Sabotage the inventor

Sabotage the inventor of the submarine and its shady business Spanish During the years of 1886-1889, coinciding with the maneuvers to take over the Maxim machine gun, also occurred action Zaharoff to get done with the Isaac Peral submarine, although these events are less known. Noredenfelt Zaharoff and tried, in those years, to develop a submarine to grow their business. With the collaboration of the Rev. Garrett English, built a defective appliances, with a clever press campaign, posed by submarines and defrauding the government managed to Greek, Turkish and Russian respectively. The apparatus, steam propulsion, therefore, totally unsuitable for underwater navigation, failed miserably when they were tested by the respective marine were acquired. In addition to the problems of faulty propulsion system, suffered from a serious problem of instability and, in fact, the Turkish drop by firing a torpedo test was vertical and sank stern.In parallel and in the same years, the Spanish inventor developed the first submarine, itself, of the story resolved at the same time, the remains which involved the invention, in terms of propulsion, stability and arms. Isaac Peral designed and built the first submarine in history to sail submerged, with good governance and torpedoes fired in and out of the sea. Isaac Peral’s submarine was equipped with electric propulsion, periscope device aims, needle compensated gyroscope, electric slide, torpedo tube and actuator to maintain the stability and trim of the vessel in all circumstances: Immersion and for the delicate maneuver firing torpedoes. Zaharoff had learned with astonishing speed, the work of the young inventor and Spanish naval officer.Prior to granting planning permission had already inspected in person, the plans and report that the inventor had given to Spanish admiralty, in dependence of their ministry. Later, coinciding with the presence of Isaac Peral in London, tried unsuccessfully to meet with him, using one of his agents and fellow inventor Corps. Peral refused twice, but at the insistence, agreed to meet with the owner, Nordenfelt, who suggested him to associate with them or sell it separately, the patent servomotor stability. Isaac Peral rejected both offers and signed, without knowing it, his sentence at the same instant. Zaharoff, empelaron thoroughly and with their typical tricks against him. The Spanish inventor, like Maxim, suffered four sabotage during the experiment (the first one, in the pretest, in the presence of the Spanish head of state) but, Peral, more cautious than the U.S. overcame all them.However, Zaharoff, who began their perverted business methods (known later as Zaharoff System), managed to stand between the inventor and his own government, and was, ultimately, a ruling the Spanish government against the invention of the submarine with what the government referred to disarm his nation for a future war already loomed on the horizon (the War between Spanish and American, 1898). Zaharoff, traveled to Spain on several occasions during the years of 1886-1890, with a threefold objective: to boycott the submarine Peral, selling weapons to the Spanish armies and acquire a Spanish weapons factory. He succeeded in all of them, mainly because it established a relationship with Maria del Pilar de Muguiro and Beruete, which crossed many doors.Pilar was the daughter of the powerful banker Muguiro Fermin, strongman of the regime and personal friend of the Spanish conservative party chief and cousin of Sigismund Moret, leader of Spanish liberalism and right hand the head of the Liberal Party. Besides, he was married, unhappily married, with a cousin, mentally handicapped, King Alfonso XII: Francisco de Borb n, Duke of Marchena and Grandeeof Spain, which title allowed access, without notice, to the Palace. During one of these trips was detected the presence of Zaharoff in the shipyards where the submarine was built Spanish, but Spanish officials “covered up” the case. By purchasing one of the best Spanish arms companies (Euscalduna), located in the north, which was renamed The Placencia de las Armas Co.Ltd, and thanks to its peculiar affair (he attributed, provided one of the keywords of his professional success to the aforementioned love affair), created a strong core in Spain, influential politicians, journalists and senior military officials that served perfectly in their unscrupulous purposes.

Origin and historical

Origin and historical development In the early 1920s appeared in the United States, catalog sales, driven by wholesale companies. This sales system, revolutionary for its time, is a catalog of photos illustrating the products to sell. This allows better reach people, because there is no need to attract customers to the stores. This allowed the stores to reach customers in rural areas have, that by the time this arrangement was developed there was a large mass of people assigned to the field. In addition, another important point to note is that potential buyers can choose the products in the comfort of their homes without the assistance or pressure, as the case of a seller. The catalog sales took accelerated with the advent of cr cards in addition to determining a relationship of anonymity between you and the seller.In the early 1970s came the first commercial relationships using a computer to transmit data, such as purchase orders and invoices. This exchange of information, although not standardized, brought with it improvements in manufacturing processes in the private sector, including companies in the same sector. In mid-1980, with the help of television, a new form of mail-order, also called direct sales. Thus, the products are shown with more realism, and the dynamics that can be displayed by highlighting its features. Direct selling is concrete and usually by phone with cr card payments. In 1995 members of the G7/G8 countries the initiative created a global marketplace for SMEs, in order to accelerate the use of electronic commerce between companies around the world.

