. Undoubtedly, the main technique of the Rapport is empathy, enter in empathy with our receiver is the fundamental part of the rapport. Article created by: Rafael Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez / Uruguay product of the study and summary of several books on NLP and psychology for HR and advertising seduction. More interesting information on original author and source of the article.

The Banking

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External reception within the levy. Total reception within the levy. Partial acceptance within the levy. Internal total reception within the levy. Total external reception within the law regulator. Internal partial acceptance within the levy. External partial acceptance within the levy. 2.2.11 RECEPTIONS within the comparative communications law reception internal within the right of communication. External reception within the right of communication. Total reception within the right of communication. Partial acceptance within the right of communication. Internal total reception within the right of communication. Total external reception within the right of communication. Internal partial acceptance within the right of communication. External partial acceptance within the right of communication. 2.2.12 RECEPTIONS within financial law comparative internal reception within the finance law. External reception within the finance law. Total reception within the finance law. Partial acceptance within the finance law. Internal total reception within the finance law. Total external reception within the finance law. Internal partial acceptance within the finance law. External partial acceptance within the finance law. 2.2.13 RECEPTIONS within the banking law comparative internal reception within the banking law. External reception within the banking law. Total reception within the banking law. Partial acceptance within the banking law. Internal total reception within the banking law. Total external reception within the banking law. Internal partial acceptance within the banking law. External partial acceptance within the banking law.

Free Well Replace People

Hard to live in a country where people periodically explode. The severity increases from the fact that in reality this one does not fight, well, except that in words. Now officials at the repulse of terrorist threats, several billion, setting new useless equipment, and repeat. As we have said before, everything was done beautifully. This word comes to mind when you see a gorgeous monitor with the video other than quality. Another word "expensive" when you realize that the video is being chased by the optics in analog form.

And only a last resort "useless" when you look at the archives records. In general, regular dust to show bosses. For entry is selected again steep untwisted system in which there is still no full-frame resolution and frame compression codec. As a result of the cameras that are on the escalator and look straight at people's faces, it is impossible get at least how many recognizable images, which should produce investigative measures. We decided to perform an experiment. Officially forwarded the letter to individuals who make the decision to offer free retrofit the entire video recording equipment of the Moscow metro. Ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their security systems as the quality of video, and Logic control terrorist threat.

And most importantly, our proposal has an absolute priority in any tender, as it possesses the lowest price. Below zero is the only negative numbers, but this is the topic of service to their security. Our offer is quite formal, and the company SpetsLab ready to invest in their country. We are waiting for requests for contacts: official site, e-mail:, multi-channel telephone: 8 (4932) 325858. There's only serious doubt that Government of this country need a free service, because with it many not otobesh. Well, then we will speak in other categories, this experiment then finally proves that the people in this country should take care of their security and hope for the end state. Just in case the reaction of the authorities will be informed.


When the growth index is well negative, of unemployment is super positive, however different concerns in the productive sectors appear. The employee fears for its job, and the necessary entrepreneur to use strategies to surpass the crisis. If the entrepreneur will be a manufacturer of ' ' chup chup' ' if to be valid only a cooled stand of hand, either the hour to perhaps change something, and many times at these moments of crisis are that great changes happen. For worse that it is the crisis hardly the entrepreneur he will lose, and to each crisis it will leave more fortified developing strategies for surpasses ls. To identify an entrepreneur he is enough that it takes care of to the three basic questions: – financial independence: the entrepreneur does not obtain to depend on resources that are not those proceeding ones from its proper effort. – regularity: the emprendedor preza for the allegiance of its customers and does not want that they look to another one in hypothesis some, its service or necessary product to be always available. – innovation: the entrepreneur perceives when it is necessary to change something in its business or even though to change the proper business. To follow the frequent changes of the market and to be capable to induce changes that favor the attainment of the profit. Bernard Golden may not feel the same.

Examples of that is the entailing of a famous name to the one product (a jeans), in such a way you obtain to add until sets of ten of times more value to its product. Some reasons exist to justify the small expression of the enterprising initiative of the Brazilian, most expressive they are the corporations. They act as great entrepreneurs, harms in the truth alone create ' ' pseudo empreendedores' ' that they are in the presidency and they had never undertaken nothing, they only act with the mechanisms that the power of a corporation grants they. Those that if benefits of the stability generated for the corporation, become if private of the possibility to undertake, the room is determinative in the incapacitao of these individuals. All and any mechanism that generates stability and room goes against the emprendedorismo. Many entrepreneurs can speak that in the period where it was trabahando as employee, due to its stability, it he developed a parallel enterprise to its job, and therefore he would be also an entrepreneur.

