Enhanced Processing Architecture

The new cameras are equipped with 1 / 4 "CCD and transmit video with resolution up to 704×576 pixels. and up to 25 k / s formats H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG-4, with a minimum illumination of 1 / 0, 15 lux. To configure the SNC-RX550 and the organization of IP-CCTV camera kit includes software Sony RealShot Manager Lite. In addition, SNC-RX550 supports video analytics on a platform of DEPA, image stabilization and two-way audio transmission. Intellectual abilities-Video camera based on technology DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture – "Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture"), when the image preprocessing is carried out in ip-camera, and the following – a video recording devices. This technology enables ip surveillance with a minimum of false positives, "unload ip-channel video transmission capacity and efficient use of video archives. In this case SNC-RX550 supports detection of objects left behind, and motion detector analyzes the last 15 frames to detect movement and the alarm in case of detection.

In the SNC-RX550 used 1/4-inch CCD Sony Exwave HAD to 440 000 ff. pixels, and advanced image processing technology, providing exemplary quality of the video. To carry out round the clock video surveillance ip new Sony cameras are switchable IR cut filter and can operate in a "day" and "night", passing through the network color / monochrome video at illuminations up to 1 / 0, 15 lux. Depending on the network infrastructure and CCTV requirements for image quality, SNC-RX550 allows the operator to select the optimal level and the compression format, resolution and frame rate for view streaming video and record it.


Formula 1 – is the pinnacle of motorsport, it’s boiling emotions. Formula 1 is a testing ground for testing new technologies in conventional cars. It was there that first appear different innovations. F1 first appeared in 1950 year. More precisely then began the series championship, now is the pinnacle of motorsport in the world. Racers from other series such as GP2, f2, f3 Formula Renault, BMW and others as the most important thing in my career to get into Formula 1.

F1 very popular in many countries. Sposory pay more teams that would have their logos on the car team. Lines give the owners a lot of money for billboards gigantstkie placed on the track. Formula 1 is big circulation of money. Formula 1 team will get 50% of profits from television, another 30% goes to the development of Formula 1 and the remaining 20% of Bernie Ecclestone. Formula 1 collects a number of fans that can be compared only with number of spectators at the Olympic Games. Although F1 is more television sports.

I think many would agree that a formula-one they choose to watch on TV, with replays and other services. But the mere presence at such an event atmosphere of this event and the roar of engines gives you the adrenaline, as if you are behind the wheel of this car. In the beginning of Formula 1 racing driver Fangio won five league titles and a long time nobody could beat that record, but in 1994 Michael Schumacher to win his championship title, and in the next 10 years, he managed to become seven-time world champion. Michael belongs to the large number of records in Formula 1. But the most important of course is his seven titles. Be can anything else beat that record ..

Petersburg Work

Developments in information technology significantly changes the lives of most people. Of course, this concerns and professional person. Today, many professionals may well operate at a distance through the Internet, appearing in the office unless absolutely necessary. Of course, this kind of organization of labor makes it possible not only to receive a decent salary, but also gives the opportunity to feel master of its capacity and time. It is also worth noting that currently the Internet you can even see those ads that used to be able to meet only in the 'real world'.

In this case we mean Specialized webcam sites that offer to make girls and boys modeling appearance. Typically webcam work is reduced to communicating via computer with a web-camera. For such purposes, and well suited a simple notebook, that is, the initial cost would be small. If you had time to think that such a vacancy models for girls – it's something immoral, let us reassure you – it is not. Any webcam studio operates strictly under existing legislation and has never opposed the moral laws of society. Under the video chat work is mind simple communication with interlocutors from all parts of the globe. Why is it done? Case all that the modern urban world hostile to humans. Humans plagued by constant stress and psychological problems.

Deal with them yourself – it is very difficult. And the hardest to do it when you do not have close friends. Therefore, the majority finds comfort in virtual communication, which offer them the specialized webcam sites.

New Business Idea

Today, it is understood that many in due diligence can make good money as a file storage and the promotion of warez – sites. Judging from the warez – resources with a large attendance of their administration no longer a worried about the uniqueness of content, what is more a question – whether he was even on their resources. Now hundreds of news plundered from other sites and successfully enter the code, often much more successful than the originals and promotes This, above all authority promoted warez – portals. To post news is already out of fashion. But if you are a web – the master, then the question arises – what is the point you fill your site other people’s news? If you are journalist then your question – Why write new news, if these have already written, maybe a couple of minutes ago? Is it possible to ‘kill’ file sharing links to their foreign news? Answer – Yes. Moreover it can be automated. My last

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Maintenance Program

What is the purpose PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is designed to motivate employees to produce better and more disciplined attitude to duties. Why use a PC 'Motivation'? PC 'Motivation' is used to calculate the coefficient of labor participation in the enterprise. The coefficient of labor participation is based not only on the basis of the staff member's salary, but on the basis of penalties and incentives used in the program. Based on the rate of labor participation you will be able to determine wages for each employee. Background of the program. PC 'Motivation' is based on experience several major companies of Russia, with the participation of top managers and psychologists. Company, whose expertise has been applied to the PC 'Motivation', have gone from its inception to a thriving business and a full faced a number of problems in management, at a certain stage of growth, which spurred the creation of the product.

The program has the experience of Japanese companies in personnel management, but the system is fully adapted for use in conditions of the Russian Federation. As shown, time and experience PC 'Motivation' functions successfully in a variety of small and medium-sized businesses. Power reserve of the software system can be used in companies whose structure has more than 20 departments. In conclusion, it can be argued that the PC 'Motivation' is bearing fruit after 2-3 months of use in the enterprise, usually a consequence of an increase in the commodity-money turn and the prestige of the company, as from customers and from employees. Key features and characteristics of the program file cabinets Maintenance employees (full name, title, department, contacts, family, etc.). The system of fines and incentives, which directly depends on the rate of labor participation officer. The system of charging premiums for the department or individual employee.

Large set of reports with the ability to sort by. The program has user-friendly interface and rich feature set that makes it possible to use it with people who have no special accounting education. The program is a multi-user, with the possibility of work on a network. Built-in mechanism for specifying a set of rights for each user.