Hunger In Abundant Fields

The reality of living in a country that coexists the hunger is horrenda. Still more, if the country will be as Brazil, a food granary. This happens, over all, because of the egoism of the detainers of most of the wealth of the country to if worrying only about the proper stomach. As bigger producer of some agricultural item and one of the five exporting greaters of foods, Brazil alone increases the incentives directed toward the external market, to the step that diminishes the production for the domestic market, thus aggravating the taxes of chronic hunger in the country, where about 32 million people they suffer with this reality. It is difficult to understand as in a country where the records of agricultural production are increasing in elapsing of the years, the hunger is part of the daily one of an alarming number of people.

The root of this problem is notable: pssima distribution of income in the country, a time that only 10% of the Brazilians hold back most of the wealth. To modify this situation means to modify the life of the society, what it can not to be desirable, since it would oppose the interests and privileges of the dominant groups. Cmodo is and safer not to make responsible the extreme natural population growth or intempries as causes of the hunger and the misery that haunt the great majority of the population contingent. We possess, beyond resources and technology, enough food for all e, therefore, we can yes, to win the hunger. Only that for this, a solidary spirit is necessary alimentary to defeat the virus of the egoism and to abdicate of the consumista dream, ilusoriamente inculcado for the propaganda and to implement a solidary globalization. This mainly because the existence of hungry is inadmissible in a region as abundance of foods. Who already witnessed the greed with that the street inhabitants devoram the food remaining portions, considered ' ' inadequate for consumo' ' for the great Brazilian restaurants, it could perceive that, as insaciveis animals, these people renounce the dignity human being in order to kill the hunger that kills to them. This if of without, many times, if give account of that its true assassins are of tender arguing ' ' interests of pas' '.