Third the 2019 would go of 2009. In its uprising in the sunday, Chavez explained that the limitless election institutes ' ' native land eterna' ' , on the basis of the socialism. Innumerable reforms had been carried through in the economy of Venezuela, nationalization of the companies of oil in the country, capital goods industry as assiderrgicas it forms nationalized, the biggest amount of oil of the OPEP (organization for oil exportation) that it circulates in U.S.A. leave dVenezuela, being in such a way the relations between these countries still is well direct, however, much already was obtained with president Chavez, the economy dVenezuela is much more solid and having bigger possibilities of growth of the quea Colombia and Mexico that comes comungando with the American politics North. Bernard Golden often addresses the matter in his writings. The relations that the imperialism creates are a quiet dependence, ouseja, in many cases do not have wars as in the Vietnam or Iraq, apenasrelaes of clientelismo with the local politicians, keeping the laws of estadosfuncionando and its favor, to keep the organization of the state and extends what lhevai to favor, using the standards of deals, inversion, exploration to break dospoderes of State and the Classrooms or hegemonic fractions.

As in a new estadismo affirms Petrasconstruindo to them to intervene with all the places for inseriro capital. ' ' However, currently the Estadointervm in all the parts to insert the capital, that is, the produocapitalista way. The circulation is much more ample because the bigger extension and somuito space. The capacity to penetrate capitals, to intervine, to earn is very maisentendida had the hegemony of the capital financeiros.' ' 6 JamesPetras author makes consideraes important regarding the imperialism north americanona Latin America, sample that the state of the countries customers continues active, keeping its rules, only that the well-being state is interrupted, therefore if imponovas rules, new interventions. These new interventions ribbons for one estadodentro of other states, in the case of U.S.A.


So many do now rebranding. "Our rebranding is caused by ignorance, as opposed to those cases where brands really start to die. But in this case, the "aging" is not a brand. There is an inability of managers time to change the essence of the brand and target audience, to he addresses. And if you "upgrade" the brand, depending on external changes, no re-branding is not necessary, "- he said. Conditions for export What about the valuation of brands? About the same. According to of "Simpson", the number of brands in Russia, with independent assessment, not exceeding 4% of the total registered. "The practice of assessing the value of the brand we have yet to be an important mechanism analysis own economic activity.

So far, most often leads to such an operation near the alienation process ", – says Olga Ugryumova, art director of" Simpson "(Nizhny Novgorod). The fact is that, as the Denis Churilov, a single methodology to assess the brands do not. "This industry has not yet been spelled out precise methods of measurement, such as sociology," – he explains. Therefore, each appraiser – their techniques and variations. And if you decide to assess the value of your brand, you need to mentally prepare for what will have to deal in all this variety, and easier – ugliness. "The market for these services in Russia, still in its infancy and is likely to take time-tested, existing standards in other countries, adapted to our conditions. Such as, for example, operating since 1988 in the U.S.

French Revolution

During all this time, the Jews had been obliged if to spread for the world. In the great majority of the places where they lived they were pursued and discriminated. The antissemitismo of the population was established in ideas as the deicide (8), the profanation of the sacred hstia (9) and to the macabros ritual presumptions (10) carried through by this people. (11) To the few the ghettos had been appearing, that although to represent clearly a gesture of exclusion it finished for to protect this population of the attacks of Christians? the calls pogroms. Here, cloud computing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. (12) This isolation finished for ahead strengthening what more it characterized the Jews, oportunizando the maintenance of the Jewish culture and the bows of union of a external aggressor. The ideals of the French Revolution had exported ' ' necessidade' ' to equal all legally the citizens. In this I pack, century XIX was the moment where the Jews had left the ghettos and had initiated an emancipation process. However, exactly that they had left of being you give birth civil politicians and, the Jews continued being give birth social.

