Trinity Sunday Reflection: Picked by Fr Vic Arellano

Over thirty years ago, Karl Rahner, one of the finest Theologians of this century, lamented the fact that most Christians are “mere monotheists.” By that he meant this if the doctrine of the trinity were eliminated from the faith, then the bulk of popular Christian thinking, preaching, writing, and singing, and the mind set it reflects, would not have to be changed much at all. That’s still true. We do not pay much attention to the Trinity – to what it says or to what it means. We know we believe in God – the same God everybody believes in – and that, pretty much, is that. But it’s not that simple. We Christians do have a different and distinctive way of understanding God, one that sets us apart from everybody else. And even though the prayers, the Creeds, and most of the symbols we use in worship are thoroughly Trinitarian, the bulk of our thinking about God is not. So, since today is Trinity Sunday, the day we are called upon to pay special attention to the way God has been revealed in the Christian faith, we should consider the Trinity. Of course, God is a whole lot bigger than anything we can say or imagine, so all references to God will be both metaphorical and incomplete. At the same time, this vision of the Trinity of God is true, and it matters, and it makes a difference. There are two fundamental perspectives we can bring to the Trinity, to the doctrine that one God exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, the Trinity describes the way that we, as Christians, experience God. We know God as God is revealed in the person and life of Jesus – and this revelation happens by and through the Holy Spirit. That is, the Trinity speaks to how we discover and experience who God is. This is the perspective usually offered when preaching or talking about the Trinity. But there is more. The doctrine of the Trinity also talks about who God is, it talks about what God is really like inside.This is where the mystics and the Theologians sort of run together, and perhaps speak with more precision than poetry and awe. But let’s look for just a minute at what they say about God, borrowing some language from the third century. Once upon a time, way before the beginning of everything – not at the beginning, but before the beginning – God the Father, who is love and who must love Therefore, God the Father speaks his own name He says his own word . And God the Son is begotten – true God from true God, begotten not made, of one Being with the Father. The Son is the third person of the Trinity. Later, after the beginning, the Son will become incarnate from the Virgin Mary, and will be born as Jesus of Nazareth. The Son is what happens when the Father Expressed Himself, when the Father reaches out in His love. Now, the Son loves the Father, for the Son is the Father’s word, the Father’s self. And the Father loves the Son, totally and without reservation, and so the Father and the Son are bound together in love. This love, Which binds together the Father and the Son, is also real.This love is God the Holy Spirit – the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father the Son. And the Son and the Spirit are of the same substance, the same stuff, as the Father, that’s the only stuff there is. In this way the Godhead is complete. Three persons, each distinct, each real, each from before the beginning, each and all are one God. The one-ness of God is discovered precisely in the free act of love by Which the three persons of the Trinity choose to give all to each other. This relationship is what makes God who God is. Put another way, what happens when God is the Father loves the Son in the Spirit. St. Augustine says this about the Trinity: “Now, love is of someone who loves, and something is loved with love. So then there are three: the lover, the beloved, and the love. “This relationship of love, God the Holy Trinity is the foundation, the bedrock of the universe, it is the heartbeat of all creation.


ORGANIZATIONAL CONCEPTS DICTIONARY OF THE SPANISH ROYAL ACADEMY (organization effect or action of arranging things in an orderly fashion) where organizing is defined as ‘order’, but does not say what that order. Other identified organization “system of consciously coordinated action” PM Blau.: “It is the existence of formal procedures for mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of various subgroups, usually specialized, with a view to achieving common objectives.” Max Weber: “A corporate group is understood as a social relation that is either locked out or limited by rules and regulations for the admission of outsiders. This objective is achieved by such rules and orders which are put into practice through the actions of specific individuals (director, head) and an administrative group. BARNARD “a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more people. It involves a specific situation in which cooperation and its components are several different systems (physical, biological, psychological) but what unifies and relates them is the organization” Argyris Affirms that the fundamental property of an organization is its logical foundation, its essential rationality.A formal organization is based on certain principles such as specialization of tasks, the chain of command, unity of direction, rationality, and so on. Etzioni “a social unit that has been created to achieve specific goals: cooperatives, businesses, hospitals, churches, prisons, schools …” Katz and Kahn Defined as a system of energy consumption-the result, in which the reactive power resulting from the system.Social organizations are open systems that interact with their environment Weinert “an organization is a collective whole with relatively fixed boundaries and identifiable with a regulatory organization with a hierarchical system of authority, with a communication system, and a coordinated system members, the collective whole is formed by a relatively continuous basis within an environment that surrounds and is engaged in actions and activities that typically have a final goal or objective, or set of ultimate goals or objectives. SCHEIN Specify something else so the organization would be “rational coordination of the activities of a number of people attempting to achieve a common goal and purpose and by explicit division of roles and work through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility . Etzioni Drawing on his theory sociological that has broken the “communitarianism,” the organization conceived as a social institution deliberately created and recreated to achieve specific objectives.Be characterized by the division of labor, power and responsibilities within the communications, division is not produced by chance or by tradition, but deliberately. KATZ AND PARTNERS In a frame of reference to the theory cybernetics, defining the organization as an open system in which the energy input and output in subsequent conversion of energy inputs involves transactions between the organization and its environment.


