The King

And in terms of capital – to the visitors. Yes, and capital – both on materialized "Dead" labor. A look at these same achievements of capitalism in terms of formations that preceded it. And then there is the ideology of capitalism – the denial of any benefits to the human person, given to him by birth, with recognizing the need for any man to seek all the blessings in life only by its own efforts, with the concept of wealth as a state attained work and efforts of a person, not a guaranteed him his own high position in society. For the lords who are accustomed to consider the wealth invariable attribute their condition, the fact that the possibility of his residence – if not specifically deal with the multiplication inherited condition – seemed to have shocked all the basics. Previously, the king considered it his duty to support the impoverished nobles with gifts of new estates and land. Capitalism to abolish the system of awards, as repealed and serfdom. Now the former feudal lord, who lost his fortune, is at the bottom of society, and vice versa, his former land, using his nous and could climb to the topmost level of the social ladder. On this historical turning point and the distribution depending on the capital seemed to shape the distribution of labor: it is not just a capitalist to reap the fruits of wealth, as the displacement of a feudal lord, he organized the production, he invested their own money "in business", manufactured goods, which still had to sell, and at prices that would cover the costs. Finally, he risked his capital: in the case of its own failure actions, he could lose their wealth and descend into the ranks of the poor masses. Former minions of wealth – lords – these worries do not know, and comparing them with the frantic activity of a new bourgeois class, was quite possible to conclude that its remuneration they practiced: in the form of payment for their organizational efforts, the board "for the risk," Finally, in the form of fees for "abstinence" (because they do not spend all his fortune and put him "in case").

Gift Gourmet

Summer sun is already sits, and I hasten to the city center. The office celebrates birthday a good friend of mine. The holiday is already in full swing, and yet I have not taken care of the gift shops At no time. Bouquet of dark red roses too trite. I looked around and approached the counter, behind which are craftsmen. Half an hour later solemnly to congratulate the birthday child and hands him a large wicker basket with ripe cherries selective memory on the cart's Birthday My friend was a success. Among the vases with flowers, boxes of expensive crockery, gift and a crossbow pistol wore a basket of berries.

Of course, she quickly emptied, but many gave delight! Tired of sales and loans businessmen with a child happy whistling cherry pits and absorbed a treat. Basket empty for long. A month later it was filled with pink peaches and grapes, and was taken to the anniversary of an elderly lady who has 20 years not is chosen from his apartment, and I really miss the native Simferopol fall away if you tired to give flowers, rejoice familiar little chocolate persimmon, and a box of fresh figs or a bag with chestnuts How More please foodie? Hurry up to visit me? Replace the chocolate in a box of sushi and rolls. Them to you quickly prepare and pack in any good Japanese restaurants. If congratulations requires a serious approach, buy a treat collection of pottery to the eastern meal.

Global Economy

As a result, actually in the market economy, there were only enterprise at the global level – the result of economic globalization. But if the economy had saved natural for a market economy bankruptcy, avoid bankruptcy of enterprises at the global level will not allow policy. The support of such enterprises from the countries further reduces the efficiency of the economy as a separate region and the world economy. Since, in this case, the effect of the collapse of the economy increases the efficiency of turbulence – it overcrowded warehouses, and a sharp decrease in purchasing power, the collapse of an established infrastructure for the promotion of consumer goods, and the general explosion of social tensions. According to the author of All-Russian economic program senp culprit of the current global economic crisis is precisely the globalization of the economy – the enemy of market economy. Full antagonist of globalization in the economy – is senp program. On the basis of an independent (from the current economic) development of small and medium business market-based system senp decided the main issue for sustainable economic development without the crises created market system is almost absolute demand (above does not happen) for manufactured goods in the current time mode (online), which allows us to consider the goods in the System senp liquidity and commodity producers to give an absolute guarantee payment for its goods, almost at the stage of production. Thus, the system removes senp for producers substantially all the risks associated with the overproduction or underproduction of shortcomings.