(13) In the century of the cientificismo, the racial theories would come to supply new (without excluding the others) a justification the antissemitismo. That is, the assimilation of the Jews in the European societies had supposedly placed them in equality situation. She was necessary, therefore, to differentiate them in permanent way. (14) The notion of the Jew blows up as a depraved race and that it must be separate and until destroyed of the conviviality with excessively races, with the serious possibility to contaminate them. The Jews had made a conversion of ' ' outsiders religiosos' ' ' ' outsiders tnicos' ' (15) Still as consequncia of the emancipation, cases of pogroms for the Europe had been multiplied, over all in the eastern part. The sionismo appears, then, as one against ideology.

Weather Forecast

Official website of Hydrometeorology of Republic of Belarus – POGODA.BY. On this site you will always find the latest information on meteorological conditions and the environment in your city. Weather forecast for 3 or 6 days made on the basis of numerical methods for predicting the state of the atmosphere and is updated twice a day: about 9:00 am and 21 pm. Source – A numerical model forecast Unified Model (UKMET), which consists of a global atmospheric model data assimilation and forecasting, as well as the model of the ocean. Used pulse-longitude grid with a step 0.56 in latitude and 0.83 in longitude, which is about 60 km in the middle latitudes. Vertically, 38 levels. The global model provides boundary conditions for regional models, which in turn – for the mesoscale model, where the step is horizontal 0.11 . The model made a lot of improvements with respect to the equations themselves the hydrodynamics and physical processes taking into account the small (meso) scale in the atmosphere, which at the same time significantly affect the large-scale processes.

The site is also used POGODA.BY numerical model AVN / GFS meteorological USGS – NOAA. Based on this model generated forecast with a lead of 3 to 6 days. Here we use the latitude-longitude grid 0.5 . The forecast for the next three to six days can be obtained not only for human settlements in Belarus, but for the whole of Europe – from Britain to the Urals. Minsk, Moscow, Kiev, Vilnius, Warsaw, … – to date our data base contains information about weather in more than 500 cities across Europe. In addition to weather forecasts on the site the whole range of meteorological information: a description of climate of Belarus, weather news and hydrological conditions on lakes and rivers of the republic, storm warnings, meteorological archives, as well as meteoslovar.

Periodically issues press releases and newsletters will talk about important events at the Hydrometeorological Center, and the world meteorological community (WMO). C 2007 site contains zip-archives of meteorological observations suitable for export to the table editor EXCEL. Web master will find on our site a lot of useful Internet services. Meteoinformery formats. Gif and. Png and informers weather Flash – easy to install. A ispulzuya our weather in XML format or Export of actual weather in RSS you make your site more interesting! Add our site to bookmark or make it your homepage, you'll get all the latest information about the nature and weather.

Cigar Manufacture

Still very young, in 1873, it shyly initiated a small place for the cigar manufacture in They are Flix, with the name of Company Dannemann Cigar. In 1889, the great traders of Are Flix had asked for the Geraldo Dannemann that was Salvador to invite the Dr. Manoel Vitorino Pear tree, then governor of the Bahia, so that she made a visit Are Flix, therefore already knew of the narrow linking between them. The governor thus made it e, in day 20 of December of the same year, raised Is Flix to the category of Village, for recognizing the huge industrial and commercial development of that region. Thus, the first intendant of the Village of Is Flix was Geraldo Dannemann. In 25 of October of 1890, then the governor, Virglio Damsio, raised the Village to the City of Are Flix.

In recognition form, the first mayor of Is Flix was Geraldo Dannemann, that, already betting in the prodigal future of that place, had bought a large house where until today the headquarters of the Municipal City hall function. He also constructed the popular market, the library, created schools, nursing homes, and day-care centers. The choice for Is Flix it was based on the known quality of the fumos produced in the Bahia. In the first years of functioning, the company had an amazing growth, arriving to be the producing greater of cigars of the Country, beyond an important exporter, having in the Europe its main market and Germany, its door of entrance. At this time, six plants of the Dannemann used about four a thousand people in the Bahia. Geraldo Dannemann left the company in 1906, but only later, with the advent of 1 World-wide War, the first problems had come to tona, therefore the Europe left of being a so prosperous market. These problems had taken to the fusing with the Stender, having originated Company Dannemann the Cigar.

