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Wild coastlines, proud cities, golden beaches in the middle of a magical nature as a round gefuttertes triangle lies Catalonia in Northeast Spain. Like the country as little features of Mar i muntanya kitchen could resist, as the gourmets who love the region because of its culinary diversity of sea and mountain. The proud Catalonia is home to artists, architects and poets. Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Antoni Gaudi were inspired by the impressive landscape. Between the Delta of the Ebro river and the Pyrenees with rugged coastal beaches and bustling cities with quaint villages alternate. Life plays in Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona. It pulsates but also in the village of Espolla, in the quiet Gualba or on the southernmost tip of Catalonia, in Alcanar count just 500 inhabitants.

From such, selected locations, you can enjoy relaxed even the popular Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada with no less lively. Retreat places on the Costa Brava, only the lovingly restored medieval town of pals is located four kilometers from the long sandy beach, Platja de Pals away. In the middle of the natural Idyll land Hotel Mas Salvi is there”. The romantic Villa from the 17th century is surrounded by a private forest and delightful gardens. A little further in the enchanting hinterland of the Costa Brava, the villages are Espolla and Gualba. Espolla is dominated by the Mediterranean side of the Pyrenees. “Between dolmen and menhirs, located in the historic town center, a special vacation home can be found here: plain outside, inside intricately designed, with only six rooms, the hotel Canaleta Heras is” a dream come true for those seeking tranquility.

Also Gualba is located in charming nature in the middle of the only biosphere region of Catalonia. From Hotel Masferrer”, you toured an impressive building from the 13th century, at the foot of the mountain Montseny either through the hills of the nature park or make excursions to the beach, Girona and Barcelona. Lively cities in view of wide golden beaches of the Costa Daurada gave their name. However, in the “hilly hinterland of the province Tarragona grows another treasure: the famous Cava”, a sparkling sparkling wine is exported from here to the whole world. “Three Fincas with much history and even more charm can be found in the midst of the vineyards: the hotel CAL Barber” in the small town of Botarell, the majestic five-star hotel MAS Passamaner ‘in La Selva del camp and the Finca MAS can Ros’ in the former monastery village les ordres. The capital of the province of Tarragona and the fabulous beaches of the Costa Daurada are from the quiet, often against the Tuscany hinterland, to reach quickly. Even more close to the Sea offers the Finca Tancat de Codorniu”in Alcanar, on the southernmost tip of Catalonia. The 19th-century estate is separated from the sea only by an Orange Grove. At that time estimated Alfons XII., King of Spain, close to the beautiful beaches. Even in the Centre of the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, there to discover quiet refuges. Hotel Neri H & R”is a Palace in the heart of the medieval district of Barrio Gotico, directly at the Placa de San Felipe Neri. Designer shops, tapas bars, restaurants and museums are located right outside the front door and when the countryside attracts a way back from Barcelona in the hinterland.

Erzgebirge Collectibles – Christmas Pyramids And More

The pyramids from the Erzgebirge are now an integral part of the Christmas tradition in many countries around the world. The first Christmas pyramids are already in the 16th Century mention. In the Erzgebirge miners began in the 18th Century highlights simple to manufacture frames. This consisted only of a few wooden sticks which was tied up and equipped with lights. The relatively simple light frames were systematically developed by the Ore Mountain craftsmen. They placed another rod in the middle of the light frame and attached it to a plate, were attached to all bars. The plate was then integrated into the stand that he was rotated. By affixing the impeller at the upper end of the light frame and the placement of candles on the plate, the first rotating pyramid was created. The candles heat drove the impeller of the pyramid and the plate, fitted with beautiful hand-crafted figurines spun. Based on this, still relatively simple basic form, are in course of time the many different Christmas Pyramids have been developed. Today you can find among other things gothic and oriental designs. The sizes range from 15 cm to 2 meters. The pyramids are generally the Christian Christmas story or scenes from everyday life dar. The center of production is as already over 100 years ago Seiffen in the places Olbernhau and Marienberg. Today, the major producers, manufactures, Richard Glaesser, Mueller cabaret, KWO Olbernhau and Christian Ulbricht. Besides Germany,the Erzgebirge Christmas Pyramids, arches and Smokers in over 100 countries around the world are exported. Particularly in the United States, “German Nutcrackers are handmade, Smokers, Christmas Pyramids” extremely popular. Especially the Nutcracker have become very popular collectibles.


German Travel

Small and medium-sized enterprises engage more card the debit, because they primarily within Germany and cheap book Lufthansa and so that the cost increase by the optional higher batch payment in the weight.” Patrick Diemer, Chief Executive Officer at AirPlus international, and Marcus Frank, global key account management of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, refer to the free payment method recommended by Lufthansa. “15 up to 20 percent of our clients have chosen account for the debit”, so DIEMER. “I’m sure we have opened up a new market segment it, and other competitors will follow suit.” In the future should, if possible, in advance together looking for solutions are, in the debaters agreed. “The dialogue is very important, it will remain however, always controversial,” Frank. “Lufthansa will continue to look, how it turns up – it’s not getting any.” VDR – Vice President Ralph Rettig find clear closing remarks: “we need price truth and” -clarity.