Maritime Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance. Gradually insurance operations have become commercial in nature, when the entrepreneur-insurer has run a business for profit. This process accomplished primarily in the marine insurance in the xiv century. in Italy, which then belonged to the hegemony of the trade on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the xvi century. Centre for Maritime Commercial Insurance has moved to England. In the second half xvii. England created "fire office, which first began to insure buildings against fire.

In 1762 the British insurance company, "Eck-vitebl" began life insurance. In 1825, France appeared Insurance liability, after a while in Germany began to insure cattle from mortality, but in France – agricultural plants from hail. After World War I to the beginning of 1920. Insurance finally formed in many countries and has established itself as one of the most profitable areas of business. In this sector of the economy, a huge financial resources.

The development of insurance business in Russia. The first rudiments of insurance in Russia recorded in the monument of ancient Russian law "Russian Truth (X-XI centuries) This document provides interesting information on the rules relating to material compensation for the harm the community in case of murder. Wild Veera " payable in case of death from the attack of an unknown assassin, and in case of death occurring as a result of inadvertent, unintentional killing. The insurance principle was manifested in the layout of losses among the members community. In Russia before the end of the xviii century.

State Treasury

The fact that the premiums for such programs are not subject to tax deductions. As a result, in the State Treasury is paid you 13% tax. Taking into account all these factors and developed a program funded pension insurance. With the help of every person is guaranteed to provide a decent retirement. Here are a few benefits of participation in funded pension insurance program: opportunity to contribute, and hence receive a pension in any currency (rubles, euros, dollars). Agree, good monetary gain to the state pension is additional guarantee of secure old age; on contributions to pension insurance policy calculated a guaranteed income, which may be increased due to additional investment income, the ability to start pension payments already reaching customers age 45. Such a stipulation of pension insurance is especially attractive against the backdrop of the continual talk about increasing the retirement age for state pension. But the most attractive pension insurance program makes it flexible terms that can be quickly adjusted to suit individual customer requirements: at the end of the period of accumulation You can either take the unformed pension fund lump sum, or receive a monthly pension for life, in case of death of the insured to fully funded pension program, the remainder of the payments will receive relatives; contributions under the program may be suspended upon the occurrence of insolvency of the client.

In this case, future pension will be recalculated depending on the size of the accumulated fund by the time the contributions, not 'Burn' the accumulation and the death of the insured during the period of payment. Relatives will be paid a lump sum large sum of money. And, perhaps, one of the most important things that distinguishes the state pension from the individual insurance – the attitude to the customer. You do not have to hatch or – worse yet – stand in long lines waiting for an appointment with the right specialist, as often happens in public institutions. Fixed for you personal adviser lucidly and in detail explain all aspects of pension insurance program.

In some cases, do not even have to come to office: full and comprehensive consultations are available by phone. The benefits of such programs on pension insurance are obvious. That's why many employers to attract and retain valuable staff, prefer to contract corporate pension insurance. Benefit from it all. Employees are working quietly for the good of the company, knowing that they are guaranteed secured old age, and the company itself has tax benefits, while not increasing staff salaries. Incidentally, this approach is a common practice in developed countries. As a result – American and European retirees with the onset of old age may not indulge in the most good things of life.

You’re A Loser? You Are At The Bottom And You Can Not Go ?

“Within you there is a point of higher authority, a point of wisdom that you call a Oeyo , which is not controlled by any external disturbance or confusion. This item does not recognize failure and in it you can choose and make decisions. In this point you can choose what you think, how to direct your emotions, your body how to act and what you will do. ” The inside address is when your motives are right, when you only want to do the right thing the right way, when your desires are of legitimate action. a The righteous are never .

