So many do now rebranding. "Our rebranding is caused by ignorance, as opposed to those cases where brands really start to die. But in this case, the "aging" is not a brand. There is an inability of managers time to change the essence of the brand and target audience, to he addresses. And if you "upgrade" the brand, depending on external changes, no re-branding is not necessary, "- he said. Conditions for export What about the valuation of brands? About the same. According to of "Simpson", the number of brands in Russia, with independent assessment, not exceeding 4% of the total registered. "The practice of assessing the value of the brand we have yet to be an important mechanism analysis own economic activity.

So far, most often leads to such an operation near the alienation process ", – says Olga Ugryumova, art director of" Simpson "(Nizhny Novgorod). The fact is that, as the Denis Churilov, a single methodology to assess the brands do not. "This industry has not yet been spelled out precise methods of measurement, such as sociology," – he explains. Therefore, each appraiser – their techniques and variations. And if you decide to assess the value of your brand, you need to mentally prepare for what will have to deal in all this variety, and easier – ugliness. "The market for these services in Russia, still in its infancy and is likely to take time-tested, existing standards in other countries, adapted to our conditions. Such as, for example, operating since 1988 in the U.S.