To this individual he is easy to answer: if case its enterprise was resulted of an enterprising effort with certainty it would provide in its development a perspective to it of superior profits to its job and therefore would not be justifiable the devotion of its time something that would give little money to it of what the enterprise. In case that its enterprise if has initiated before its retirement and continued it after, its empreendedorismo will have beginning at the moment where its business to leave the secondary period of training and to gain a form of necessary initiative, suffering to all the possible applications from its essential effort for torn lo for its survival. Being thus it is as it was said in the three basic points of the entrepreneur, if the enterprise will not be its only source of financial resources the other necessary efforts to the empreendedorismo does not go to happen. The necessity makes to awake the empreendedorismo, the room determines its disappearance, exactly in that they had been born with its spirit.


The most important assessment criteria are as follows: Criterion legislature. Given the existing legislation in that it protects a number of species and / or ecosystems and not others, we shall esteem it a greater degree they meet the other (at least initially.) Diversity. Variability of living organisms at all levels, as well as the relations between them are established. Rarity and representativeness. In the rare economic sense is valuable.

Also rare is also more vulnerable. The representative also measures how close is the optimal resource definable. Naturalness. Larry Ellison is open to suggestions. That has not been transformed by man's natural. However, due to the difficulty of finding space with these characteristics we extend the definition to those spaces, having been altered by man, substantially retain their character.

Productivity. Degree of isolation of this element with respect to others of their species. Unable to be replaced. Quality (performance of the functions performed by that element of the medium). Fragility or vulnerability (susceptibility to change due to external disturbances to the ecological environment). Uniqueness. The trend in the future. Evolution of the item. Anticipating impacts. Projected changes to let us have it clear what impacts are remarkable compared to those that are minimal (legislative criterion in this classification). This assessment is achieved by crossing the elements of the project from the elements that will be affected by it in environment. The impacts have to be characterized (described), ranked by severity of the impact value of MA and evaluated on a global basis.

Business Informatics

The labour market is again on the move: increase the number of employees of German companies. The labour market is again on the move: increase the number of employees of German companies and employees to look increasingly for other places. Therefore, the farms looking are for new methods for recruiting and employer branding to differentiate themselves from their competition. Was for talent goes into the next round, as the measurement of PERSONAL2011 prove North and South in Hamburg and Munich. But many companies are still catching up, when it comes to new ways of recruiting using social media.

Only a few companies use social media to find new employees. Companies thus complement at most traditional instruments such as print and online job ads and listings on your website. This result of a survey by stellenanzeigen.de and the eco Association of the German Internet industry in October 2010 at the fair future staff confirmed the new monster study of recruiting trends 2011 “. Only 12.7 percent of large companies turn therefore regularly Jobs across the business network XING. Twitter (7.5 per cent), Facebook (6.8%) and LinkedIn (6 per cent) use the recruiter in this context even rarer. Other uses of social media play a role only in a fraction of the companies: HR could thus increasingly advertise image and actively seeking suitable candidates to contact them directly. Only little more than one-fifth of the recruiter researched in social media applications for additional information about applicants.

Socia media in recruiting so far being a minority phenomenon, shows Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel, Professor for Business Informatics and information systems in service areas at the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg and Director of studies of the recruiting trends 2011 “, on the PERSONAL2011 in North and South based on concrete results. In addition to the use of social media in recruiting it enters this total to, what role play on – and offline channels in the recruitment, which the best Cost / benefit ratio and which get the most coveted candidates.

Brazil And China

' CHINA AND THE OIL OF THE BRASIL' ' Strategically China is investing in the purchase of oil of Colombia, Russia, Brazil, in 2009 the agreements exceeds the US$ 40 billion. They are exploring world-wide the market energy, absorbing knowledge and technology. But inside of the energy strategy, in Africa she has a great concentration of Chinese investments. The PetroChina Company Limited goes to increase investments in oil and gas, according to president of the company, Mr. Jiang Jiemin, although the occured losses during the international crisis, for the concentration of its activities in the production and exploration of oil and gas. The Chinese market needs to expand its productive capacity at the same time where it searchs suppliers alternative. It’s believed that Larry Ellison sees a great future in this idea. . China imports 52% of the oil that consumes.

To keep the growth of the GIP, it needs new sources of supplying. In the search of these suppliers a relation of interests between the Petrobra’s and the Bank of Development of China, the state Brazilian is established it needs resources to explore the daily pay-salt and China wants a portion of the Brazilian productivity to supply its domestic market, with this starts to appear agreements of guarantee of exportation of oil for the Chinese. Petrobra’s will go to benefit itself with the new credit facilities, but the Chinese want more and promise to participate of the new auctions of concession for exploration of oil in Brazil, beyond the possibility of equipment sales, but for this they need to follow the rules of the Brazilian public licitations. China today is 2 bigger consumer of oil of the planet and needs partners compromised to the supply to support the pujana of its economy. The Chinese economy foresees growth of demand for products of oil in the 4% order 5% to the year up to 2015, according to information of Mr.

