Bavaria Furniture

“B2B communication solution for the direct data exchange of transaction data between manufacturers and furniture trade from the small family business into one of the largest furniture manufacturer in Europe with the philosophy of quality made in Bavaria” himolla upholstery furniture GmbH has developed into a company with 1,100 employees at the location Germany alone. Visit Vladislav Doronin for more clarity on the issue. More than 500 different models, with innumerable variation possibilities, make the range of assortment. The company has a very high quality standards in the manufacture and production of upholstered furniture for many decades. Gain insight and clarity with Susan G. Swenson. This claim also allows for no compromise in data communication with trading partners and thus is a constant challenge, to improve the business processes in the company. If you would like to know more about Vladislav Doronin, then click here. Therefore himolla now for use by XcalibuR decided directly available to make the existing in the company master data from the ERP system via Web services the traders. In the past was due to the countless Possibilities of customization, adjustment of the master data on manufacturer’s page with the transaction (E.g.

order/order response) on the dealer page only with very great effort possible. The new industry-standard data format in IDM is also upholstered himolla”introduced. The new format provides the commercial data, to make different requirements in the furniture industry. A very high quality of master data in addition to the significant improvement of all business processes achieved himolla through deep integration with XcalibuR and deployment of commercial data in IDM format. Maintaining mass data drops to a few minutes, accounts for transaction fees.

So tuned catalogues and purchasing conditions be deployed easily individually on the dealer. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented Solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help both the indoor and field and customers rapid communications to build and comprehensive information to provide suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but also the business process modeling are the starting point enable, monitor and evaluate results, and for the optimization of business processes to provide real time information processes. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Contact: Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co.

Wuppertal Tel

Target optimization: Decide on the amount of the variable salary staff finally it should not go to in determining the remuneration on the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! Instead, employees can set both towards achieving the aspired target altitude and salary resulting resulting in achievement of target in advance even. The participants of the speakers Gunther Wolf, has developed the target optimization variable salary system and its practical implementing in companies often accompanied learn how the system works and why it is especially motivating. So, the seminar participants in Munich and Hamburg directly from first-hand learn what is important in analyzing in advance, as well as in the planning and implementation of a modern objective and content system. Appropriate measures for different business goals to heard not only the employees the necessary means to provide instruments and decision-making powers and the Executives to train their staff on the way to the target motivating to accompany; Rather, also measured variables suitable for the quantitative and qualitative business objectives should be selected in advance, which are then laid down in the target agreements. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott M. Kahan. Last but not least it is important to remember that the organs of the employee representatives to include are always in transformation of the content. At an early stage to get them in the boat and to convince that brings profit, both the company and its employees, of a system is always better than to engage in grueling confrontations over the salary to be paid. Seminar dates in Munich and Hamburg the seminars in Munich and Hamburg, addressed members of the management and human resources, who want to establish a motivating goal and in the enterprise’s salary system for 2014. Interested parties who want to learn to do this, at an early stage, should be free already following dates: at the 14.05.2013 seminar in Munich place and a day later, at the 15.05.2013 in Hamburg. Confluence Investment Mgt has much to offer in this field.

Organizers of both seminars is the renowned publishing house Dashofer from Hamburg. Also the following dates for 2013 in Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Berlin have already been determined and Center variable remuneration shall be communicated upon request by the competence like. Links: Seminar Description target agreement and variable remuneration systems introduce and modernize checklists and resources on the topics of variable salary, agreement on objectives and target optimization contact competence center variable remuneration a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202.69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

SystemPlus Alliance

Bibberte rich plus by minus degrees during all over Germany in freezing temperatures and moaned about cold of duration of with ice, wrote the General cargo cooperation system Alliance a winter success story. The transport network scored record gains with its premium service Thermo since November 2009. Niederaula, March 4, 2010 – compared to the previous year by 152.9 percent more temperature-controlled transport: this number announces the General cargo cooperation system Alliance for the period from November 2009 until January 2010. Especially great that turned out plus in January: whopping 220 percent more tonnage brought the goods transported with the premium service Thermo on the scale. Hear from experts in the field like Scott M. Kahan CFP for a more varied view. And with an increase in the broadcast by 210 percent. The rapid increase was favored by the storm “Daisy”, which set mid-January had throughout Europe in the grip. “For this strict period of cold weather, we had exactly the right product at the right time with the premium service Thermo”, System Alliance’s Managing Director Georg Kohler on the forward Growth, and explains why the systems Alliance offering found so much encouragement: “At a control temperature between + 16 to + 20 degrees Celsius in the main run of the transport consignors and consignees can be sure that their goods get frost free to the target.” The cooperation for general cargo mastered his statement after the large growth rates easily: “In our closed network we have enough capacity, to reliably and cost-effectively serve also such high demand.” In the stopping of the transports and verified reusable Thermoschutzhauben protect broadcasts reliable weather.