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I’m starting to realize why the why. Gone are the days of enchantment and idealization, the time to be disgusted with my country and love of all that was outside its borders, and now beginning to realize that some things are one thing, and some other things are other thing. In Barcelona, I like order, responsibility and citizenship of people. I like it when complete strangers do not vent their aggression and frustration autoprofesada, because, in my face. I like that services and public bodies work, and work well. I like that people do not look at me or judge me for free on the street. I like that I know nothing about respect me. I like to have lost the habit of traveling by subway with one hand in her purse, and grab my backpack or my heavy bags when I go down the street. I like the quietness and the ease with which all follow the rules. I like that crimes of any kind are not common.I like not hear every day the number of people dying at home riddled after being robbed and tortured by children under eleven. I like not constantly feel afraid, I like not to feel constantly threatened, I like not to feel constantly under attack. I like to listen every day sentences into thought sexist, homophobic and to thought. I like not being surrounded by people who glorifies sexism and homophobia. I like discovering a city to walk alone at night is beautiful, I like my life is not jeopardized while I prove it. I like that newspapers talk a little of everything, not just of corruption, death, crime, political salads, illicit enrichment, alliances of power, crime rates, unemployment rates, growth of slums, increase in lower class , increased the upper class, middle class disappearing, marches, strikes, grief, repression, dissatisfaction, unhappiness. I like to have lost the habit of wanting to die a few.I like to have learned that the most effective is to wish them happy. I like the streets of Barcelona. I like the beach. Amenities. The movement “progressive” and “dissociative” in the city. New York I like it. I like everything. And I live and I enjoy it as could be. Day by day. With an indescribable gratitude. But none of this is mine. Nothing. On the street I just see strange faces. Languages and accents. Places outside. Barcelona is a party, and I’m invitadisimo. But I know of that organization. Neither the owner of the place. Not to serving drinks or the music happens. I know the other guests, and sometimes dancing alone is boring. And sad. Tourists enjoy themselves and feel at home. But who does not feel master of all when on vacation I like all the things this city has to offer. But it’s not just me, and I can not stay here just to enjoy it. All I do is wish them luck to my place.I can not say “hate Buenos Aires that has all this” and “I choose Barcelona because it has it” all I want is that Buenos Aires has also someday. Expecting that day comes, they can stop comparing. Trying to build all this. To have it, and enjoy it, and then be proud of my city and my country. Martin Espinach time ago told me, “Argentina’s only one thing strange, and everything that was not. Only now beginning to understand.

For starters, would

For starters, would not have been able to develop the human species globally in the diversity of cultures has demonstrated its ability to work at home and outside it, has shown his great talent in all social, cultural, scientific, political, economic, artistic … While women have some organs other than those of men, it is necessary to both complement and not to make it a symbol of exclusion, segregation, abuse and violence.


The success of a company depends primarily on customer demand. They are the main actors and the most important factor involved in the game of business. If the company fails to meet the needs and desires of their customers will have a very short existence. All efforts should be oriented towards the customer, because he is the true driving force behind all activities of the company. It is pointless for the product or service is of good quality, competitively priced and is well presented, if there are no buyers. The market no longer resembles anything of the past years, it was so predictable and understandable. The concern was to produce more and better because there was sufficient demand to meet. Today the situation has changed dramatically. The pressure of the supply of goods and services and the saturation of markets forces firms from different sectors and sizes to think and act with criteria designed to capture and retain the “slippery customer” not maintaining “loyalty” or with the marks or with companies.Many entrepreneurs insist that the experience can be applied to any situation and realize later that his company is suffering a temporary recession, but are being driven out of business. The main objective of any employer is to know and understand our customers so well that the product or service can be defined and adjusted to meet your needs. It is idle to seek a comprehensive and accurate description of the term “customer”.But we can identify a list enumerating the key aspects that may characterize the concept. One customer: It is the most important person in our business. It depends on us, we depend on it. We are buying a product or service and not making us a favor. It is the purpose of our work, not an interruption to it. It is a human being of flesh and blood with feelings and emotions (as one), not a cold statistic. It is the most important part of our business and not an outsider to it. He is someone who brings your needs and satisfy our mission. It deserves the most cordial and attentive treatment we can offer. He is someone to whom we please and not someone to argue or confront. It is the lifeblood of this business and any other.

