National Institute

The iron of Carajs is practically exported in natura or unfinished, this makes with that the product is vendido by a low price, where other economies invoices very, therefore it stops. if to obtain more profit is necessary to industrialize it, of this form, would add more value to the product. In the region of Carajs the space mobility of the diligent classroom is sufficiently visible, however, many people does not obtain so waited job, making to grow the taxes of unemployment and under employment. The population migra for the mineradoras regions attracted by the existing wealth then, however the companies do not obtain to absorb all the offered man power. From 1980 the GETAT under jurisdiction of the National Institute of Colonizao and Reforma Agrria (INCRA), all the cities had counted or counts on the possibility of act of receiving of royalties of the CVRD and the fiscal resources of the Deep one of Participation of the Cities to be made possible. With these advantages to increase the income of the cities, it has a competition between old and the biggest number of people and of activities and/or functions (capable to generate jobs and to extend local prescriptions). The example of this the cities of Parauapebas and Marab.

This happens why with the emancipation of cities, the old cities lose mineradoras areas of the CVRD, diminishing the territory and the income. The CVRD constructed to a city with capacity for 6.400 people in the Mountain range North to give to support the operations in Carajs. The people live in this city as if it was an extension of the workstation, therefore they cannot leave the city and everything turns around it. Exactly inside of this city it is possible to observe the differences, where the engineers and/or employees with bigger qualification live in sophisticated houses and the other employees in well simple houses. The CVRD comes being pressured to extend its participation in regional the local development/, since this if appropriates of its resources for attainment of profits. Without a doubt the CVRD must return something excellent to that population, in case that contrary the problems will increase, therefore in the future it will not have abundance of minerals and who leaves penalizada is regional the local population/, had the mineradoras companies not to have done to its part to contribute with the development for the region yes, in contrast (changing drastically history and geography of the region).

The Pharmacy

And even the well-known rule, "80:20", which states that most paying customers to your pharmacy make up only 20% of all buyers, but generate 80% of her profits, can not be your main guide for loyalty programs. Strengthening relations with all of your customers – a pledge success of the pharmacy in the future. It remains to understand who your visitors, and to identify major categories. Then – then, the ground that will determine your program to fight for customer loyalty. Necessary for each target groups to develop, in fact, the impact of an individual strategy that will achieve the desired effect: to get consumers to buy more goods and more often recommend a specific pharmacy to their relatives and friends.

It general scheme. Now in more detail. The main consumer category is defined as follows: – potential buyer – a man who does not feel the need to visit your pharmacy and pharmacy visits competitor – casual – went to the pharmacy by chance, as a rule, for whatever reason could not reach the usual pharmacy – purchase – buy in your pharmacy on a regular basis (good), but is actively considering other proposals – regular customer – in your pharmacy buys more often, because satisfied with the product and service process. Now try to identify the possible loyalty program for each category of customers. The potential buyer. All that is needed – is make him make the first test purchase at your pharmacy. To do this, you can use the pharmacy or advertising messages on promotions to stimulate purchases of specific goods.

National Hearing

The opposite would create a problem to them of credibility like which – he has said undergoes the vice-president first of the Government and candidate of the PSOE to the next Alfredo elections Perez Rubalcaba. " Mr. Rubalcaba candidate one blames to him of lack of credibility when it says ' I have an alternative to the economic crisis I am going that it to start up when he is presidente'. And what says the rest to him of mortals: he hears, but you watch, while you continue being of the Government, is difficult to think that you have one alternativa" , he has declared. Return of ETA In the last part of its intervention, Otegi has assured that it would reject a return of ETA to the violence and that " unique escenario" that one considers is " the definitive cease of the violence armed and with the dismantling of the structures militares". In addition, exportavoz of Batasuna has been satisfied with the supports that have added since it raised the change of strategy and, in rrencia to the votes obtained by Bildu in the elections of the past 22 of May, has foretold: " We begin being four or five and already we go by 313,000, and that is not going away to stop. That is going to go to ms". In order to finalize, abertzale has sent a message to the militants of the left: " That nobody leaves the way that we have undertaken it happens what it happens in the next months.

We are going to win. Eskerrik asko (thank you very much) ". They were the last words of the defendant, that have taken the applause of the public present in the room. Otegi will return week that comes to the National Hearing to be judged to take part in a tribute to an ETA prisoner. Source of the news: Arnaldo Otegi affirms that to the military strategy of the left abertzale " estorba&quot exceeds and;