Big Apple Helicopter Tour – New York Attractions

You should necessarily allow plenty of time for the Manhattan skyline during a holiday in New York. Bernard Golden has much experience in this field. Helicopter tour release the perfect views of the New York landmarks. For more information see this site: Allegiant Air. But there are also alternatives, which are priced much cheaper and have also to offer excellent views of the famous skyscraper silhouette. From the observation deck of the Empire State Building from one has fantastic panoramic views of the legendary big Apple’. Even the prospect of putting on the observation deck top of the rock ‘ on Rockefeller Plaza can enjoy, is not by bad parents. From here, you can touch the Empire State Building and other architectural masterpieces of the city extensively in the eye.

One can imagine the extent of the Rockefeller Center just once when you stand at its entrance before: the building covers an area of over 89,000 square meters. Its construction began in 1930. The money for the construction came from one of the most successful business men in America: John D. Rockefeller. The building complex includes among other things the Radio City Music Hall, the NBC Studios with the studios for Saturday night live, ‘and a restaurant with the fanciful name of Rainbow Room’. In the lobby, the history of the House is completely documented in words and pictures. There is also the world-famous photo titled eating above Manhattan’ to see.

It shows a few construction workers sitting on a steel beam and who cheerfully smiling and up eating their lunch over New York City. A special variant of the motif, in which you must be not even afraid of heights, you can pose and then for a small fee to take home the pictures! During the quick trip up high in the 76th floor, you should at least briefly take a look through the glass roof of the elevator. In its interior, you’ll get carried up higher and only just below the clouds to a halt. On cloudless days you have fantastic views of Central Park, the statue of liberty, which from there very small and seems to be almost tiny as well as Wall Street and the surrounding areas. If you are the first time in New York, you should take necessarily a skyline brochure to the hand. On the observation deck it helps, sure to recognize all special New York sights from a distance. If you’re first up, you can admire the city at your feet as long as you just want to. Before entering the elevator but, should make sure once again that you have also taken with the camera, because you will discover the best motifs on the viewing platforms and in particular on the upper balcony.


One summer, in the village of Rook, a poor landowner Pavlova Aduyev, all in the house rose at dawn, from housewives to chain a dog Barbosa. Only one son of Anna Pavlova, Alexander Fedorovich, slept, as follows sleep twenty-year young man, heroic dream, and in the house all the fussing and fussing. People went, Yet the on tiptoe and spoke in a whisper so as not to wake his young master. Bill O’Grady shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Hardly anyone knocks, loud talk, now, as irritated by the lioness, was Anna Pavlovna and punished severely reprimanded careless, insulting epithet, sometimes to the extent of their anger and energy, and drive. In the kitchen, cooked in three hands, as if to ten, while all master's family consisted only that of Pavlova Alexandra Fyodoritch yes. In the shed and wiped lubricate wagon. They were all busy and worked up a sweat person. Watchdog just did not do anything, but that in his own way participated in total movement.

When it passed by a footman, coachman or dart girl, he waved his tail and sniffed carefully passing, and the eyes seem to ask: 'They will say I have to, finally, that we have today for the commotion? " A commotion was because that Pavlova let go of her son to St. Petersburg to serve, or, as she spoke, people to see and be seen. Assassination day for her! From this it is so sad and upset. Often, the troubles, she opens her mouth to tell the something, and suddenly stops mid-sentence, her voice changes, she turns away to the side and obotret if have time, a tear, but do not have time, so dropped it in a suitcase, in which she was putting Sashenkino underwear.

Gifts From Tunisia

Any journey – a sea of new impressions. And, of course, I want them all to preserve their memory. But, unfortunately, the memories are unreliable, and after a while of being stored is lost. Therefore, a person came up with the other ways to preserve memorable events – shooting at the camera, photography, writing in notebook This memory is full, things and devices and is also good because it allows us to share memories with others. Others including Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , offer their opinions as well. Photographs provide an opportunity see others what we have seen, the entries in the notebook – authentic story. And how can we allow a person to feel what we felt during the trip? Because man is created in such a way that gets information from using all their senses, and touch is not the last in the list.