Business sciences business

Business sciences business studies mention a type of college that relate to economics, but are geared more to business management. This means, analyzing the economy mainly from the point of view of the company, its economic process and its value chain. Graduate professionals in such careers are prepared for all those functions and processes derived from business management, thus including marketing activities, administration, production, financing, etc.. The qualifications in Business Studies may be higher (4 or more years) or short-cycle, ie three years leading to the formation of professionals in the same activities previously assigned to the Graduates in Commercial Studies or career of Commerce.They are as basic contents: Business Law, Commercial Management, Financial Management, Economics, Political Economy, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Information Technology Applied to Business Management, Mathematics and Statistics Applied to Business, Business Organization and Management.

Collection in benefit

Collection in benefit concerts SGAE has been criticized on several occasions to raise in benefit concerts. In January 2006, the organization decided to return the 518 euros that had been paid, following a complaint, the theater company Fuentepelayo Cultural Workshop (Segovia), a nonprofit organization that is formed mostly by children disabled. Although in the SGAE made sure that the process was the result of an “error”, some believe that the reverse was due to the protest campaign that arose in the months before on various blogs and Internet portals.In April 2009, the SGAE threatened to block a benefit concert of David Bisbal, whose proceeds would in principle entirely dirirgirse treatment of a 5 year old child suffering from the syndrome of Alexander, if not betrayed him 10 of revenue . Finally, the organization paid 5,000 to the SGAE, but after appearing in various news media, and to the negative response from the public, the management agency returned the money in grant form. SGAE defended himself by pointing out that not all providers waive the charge charities and has stated repeatedly that he is not qualified to decide for their partners whether they are willing to waive the collection of appropriate copyright, for example, at a concert in solidarity.The Copyright Act requires it to extend the operating license to all events in the use of the repertoire of its members, except those of state and religious in nature. For solidarity or charity event gets a free license should be made aware in advance of the company that plans to use the code, so that it obtains from its members express waiver to receive the compensation provided by law. citation needed

The structure defines the flexibility of an enterprise

By Masaaki Imai Why humans can walk upright and apes can not, if the skeletons are relatively similar What enables us to walk in an upright position while the monkey has to do it on all fours are the differences in bone structure. We have a lighter bone structure, suitable for an upright, while apes have a heavy bone structure, with strong shoulders and pelvis, adapted for walking on all fours. Currently there are two types of production systems: the traditional production system, based on projections of sales and manufacturing-stock (pending sales estimates are met), and the production system (JIT) which produces only what the customer wants at the time the customer wants. The production system as a cause of problems But forecasts are never reliable, and this is now truer than ever. In a globally competitive environment conditions are constantly changing, and companies that manufacture in accordance with the traditional production system can not react flexibly to market changes.The vast majority of companies around the world continue to work with the traditional production system, and the main problem is that management of these companies do not even realize that the cause of their problems is precisely the system of production that are using. The result is higher inventory levels, high labor costs, quality problems, lack of flexibility, etc.. The management of these companies have to wake up and recognize first what the main problem, the root problem, to realize that Lean System is the only way to survive in this globalized world in which we live. Certainly there is a mantra that should banish: Read well understood and implemented does not necessarily mean job cuts. By contrast, only a Lean production can ensure the continuity of the business and therefore jobs in the long term. Another important aspect is the costs, which are obviously important.But one should speak of “management costs” rather than “cost reduction”. “Cost reduction” means inevitably in most cases to job cuts and buy cheaper materials. However, “management of costs “means the optimization of material flow and information, alignment, creating the basis for flexible and free of debris within an effective cost structure. The Lean system (or Kaizen) provides methods and tools to transform the company step by step in a Lean organization. Without the introduction of methods such as 5S, Kanban, One Piece Flow never be achieved important changes. But we must not forget that the introduction of these methodologies is necessary but by no means sufficient. Furthermore, it is often thought that the Read only allows small improvements, but can not be a radical change, a big jump.

Topics Last In this link you can download a Microsoft Word file that contains the last of Computation management issues.This document contains information on: Project Management Microsoft Project. Knowledge of databases and management of a project. Learning the basics of Microsoft Project. Force Employment Project. Establishment of relations between tasks. Construction of a representative diagram of a project. Printing presentations. Organization charts and flow diagrams (Visio) Notions about the process of organizational communication. Flow diagram (Banking, Finance and Accounting) The symbols and their meanings. Visio: Tool applied.