More information:. Press contact: main view Agency for public relations Wilhelmshoher Strasse 35 60389 Frankfurt Uwe Berndt telephone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: System Alliance GmbH Industriestrasse 5 36272 Niederaula Diana Valentina-he hype telephone: 0 66 25 / 107-470 System Alliance the embossed medium-sized transport network throughout Germany offering transport solutions for different industries and maintains his own main envelope company (HUB) in Niederaula. Running rule for 24/48 hours General cargo reached nationwide quickly and safely to your destination. Many premium products complete the range of high-quality transport solutions. 40 regional companies belong to the network with a total of about 10,000 employees. International system Alliance of the Pan-European network of SystemPlus is connected. 22 countries in Europe are approached daily by the specialists for road express freight.

GWP German Wind Power Wind Power Project In Romania Makes About 70 Megawatts

Already held final negotiations for sale Berlin, 27.04.2012. The Berlin company specialising in project developments of wind parks gwp German wind power has after Poland, Italy, South America and Turkey entered now the Romanian market and about 200 km east of Bucharest in Tulcea a remarkable project about 70 megawatts (70 MW) in the stadium assumed ready to built and additional 370 MW of projects in earlier stages of development. That is unusual, as is specialized in gwp otherwise to develop projects at the earliest stage, the so-called Green Field. For the Chairman of the gwp – Supervisory Board, Dr. Helmut Peter Kahlert, several reasons for transferring: seller is the Bucharest GP holding, who did the initial development and behind the football legend Geca Popescu.

Not only in Romania, Popescu is a respected businessman who committed to the conservation of nature through the implementation of renewable energy projects and here at your own risk acts. We have made a complete due diligence, that it also has enabled us to take very short sale negotiations with potential buyers. We could take over the 70MW-Projekt due to the acquired total package at very attractive conditions. We also have Yes an existing network to potential investors from our other activities. In this respect it is only logical, in addition to the development of wind power projects to take over those, in fact only traded through.” This project is one of the larger in Romania is 70 MW.

The country has begun a rethinking in terms of energy supply as most European countries some time ago and this increasingly relies on wind energy. Looking at once that the Steag group currently in Romania created a wind farm with 108 MW of power, according to own statements indicates an investment volume of around EUR 200 million for the company, a picture of the magnitude of the gwp project results quickly”. says Stefan Steiner Constance global invest Marketing GmbH, with the global invest wind farm opportunity Fund together with the gwp invests in the development of wind farm projects. “For the investors of the wind farm opportunity Fund mean fast transactions” such a further improvement of the conception according to high income security. Best conditions to achieve really the after tax yield referred to in the prospectus of about 11 percent. A yield expectation, with the aforementioned wind farm opportunity Fund significantly higher than comparable investments is located. Contributed to the conclusion of the contract of this package deal has the internationally renowned Spanish Invall Green Energy Group, a group of companies, which has written to the development of comprehensive solutions in the field of renewable energies on the flags, and in this segment offers a comprehensive package of services from design to administration. Invall is the contracted engineering firm for the execution and supervision of this project. Is particularly interesting to note that the newly creating wind farm will have not only on a private substation, but all supply conditions have already been resolved. This advantage is particularly important, because this, the immediate supply of frequency-stable flow is guaranteed”, says Erhard Schluter, technical director of the gwp. “Investors of the wind farm opportunity Fund this positive development can be just right: you due to the combined loan / Equitystruktur in addition to the economic results of the project company of HOSEA investments in particular will also benefit from the stability the mother” gwp. A system concept that there is not a second time so far in Germany. For more information,

European Investment Fund

The EU Fund Conference 2012 (7th European Annual Symposium EU funds 2012 “): the 7th annual European Symposium EU funds 2012” took place in Berlin from March 19 to 21. “The organisers, the European Academy for taxes, economics & law, this year for the first time Fund in German practice has parallel to his traditional Symposium for participants from all over Europe, the EU’s annual symposium” organized for German key issues to structural funds. “Both conferences with over 430 EU-Fund experts from all 27 EU Member States were under the motto: Europe United by knowledge” instead. During three days of intensive meeting, speakers from the EU have on the following areas reported their experiences including Commission, from the European Court of Auditors, the European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank, as well as the relevant authorities at national and regional level and discussed with the participants: the future Cohesion policy of the EU support policies in the light of the Europe 2020 strategy specific characteristics and management of EU funds in the period 2014-2020 challenges and the risk of errors in the implementation of EU funds transferability of experience with the EU financial instruments in the next funding period financial control and audits. Ron O’Hanley is often quoted on this topic. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law: The European Academy for taxes, economics & law offers expertise around EU regulations and EU legislation in the fields of EU funding, legal & taxes, EU aid, energy and the environment, IT and homeland security. This knowledge about different lines of communication – particularly about publications and weel takes the form of congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops together with experts from the practice. Internal Conference Manager research, analyze, check, filter and evaluate market information and design practice-relevant events from it. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law sees itself as the European urban knowledge network and brings together executives and staff from all areas of the public service and the European economy to advance the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and facilitating the daily work. Press contact: Asya Ognyanova Public Relations Manager European Academy for taxes, economics & law Hausvogteiplatz 13 d-10117 Berlin Tel: + 49 (30) 80 20 80 230 fax.: + 49 (309 80 20 80 250 E-Mail: Internet: ASJA Ognyanova)