Popular Events

There are two flagship events of international prestige in Seville held during the spring that are the Holy Week and April Fair. It is also very popular among the citizens of Seville to attend the Roc o Pilgrimage each year is celebrated in the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Roc o located in the town of Almonte in Huelva province, and one of the great days for Seville , is the day of Corpus Christi. Main article Semana Santa: Semana Santa in Seville The great strength of Seville, one of the most venerated images of the Holy Week of Seville. The celebration of the various events that take place during Holy Week becomes one of cultural events, religious and artistic important place in the city. The Holy Week celebrations in this city are among the most famous in Spain and have international repercussions in the Catholic world, making them a major tourist attraction.Easter is considered Tourist Interest National and International level. The processions of Holy Week are the trends over centuries of forms, ways and means of the fraternities and sororities consist of diverse groups of people of various kinds labor or other properties where multiple factors have influenced both religious, artistic, social and historical . Station processional penitence or output is the main external worship of the corporations that made the Brotherhood. The week runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, processions every day images depicting the Passion of Christ in its entirety adding 60 brotherhoods.A General Council of Fraternities and guilds, whose members are elected every four years by the Elder Brothers of the various brotherhoods, which is responsible for organizing the Easter and to streamline procedures and agreements with official institutions and all aspects the Carrera Oficial. There is a whole series of elements related to Holy Week in Seville as the Steps, the fraternities and sororities, the Nazarenes, the bearers and arrows. April Feria Feria home (2010) (under construction) is known as Feria de Abril to one of the festivals that take place in the spring, particularly in April. The Fair takes place in the district of Los Remedios and is considered Tourist Interest National level, and since 1965 as International. El Real de la Feria, consists of 24 blocks, has a surface area approximately 450,000 m2.that sit in booth 1047, with dimensions varying from one to another with a road network of the Real consists of fifteen streets with names of fighters who have been intimately linked to the city. This part of the enclosure is equipped with sufficient infrastructure to solve the problems of water connection, sewerage and electricity demanded by each of the booths in place. Attached to Real de la Feria, are the premises of an amusement park, with some 400 different rides, this park is ephemeral and is known as Elm Street. The Municipal Hut is where activities are carried Protocol City and each of the Districts have a booth for public use, because access to the booths in most of them are limited to members of the same. The origins of the April Fair dates back to Narciso Bonaplata 1846 when, of Catalan origin, and Jos Mar a de Ybarra, of Basque origin, drafted a proposal that led the City Council of Seville.In March 1847, Queen Elizabeth II granted the privilege of fair Sevilla. Some characteristic features of the April Fair are: home, lighting booth, short dresses, flamenco dresses, flamenco dancers, horses and carriages, beverages (such as chamomile and modern typical rebujito) cuisine (very typical pesca to, especially on the night of “Alumbrao”), street of hell, bullfights, fireworks. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi in Seville is one of the most important celebrations in Seville. It takes place next Thursday on the eighth Sunday after Easter Sunday. That day the city is decked out in their best clothes and makes for a day all sibships Seville (whether of glory or sacramental penance) are united in the same procession.The procession consists of nine steps (including Seville are saints, patrons of the city, the Holy Thorn and custody with the Body of Christ) and various social representations, ecclesiastical, military and political. It’s a party comsiderada of national interest.

Sources of funding

Sources of funding for the project My SME kb As sole owner and proprietor, our proactive Yashiro Toledo took as a choice of bank credit financing.Which consists of: It is a type of short-term financing that companies obtained through the banks with which to establish functional relationships. Importance. Bank credit is one of the most used by companies today to obtain necessary financing. Almost all are banks that handle business accounts checks of the company and have the greatest loan in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in force banks and provide most services that the company requires.As the company often goes to the bank seeking commercial resources in the short term, the choice of one in particular deserves careful consideration. The company must be sure that the bank can help the company to meet the needs of short-term cash it has and when it is filed. Advantages. If the bank is flexible in its conditions, there will be more likely to negotiate a loan that meets the needs of the company, which places it in the best environment to operate and profit. Allows organizations in case of trouble stabilized with respect to capital . Disadvantages. A bank very strict conditions, may unduly restrict the ease of operation and act at the expense of company profits. A bank loan entails borrowing rates that the company must pay to the bank sporadically concept of interest. Methods of Use. When the company submitted with the bank loan officer must be able to negotiate. You must give the impression that it has jurisdiction. If you are looking for a loan, must be submitted with the appropriate official with the data as follows: a) The purpose of the loan. b) The amount that is required. c) A plan defined payment. d) Tests on the creditworthiness of the company. e) A plan or drawing of how the company expected to develop in the future and achieve a situation so as to repay the loan. f) A list of guarantees and collateral that the company is prepared to offer, if any, and necessary. The cost of interest varies according to the method to continue to calculate them.