Arboretum Arboretum Plants

The mico-lion-golden one is one of the most threatened. To prevent its disappearance, she is necessary that if it creates a habitat to shelter a population of each species for procreation, since exists a harmonic relation between the plants and the animals, therefore one depends on the other to survive. The area that remains comes passing for innumerable devastaes and these cause great ambient impacts. This comes occurring since colonial period: wood-Brazil was very extracted for manufacture of fabrics and dyes, and great part of the bushes was knocked down for plantation of sugar cane-of-sugar or coffee. When passing of the years this problem alone increased, therefore the bush propitiates to the man great profit and no restriction was imposed to this wild destruction. The bushes had passed then to be knocked down for wooden extration, serving of substance cousin for industry of paper and cellulose and exportation. But the deforestation does not have as cause only the exploration of trees. The urban expansion also is one of the reasons, therefore it exerts great pressure under vegetation areas.

As consequence of this everything we have the extinguishing of some species of animals and plants, the increase of the temperatures, the pollution, the erosion of the ground (that it leads to its impoverishment), destruction of biodiversity, rise of the temperatures and desertificao. 3. The Arboretum Arboretum is a botanical garden or one space destined for the culture, collection and preservation of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and others. According to Maria Ceclia Bello in interview to the university leaf, the Arboretum had beginning has six years through the team of the Department of Botany of the Ufal, under its coordination, with the initial objective to deproduzir dumb of wood-Brazil to be distributed during the commemoration of the 500 years of Brazil. In April of 2002, the Arboretum Program of the Federal University of Alagoas appeared with intention to more than contribute with biodiversity, possessing an area of four hectares, destined to the production and conservation of diverse species of originally Brazilian plants, mainly of Atlantic Mata.

Clientele Relations

Our subject has as approach the slavery in Gravata, then Clientele of Ours Lady of the Angels in middle of century XIX. It’s believed that Southwest Airlines sees a great future in this idea. We want with this to know a little of the daily relations and being possible between gentlemen and slaves and to understand the elements of functioning of this escravista and patriarcal society, and as if they processed such relations the point to produce a species of ambivalence in the escravista regimen. Basically we use as documentary sources the Searches of Freedom of the Clientele of Ours Lady of the Angels, of the Livro1 de Notas of 1831 the 1880 that if it finds in the APERGS, where in the related book also meet Papers of Donation that was possible to use. For more specific information, check out Stansberry. After a brief historical summary of the contextual conditions of the period analyzed for the Clientele of Ours Lady of the Angels, in as the chapter of our article we present the letters as study object, and as test of the intricate relations between gentlemen and its captives. The Letters demonstrate that such relations were not static.

We approach the interest above all you in preserving its image of gentlemen ' ' benevolentes' '. As well as the captives who ours to see created mechanisms to gain its freedom same that conditional just for the importance of the status of I free inside of that society. We demonstrate for searched documents, the changes in the relations between gentlemen and slaves in agreement if inside approached the end of the international traffic and its consumption of our period of 1846 study the 1856. These facts facilitate the afrouxamento of the relations of the escravista system. As well as the economic situation you it are of the great centers of exportation agriculture, the freedom of the captive could be a viable exit to alliviate its expenses to you with the maintenance of aged slaves.


