Buffalo Bill

Hills and plains, the traces of wagons pioneers and ranch of , the famous buffalo hunter What do you think about what is at stake? Prompts – it's not the scenery to the western. Here's another hint: not crowded space, Mysterious crop circles, the peak of the rock, tearing the sky is literally the middle of a flat steppe No, this is not a film about a mysterious stranger. Last tip: add to these landscapes of modern cities in which to locate their headquarters of major financial companies, mines with rich deposits of shimmering agate and many small towns, open air museums. For even more analysis, hear from cloud computing. Now you probably guessed, we just describe to you one of the U.S. Cyrus Massoumi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. state – . Here, in the vast, peacefully coexist Legends of the Wild West and the present major investments, major aviation museum and pristine traces of the first settlers along the highway.

Are you intrigued? It can not can! Spirit of this traveler is calling you on the road, is waiting for you that you have seen with my own eyes the combination of western landscapes and space opera. Tourists traveling on the unfrequented side, it would seem easy to please their home some gifts, in addition to vivid impressions and mysterious, or funny pictures. But this is a mistake. For example, the only issue that awaits you when choosing a gift for the beloved – is the problem of choosing the maximum of the original decoration, which will not be nobody else.