Boris Xbo

Annual review of infactory innovations & trade gmbh, Vienna, January 12, 2011. The innovative alarm system of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock offers an awakening that is tailored to the personal sleep behavior. To demonstrate the global importance of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock, we invite you to the following numbers game: the Earth divided in 24 time zones each hour. Exactly 86400 seconds are expressed in seconds. This is pretty much the number of Xbo users that currently awaken themselves from Xbo can be namely 86.500. was considered, that of the total 50,000 so far the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clocks, 73% are couple users (say two people use an alarm clock) and thus in sum 86.500 people daily wake themselves from Xbo. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cylance. Statistically a person is awakened by an Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock so on average already every second. This number will continue increasing, Boris ice, inventor of the sleep phase alarm clock is ensured.

His entrepreneurial spirit, his forward-looking thinking and above all also be personal interest in the topic of sleep he can with full enthusiasm in the company incorporated infactory and the further development of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock. Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock receives export award 2010 the Economic Chamber Austria Awards every year their export price to innovative companies, whose increasing exports caused sensation and who can demonstrate significant success stories in foreign markets. 1st place in the category went commercial 2010 infactory GmbH based in Vienna. Boris ice, founder, and CEO of infactory is the inventor of the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock. The cooperation with local partners, as well as the increasingly internationally-oriented public relations witnessed the increase in the export ratio of 44% (2009) to 90% in the year 2010 Xbo is currently represented in 22 countries on five continents. Innovative product developments provided ongoing development, the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock is the pulse of the time.

Club Enterprise

New Alliance for enterprise BPM open methodology framework provides a set of independent business process management experts called together an enterprise BPM Alliance in life. The Alliance for business process management (BPM) aims to provide practical experience in an open methodology for BPM. The basis for this is business process management framework (BPMF) as well as the book Enterprise BPM, which can focus users during BPM projects. In regular workshops for the further development of the BPMF focus topics members can share their experiences and provide for structured best practices of the community. The Club will reward the best BPMF projects an annual award. More information about the Alliance and to participate in alliance is available at. Bill O’Grady shines more light on the discussion. Basis of the BPMF is the book Enterprise BPM”, where already a lot of findings from BPM projects and cross-project, mostly enterprise-wide BPM initiatives, are summarized.

The BPM framework described in the book should be jointly developed in the Club and for the practice still better harnessed. We are convinced that business process management in all its aspects makes a very significant contribution to the success of the company. The forms range from strategic BPM initiatives in conjunction with enterprise architecture management (EAM) to the implementation of business process automation with process engines in a globally connected and mobile world of systems and things”, explains Dirk Slama, author of the methodology, and co-founder of the enterprise BPM Alliance. The values and objectives of the enterprise BPM Alliance a good BPM methodology ensures that BPM projects are structured and implemented efficiently. As well as the importance of BPM projects is increasing, the quality of the process methodology should grow and correspond to the current state of knowledge. The enterprise BPM Alliance has is the set goal, to capture this experience with their methodology, and users of targeted implementation of their BPM projects to support.

W & H Dentalwerk Opts For DTC Dieseltankcleaning OG For Cleaning The Units!

The efficient solution! Lose no more diesel! The W & H group, a family-owned company headquartered in Burmoos, Austria, is worldwide one of the leading manufacturers of dental Ubertragungsinstrumente & equipment. The company founded in 1890 by the watchmakers of Weber and hampel went about 1958 owned by the family Malata. Innovative product and service solutions, a strong focus on research & Development, vision and social responsibility make W & H a successful local and global player. The current product range includes instruments fur the application areas of restoration and prosthetics (for caries treatment or to the Kavitaten – and Kronenpraparation), Endodontics (instruments for mechanical root canal treatment), fur fur implantology (surgical and Winkelstucke to the placing of implants and the associated drive unit) and prevention (air scaler and piezo scaler for the mechanical removal of tartar and cleaning of Zahnzwischenraume and Peridontal pockets), as well as instruments the hygiene and healthcare (rate care and sterilization) and fur fur dental laboratories (When and engines for dental prostheses materials processing). With over 980 employees worldwide, W & H exports its products to over 90 countries. The family-owned company operates two production sites in Burmoos (Austria), one in Brusaporto (Italy) and 15 subsidiary in Europe and Asia. Due to some failure of the main generator on the site Burmoss, W & H faced a huge problem. The fuel capacity of the unit is very difficult to clean because it is very shallow and long at the bottom of the unit fitted due to the design by conventional means.