You need not fail in life when your desire is just, have a rich abundant feeling, a feeling of respect and self esteem. this feeling you can not want to get to you if your motive is only to impress others inflate your own ego, or even if it is nothing else for money or any other compensation objective. When you’ve done the best you can and have given as much as possible in service of what is right, you have a much higher compensation for material gain, you deserve a reward, and will, but you should work towards what does not perish, the deep inner satisfaction. Undoubtedly, you make mistakes. You have been wrong in your opinion, who has not made mistakes? However, when the motive is right, mistakes can be turned into stepping stones to success.

Think You Can And Feel You Want,

If you were busy being kind, without realizing that soon you would find no time to remember that someone was rude to you. If you were busy in your alegriay encouraging people who are sad, though your heart hurt a little, you soon forget to notice. If you were busy being good, and acting in the best possible way, would not have time to lay the blame on others doing everything they can. If you were busy right, this occupation would not give you time to make accusations without pause in a busy semejantepor wrong. … If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you will not.

If you think you'd like to win, but you can not, will not succeed. If you think you'll lose, you've lost. Because in the world will find that success starts with the will of man. Everything is mental attitude. Because many races have been lost before they've happened. And many cowards have failed, before they had begun their work. Think big and your deeds will grow.

Think small, and you'll be back. Think you can, and you, If you think you are advantaged, you are. You must think well to elevate you, you have to be sure of yourself before attempting to win a prize. The battle of life, not always won by the strongest or the fastest. Sooner or later, one who wins is the one who thinks he can. … "The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream, to run the risk of living your dreams, and those who do not give up on the first try. Luck is built, changing the circumstances, and creating opportunities. Each new attempt is a new learning, which enables you ever closer to your dream. "

Creative Minds

Our internal structure is reacting to all external stimuli, rearranging the atoms in the molecules. Our Brain The brain function has revealed the dream of more than a scientist, seeking to penetrate its mysteries. What are the ideas? Where they exist? Who do you think? etc. Many of them have not yet been clarified. Intuition reveals that behind this exquisite mechanism, there is a fabric so fine and perfect, a Creative Mind Divine, whose mysteries we fail to decipher. The study on the brain has advanced dramatically in recent decades by the "CT." Connecting electrodes to this body, determine where each of the activities of the mind.

It measures the electrical activity while mental activity occurs, either rational or emotional, spiritual or sentimental, and know which area corresponds to that power. These experiments have shown that when we see a certain object is active in certain parts of our brain … but when the subject is urged to close their eyes and imagine, brain activity is identical! So if the brain reflects the same activity when "seen" when he "feels", comes the big question: What is Reality? Based on these assumptions is that they have developed all the tools that neurolinguistic programming works and modern techniques used for developing high-performance athletes (creative visualization techniques for example). The brain does not differentiate between what you see and you would think because the same neural networks are involved. For the brain, is as real as what he sees how he feels.

How To Avoid Theft !?

From the standpoint of modern management work with the staff – the question is not philosophical, but most, that neither is pressing. That is, if you have the desire, skills and finance to start their own business – you are only halfway to success. Second halfway will not be overcome without a well-chosen shots. But that's not all! Employees must not only educate, motivate, require them to perform regular duties, but also constantly monitor their behavior. Because it is no secret: some people prone to theft, sabotage, fraud, betrayal and other nefarious deeds.

And the more collective, more complex intra-staff relationships, the harder understand the root causes of those or other actions. And even harder to prevent them. Since Soviet times catering always been huge scale of abuse. In cafes and restaurants in the amount of theft ranged from 20-30% to 90% of the revenue institutions. Has the situation is now fundamentally – a definite answer 'no'. However, now each institution has one or more particular owners, most of whom do not want to accept the fact that they do not significant portion of its revenues. Basically, the purpose of theft is "getting" the additional amount of cash in his pocket, "easy money" so to speak. The simplest measure of prevention theft is not to provoke the officer in this act. So try to at the workplace of each employee and institution as a whole, was the order, and especially valuable items lying in a vault or any other difficult to reach.