Somehow, it comes increasingly to the one in the media by the word “funds” hear, but unfortunately knows at this day, hardly a man, what the term means in general. Basically, the explanation is quite simple. Funds of funds are investment funds, the money of investors to invest in various mutual funds, which means if you lose a little money into a “normal” fund invests and the company has invested in that one, but comes in a not so good financial situation, Fond a certain value, thus the investors of capital. This is especially for inexperienced investors will Risky situation. Therefore, there is a fund of funds, which consist of several securities, thereby becomes a “bottleneck” of a company by a ramp-up of another company within this fund of funds collected. Thus the investor has little or no loss on his investment. Certainly there are some disadvantages or risks, because the so-called Dachfondmanager can pay for his services, which are costs in addition to the administrative costsincurred as at the end of the year, may have generated a certain percentage. But who is the Dachfondmanager anyway This is the one who pushes the money from fund to fund to the investor to avoid a possible loss. Among other things, must be considered in the possible investment in a Fund of Funds, the cost in any case. The easiest way is if you are well informed in the bank’s own expectations about the current structure of the possible investment funds.

PAPER “Design Companies”

Design can be considered as qualified dictionaries as a technical and creative process designed to develop or aesthetic objects used to be produced in series. It also means the form of something, of an object. The lines and lines that determine the shape of an object or building, or simply explain what has been planned by graphic diagrams. Design is also defined as the process leading mental setup “pre-figuration” in the search for a solution in any field. The root meaning of the word design comes from the concept of “disegno” coined in the Middle Ages, in 1563 with the founding of the “Academia del Disegno” in Florence, Italy, by Italian Giorgio Vasari creative multifaceted concept that comes from other words as “plan” or “Sig” talking about something that is coming. Company is defined as an entity composed of capital and labor as factors of production, and dedicated to industrial, commercial or services for profit. According to a definition found in a doorway of entrepreneurs from Spain, a company would be: A system that interacts with its environment materializing an idea, in a planned manner, satisfying some demands and desires of customers, through an economic activity. It requires a rationale, mission, strategy, objectives, about tactics and policies for action. It takes a preview and a formulation and strategic business development. It must start from a good definition of the mission. Subsequent planning is conditioned by that definition. The relationship between these two concepts is very tight now.Design is the key tool for business, of any item has an image that can put up to other, more advanced tool to awaken the interest of outside investors, the comparative advantage in competing with the price , thinking that global competition that exists today in our global village favors certain businesses, because the opportunity cost of labor, raw materials and other inputs, varies between essentially different economic systems. As part of the journey “The interior and the company currently” developed on December 23, 2008, in the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Spain, there were exhibitions that have a lot to do with the topic of empathy and synergy generated between these concepts dyadic, Design-Company, which highlight the views of experts on the matter, as is the director of the School of Art and Design College in Valencia, Xavier Giner who says that “times of crisis are good times for design “, because you have to go out and compete” for quality and innovation. ” What that essentially means that in difficult times for the global economy must be wagered by the design as a differentiator, this posed for the reality of Valencia, but it is a reasoning applicable to any place on earth where there are designers and businesses. This idea is reinforced by the director of Viccarbe, Benedito Daniel who explained that by designing your company was highlighted with the Prince of Asturias Award, and shows that furniture item that company, all internal departments revolve around the design and along with that, is key to successful internationalization of the company. Finally, in the closing ceremony, the Regional Director of Culture, Jos Alfredo Pellicer recommends companies attendees to “see with new eyes what makes the design” and calls for more dialogue between companies developing design projects and between enterprises who implement these projects, since this feedback is really what the trends that are emerging in a given time. Leading to a more local level this analysis we can see design companies that gradually takes the discipline of design more attention in the production of items and in the channeling of information to help better sell the products or services, which is why There is a subdivision of areas in which the design has jurisdiction, be it Web Design, Corporate Design, Brand Design, Editorial Design, Multimedia Design, Industrial Design or Object, Product Design, etc.