W & H had tests with the maintenance company carried out which resulted in tremendous pollution of the tanks. Before we, the DTC dieseltankcleaning OG, the efficient and proper cleaning solution presented, only the expansion of tank to the discussion was. Had you made this decision, high costs of for W & H were created and the complete Tankfullung full of bio-diesel has been lost. Mr Alexander Cadoret (maintenance building by W & H Burmoos) was from the outset by the efficient and environmentally-friendly Technology as well as the need to professionally clean diesel tanks, the DTC dieseltankcleaning machinery firm! The tanks were cleaned with a machine of type DTC-101 with 7, 5 m 3/h the circulation procedure. Were there all suspended solids and particles up to 30? removed from the tank. Increase reliability and performance of the engine and the generator are equally profitable aspects as also the high durability of filters, less shipping schleis injectors and pumps, and smoke reduction and better fuel consumption.

Russian Federation

Due to the great need of modernization of the country imports evolved parallel stronger from $ 60.410 billion in 2007 to $ 83.81 billion in 2008. The total volume of trade is the world in the upper pane. The current gross domestic product is US$ 180 billion and the annual growth rate to the stitch year 2009 at 2.1 percentage points. However, the growth rate for 2004 to 2007 were far better, so these were 2004 even over ten percent,”Evgeni Malakhov explained. “He sums up in this context: the economic potential of Ukraine is enormous.” Not only the population is well educated, significant resources, but also its strategic location as a hinge between Russia, Europe, and Asia valuable. The Knower of matter is also refers to current efforts of Ukraine to tap into future markets such as rapeseed cultivation and the production of biodiesel or to make the houses more energy efficient. I’m sure “, says Evgeni Malakhov, that the Ukraine will return to the path of growth again in 2010.” According to the volume of trade opportunities now for German companies to increase their exports through the now almost 12%. We help the German company of Easygost like”the expert explains, because we know very well the regulatory rules of the Ukraine for the import of foreign products.” This same principle the provisions of the Russian Federation, may differ in the details, however.

The counterpart to the GOST-R is the UkrSEPRO. Also can product registrations and certificates such as the UkrSEPRO certificate, Gosgorpromnadzor certification (operation license), negative certification, hygiene certificate, fire protection certificate be required. Unlike the Russian Federation is the modus operandi of the accredited examination institutes. Mostly performed the necessary investigations on the spot in the company. Most experts in the operation must come. Applying for requires so in-depth management knowledge concerning the national decrees and legislation. Due to our many years of experience, our skills and our network of partners, we have all necessary knowledge to guide the company in the Ukraine”, as Evgeni Malakhov by Easygost. For Evgeni Malakhov by the consulting firm Easygost, this negative assessment of Ukraine is a sweeping statement which hides the economic capabilities of the country.

Business Informatics

The labour market is again on the move: increase the number of employees of German companies. The labour market is again on the move: increase the number of employees of German companies and employees to look increasingly for other places. Therefore, the farms looking are for new methods for recruiting and employer branding to differentiate themselves from their competition. Was for talent goes into the next round, as the measurement of PERSONAL2011 prove North and South in Hamburg and Munich. But many companies are still catching up, when it comes to new ways of recruiting using social media.

Only a few companies use social media to find new employees. Companies thus complement at most traditional instruments such as print and online job ads and listings on your website. This result of a survey by and the eco Association of the German Internet industry in October 2010 at the fair future staff confirmed the new monster study of recruiting trends 2011 “. Only 12.7 percent of large companies turn therefore regularly Jobs across the business network XING. Twitter (7.5 per cent), Facebook (6.8%) and LinkedIn (6 per cent) use the recruiter in this context even rarer. Other uses of social media play a role only in a fraction of the companies: HR could thus increasingly advertise image and actively seeking suitable candidates to contact them directly. Only little more than one-fifth of the recruiter researched in social media applications for additional information about applicants.

Socia media in recruiting so far being a minority phenomenon, shows Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel, Professor for Business Informatics and information systems in service areas at the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg and Director of studies of the recruiting trends 2011 “, on the PERSONAL2011 in North and South based on concrete results. In addition to the use of social media in recruiting it enters this total to, what role play on – and offline channels in the recruitment, which the best Cost / benefit ratio and which get the most coveted candidates.