The liberal vision nailed that the free auto-regulation was the only form to keep the flour always in offers in the market since only the most supplied they would consume, this would prevent a possible exhaustion of the production, giving to the intemedirio a necessary paper. For Thompson, as much paternalism how much liberalism is utopian. ' ' multido' ' it assumed a bond in general as paternalism being, thus, in common agreement with the nobility against new the practical ones of the bourgeoisie to profit on the wheat. The traders, had as the profiteers, exporters of wheat and intermediary broke ethical peasant of access guaranteed to the quality wheat. Thus, the fairs (local where the consumers had access to the direct wheat of the producer and, therefore, more cheap) enter in crisis and occur asceno of the millers who adulterated the wheat and practised what Thompson calls banalit of the XVIII.Ocorre century then the public interest action in the regulation of the price of the bread. The rebellion assumed form of cultural representation, aiming at the applicability of the paternalistas laws of the effective order. The threat of rebellions kept the prices in regularity therefore the order was necessary to the survival of the bourgeois classroom and the governing nobility.

The lesser profitability was preferable the rebellion. In this, the producers yielded and took the cereals to the market in detriment of the sales, more lucrative, to the intermediate. The popular rebellions were sfregas in short term in sight of the distrust of the wheat producers, but in the near future they were victorious when keeping the price of the wheat next to the moral price of what of the lucrative price. To leave of 1795 up to 1801 a balance in addition occurs between the nobility and the plebeians in the maintenance of more traditional economic values. The jacobinismo of the plebeians if shocked with the new ideology of the economy politics associated with the profit and the private property.

The Tapajs

Now with the plebiscite, the state leaves of being great difficult to manage, YES that many we hear to say ' ' pode' ' to bring benefits, in our city alone we hear this side more here. As we can have full certainty in what we are making if NOT, is not so ' ' transparente' ' how much YES? – Perhaps for the fact of our current representatives politicians not to be so competent when they would have to be, I point not to bring a development for here, already as many governments had been transferred, and all corrupt ones, thinking generally about the proper pocket, without thinking about the devoid population that the one that abita, and that needs singular improvements more than does not have, because the government if does not pledge in improving the place where the proper ones live. In the Itaitubenses we have that to think well before we take this decision, therefore Carajs that will be a new state with this division will not leave so harmed as well as the Tapajs, therefore already has its development, Carajs has its proper capital, Par has its protected formed culture and its wealth, and the State of the Tapajs? – The one that has? Which will be our culture? We can take off as example the too much plebiscites that already had happened as the division of Gois and Tocantins, Gois, is there, structuralized well, already Tocantins, unhappyly we cannot say the same. Itaituba, as well as other cities tends to be poor, perhaps for guilt of the government, since we were ' ' city of ouro' ' , if really we had a good government, today we seriamos very well structuralized and developed, therefore the majority of our ores is exported and used to enrich other cities and/or states. We have that to lead in account, that of everything already cited in lectures is assumptions, therefore full certainty alone we will have the election after. .

Brazilian Coffee

For the half of the century already the predominance of a relatively new product is defined, whose characteristics of production corresponded accurately to the ecological conditions of the country. Also stolen it says that: The coffee that is introduced in Brazil since starts of century XVIII and if cultivated for all the parts for ends of local consumption, assumes commercial importance in the end of this century, when the high one of prices occurs caused by the disorganization of the great producer that was the French colony of Haiti. In accordance with Stolen in the first decade of independence the coffee already contribua with 18% of the value of the exportations of Brazil, placing it in third place after the sugar and of the cotton. in the two following decades already passes to first place, representing more than 40% of the value of the exportations. When changedding itself the coffee into exportation product, the development of its production if concentrated in the highland next to the capital of the country. In the neighborhoods of this region, relative abundance of man power in consequence of the disaggregation of the mining economy existed.

On the other hand, the proximity of the port allowed to solve the problem of the transport launching hand propagates of it that it existed in abundance: the mule. Of this form the first phase of the coffee expansion if on the basis of carries through an exploitation of preexisting and subutilizados resources. The rise of the prices, from the last decade of century XVIII, determines the expansion of the production in some parts of America and of Asia This expansion was succeeded for a period of declining prices that if extends per the Thirties and forty. The low one of prices, however, did not discourage the Brazilian producers, that found in the coffee a chance to use half-idle productive resources since the decay of the mining.