Fuqin Zhang, it is the associate engineer-head of the Institute of Planning and Engineering of Oil of China, the calculation is based on a projection of annual growth of the Chinese GIP of order of 7,5% to the year. They foresee that up to 2020 the dependence either of 60% of the consumed oil of that country either importation fruit. This is an only chance to establish and to increase the diplomatical relations, economic politics and in bilateral agreements of development where it will benefit to Brazil and China, beyond proper Petrobra’s. Having advance in the strategical negotiations, the country will increase the focus of interests of international investors. Welinton Dos Santos is Delegated economist Municipal of the CORECON-SP in Caapava International Specialist of Cities Affiliated of the Chamber talo-Brazilian of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

Rio De Janeiro

How much to century XIX, it is a secular clipping that deserves more attention due to the subject that we are dealing with. It was in the Sc. XIX that the culture of the coffee if &#039 made solid helping to form one; ' verdadeira' ' The Brazilian elite. In addition it is a moment where the increasing agrarian interests if placed to the side of ' ' civilizao' ' , creating a dichotomy between the coast and the barbarity of the interior (hinterland), She appears there from a necessity in defining ' ' civilizao' ' ' ' selvageria' ' , developing the city of Rio De Janeiro to support the visit of Europeans. On classrooms to the agriculture of exportation established around Rio De Janeiro, consist as model, while of the form to the State. The coffee goes to allow the maintenance of the colonial hierarchies, joining ' ' new colonizador ' ' the colonists transformed into citizens.

The organization of agricultural the producing unit of the form to the social structure. The coffee occupation in the average Valley of the Paraba goes to mark the internal differentiation between Rio De Janeiro and the too much provinces, being guaranteed its proeminence politics in the formation of the Empire. The interests agriculturists congregated around the Cut had been basic in the speech of defense of ' ' civilizao' ' , supported with the defense of ' ' ours agricultura' ' , against ' ' infraction of the property of ours lavradores' '. These formularizations had established the process of defense of the Social Order of Imperial Brazil, that if balances between ' ' despotismo' ' it modifies that it how much to the anarchy dissolves that it. The coffee activities had extended the agricultural borders, ' ' costuraram' ' the integration of the ways of communication (ways of muares, roads, railroads and hidrovias), and direct or indirectly promoted possibilities of social, beyond accenting the confusion between the spaces public and private, characteristic mobility of the proximity of interests and linkings between the bureaucracy and the coffee activity.


Executive 124/06). Druggists: For small amounts of different products to verify in 5% of> products 100% of amount (Attached II, DEC. Executive 124/06). All the open volumes will be closed with proper ribbon, of the entity overseer. Rotulagem and Validade of the Merchandise For the merchandises with obligator IPE the rotulagem in Portuguese.

The merchandise packed for sales the remnant will have to mention lot numbers, date of validity and/or production (alnea c) art. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Rule of the Validity To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and of the useful life (alnea d) art. Larry Ellison follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Exceptions, to the date of validity Products of Would perfume and Cosmetic.

To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and 50%, of the corresponding useful life 6 months (at least Attached II and Annex III, DEC. Executive 124/06). Containerized load the containers will have to present conditions to receive the load that is destined to them, having to be: Clean. Odourless. Without perforations. Exempt of any deficiency that can affect the load. Sealing of Containers (Sealing wax) the overseer it will attend the wadding of the container and will proceed to the respective sealing, whenever if it deals with complete containers (FCLs? Full Load Container) for one exactly importer, for what a load place will only have to exist. In case that contrary, the exporter will support the costs for additional load place. Grupagens (consolidated Load) In the load of grupagem, aerial or maritime, is obligator the existence of marks, indicating the importer and the destination. The merchandise will have to be in conditions of being inspeccionada, duly packed, separate and identified as LE? List of Packing

So Paulo

We can notice that the limits of Saints, that is, the initial urban small farm was imprisoned to the bulks, brooks, fen and the sea. Such elements had been able, at that time colonial, to define its linear aspect and little ramified from a main axle that if extended in the direction east-west. Saints needed to pass per four centuries, practically, from its foundation, so that, with the national economic growth, the opening of the ports and the advent of the coffee, could transpose its initial limits and take off left of its land, heading for the opposing maritime edge to axle Outeiro (quartis) – Valongo. This bigger dynamism, had the effective participation and determination of the santista elite, in a process of reorganization in ways of living and in the search of its physical space in connection with ' ' new gosto' '. In a traveller story the lack of inns is pointed, to little hospitality of the santista and one brief description of the space as having only one street throughout the river. Well that if it notices little activity very in summarized population, it is this port the most important of all province and the exclusive warehouse of the commerce of importation and exportation that searchs the part northern of So Paulo. As we know, in the end of century XVIII the coffee already appeared as product of exportation of the port of Saints.

Until that moment the village did not have great expression. Its land for the sugar cane-of-sugar culture was not appropriate and its distance of the mineradora region had contributed city to fall it in marasmo. When analyzing the transformations of the urban mesh of the second half of century XVII of the Saints colonial in confrontation with the plants of the beginning of century XVIII, we perceive the same urban net. The urban life continued denser in the neighborhoods of the port.