Bundling – so the end price representation – and transparency need to again play a larger role in future”, he says. “Listen, you are going to love what your customers want – and your customers.” More pie in the sky played the VDR in the 15 specialized forums, where it went to sustainability, the mobility of the future, “door-to-door” travel planning and corporate car sharing. Shared presentations and photos of the fall Conference for business travel and mobility management: events food, November 11, 2011 company description Association of German travel management e.V. (VDR) of the Association of German travel management e.V. (VDR) represents the interests of German companies on the topic of business travel management. He committed to efficient, economic, safe, unhindered, global travel opportunities for businesses. With its over 500 member companies, it stands for a total turnover in the business area of more than ten billion euros. Company contact: Association of German Travel management e.V. Julia Anna Eckert Darmstadter Landstrasse 125 60598 Frankfurt / Main Tel: 069 – 69 52 29 33 E-Mail: Web:

Foundation Grant Gratisreport provides Gratisreport for entrepreneurs to find their way in the founding grant offer jungle. Gorlitz, June 26, 2008 (as) that has Internet platform now for founders who want to get the Foundation grant or the initial Fund, created a simple overview of the various products in the market. Thus, according to Managing Director of Andreas Schilling, would we show you an efficient way to the coveted grant founder and help to avoid unnecessary investments. Since most founders are confronted today with a good ongoing seminar industry, numerous (online) literature, and the comprehensive range of incubators. Here, Schilling lose track, thing to do really is to the grant obtaining, describes Andreas man times quickly the core problem. Of course try the founders in the start-up phase if possible to save money and work from the free to the fee-based offerings in the market and keep then unfortunately too late and to some euros easier that going to a consultant or was the actually the most efficient way, fast and targeted coached to get to the grant of the Labour Office, as shown in this ebook. Great still the public bodies such as chambers of Commerce, HWKs, incubators and the founding bodies financed by the employment offices, issued about 40,000 expert opinions in the year enjoy popularity according to the studies.

Whether the offered (fee-based) services and the predefined process really help the founder, is doubtful, because on the one hand, the speakers in the seminars present the topics at a high level and founder usually then anyway delegate these tasks in the day-to-day business to an advertising agency or tax adviser, as the experience shows, and lost also much time in the waterwheel of the public institution, the founder could use more meaningful. And because ultimately a nicely formatted and completed business plan not decides the entrepreneurial success. but other business skills are in demand, as well as numerous studies to demonstrate. You get 69 information about and its services at or by phone +49(0)180.58 82-055

Major Tips

Take a journey his carriage for easy access in airports, in her carry hand luggage, from it we can feed the baby). You will be able to pass the carriage of personnel aircraft it would amount to a special trunk. But consider that when you exit the plane you will have to wait a wheelchair for 15-20 minutes. 10. More let your child drink on the plane and drink themselves. Perfect option for your baby – breastfeeding 11. Try before you travel several options “can stock” of food that the baby got used to it.

Product brands are not difficult to find abroad. 12. Do not feed the first week of the child anything new for her, take cereals, used to prepare meals without all the usual for us, cereals can be purchased abroad. 13. Do not hesitate to ask for warm meals for the child in any place where there are microwaves and ask for any help for the baby wherever she need 14. Use the right place some procedures without the queues, because you have a child 15. Think carefully before using this tube in the plane (I use it to you a lot of children) 16.

Limit your child’s contacts with strangers people, at least in the way 17. Physically and psychologically protect the child in crowded places (wear at the hands of belly to belly, or back to back, find a deserted area for the rest of the child, do not leave children alone in rooms) 18. Prepare your child for a new place of residence (acquaint it with new objects, describe a new place, let your child get used to, potorgaty handles everything from the beginning) 19. Insure all on the trip, but bear with any money on medical care just in case (if a large time difference between the country to fly and our own, the insurance company can agree on a question of your service, even a few days) Major Tips In any case, a trip with your baby – a challenge for you and your child. This is your experience, but it can not be negative. Prepare yourself. The more you know ahead of time, more confident and relaxed you will feel, and hence, the more comfortable your child will intuitively feel your condition. However, everything is difficult to envisage, therefore, under any circumstances, just do not panic, do not fuss, do not change your decision and not blame each other. Calmness and confidence are saving under the most difficult of circumstances. It is important to be able to relax and enjoy just from what you and the whole family. Canadians, for example, take their three-month children even at hockey games, and certainly not indulge in trips with children anywhere. So the success, courage, love for one another – and all you get well.