Leave a memory of the "beautiful" and give joy to your loved ones and friends, always there to help you from afar brought a gift or souvenir. So, you had the wonderful opportunity to travel to fabulous, wonderful country – Tunisia. Paradise with a temperate and mild climate, unforgettable crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, warm sandy beaches, and many beautiful places with a legendary history. Each city has its own attractions of Tunisia, which means that for the tourist is presented an excellent opportunity to choose a gift for every taste. For example, in the heart Tunis – the capital – can be visited on the present East market, worth only pass through the ancient gate of Bab al-Bahar, which means "sea gate".

New Industrial Displays

HY-LINE computer components presented the new TFT modules with projective capacitive touch technology (PCAP) from Mitsubishi electric. These new modules are available in the sizes 6.5 “(AA065VE11-DA-01), 8.4” (AA084SD11-DA-01), 9.0 “(AA090TA01-DA-01) and 12.1” (AA121XN11-DE-0 x) as well as in 10,4 “available. Here in 2 different resolutions: SVGA (AA104SL02-DE-01) and XGA (AA104XF02-DE-01) available. Connect with other leaders such as Hewlett-Packard Co. here. They are characterized by their high image brightness and wide viewing angle. With these new modules, Mitsubishi Electric offers highly reliable touch panel solutions, which include also the controller board and the driver software in addition to TFT-LCD and P-CAP-touch panel. These new modules provide powerful and easy-to-use industrial products. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Southwest Airlines.

?? Thanks to thin and especially conductive sensor cables based on proprietary TFT-array technologies offer a high sensitivity, as well as any variation the new TFT-LCD modules themselves through a 2.8 mm thick safety glass. Furthermore, the proprietary detection modules support and Processing technologies, which provide a quick response to finger movements – also if the user wearing gloves.? The TFT-LCD modules meet the increasing market demand for projective capacitive touch panels for industrial applications. The intuitive usability, the extended temperature range, the outstanding color quality and extra wide viewing angle of these modules allow their use in various applications and installation environments. HY-LINE computer components provides the display ready-made in the kit with controller, OSD and cable set. Technical support, marketing and sales staff are competent for all questions.

Eiffel Tower

Otis attached rope to the platform lift through a flat spring like spring, and the lift stuck on the sides of rack rails. Even under the weight of a free platform spring and straightening seamlessly passed between the rails. If, God forbid, the rope breaks, a spring buckle, jamming his teeth at the tips of the rails and thus stopped the collapse of the freight elevator. Otis called his lifts 'Safe elevators "and created a small company to produce them, which is now the leading manufacturer in this field. In 1854, Otis had a global PR-campaign for the promotion of manufactured goods lifts them.

In New York in the exhibition hall with a high dome moved lifting platform between 2 supports a height of 12 meters. At the top of the building was a large man with a sword in his hand, and on the platform in a pile and yaschikovkorobok barrels sitting inventor himself in a frock coat and top hat. The steam engine tightened elevator to the very dome, and then assistant to the team quickly cut the rope Otis sword. Elevator fell down, but after a 1-2 meter automation with a terrible gnash been deployed and prevented the fall. Smiling Otis shot cylinder and bowed enthusiastic audience of this trick. In 1857, a 5-story house on Broadway has its first passenger elevator, which made the factory Otis. Elevator holds up to five people and polnimalsya and fell at a rate of 20 cm / sec.

Otis, unfortunately, not fully appreciated the genius of his creation, because, when they began to build skyscrapers, he was already dead. In the first skyscrapers use hydraulic elevator without the rope, which was invented in Paris in 1867 and later installed on the Eiffel Tower. In a long cylinder was located walking piston pusher booth upstairs under a large pressure of the water. But the data elevators for residential buildings was possible to construct a building not more than 20 floors, while moving 20 times faster than passenger lifts of Otis. Then completed the hydraulics – a cylinder placed horizontally, and the rope that lifts cab, stretched by the piston through the block. For the first time an electric passenger elevator was built in 1880 by the German company "Siemens and Halske ', which for eleven seconds, moving at a height of 22 meters. With this problem since the lifting height is no longer held back growth in the number of floors of buildings. The largest skyscraper "Sears Tower" in Chicago (America) equipped with 106 passenger elevators. sixteen of them – double decker: and take Passengers are planted simultaneously on two floors. For guests viewing platform on the roof there are two express elevators that rise to a height of 412 meters a little more than a minute.