Automating Processes Insurance Contracts Different

Introduction: how good an automated process to enter into contracts of insurance in insurance companies or from insurance brokers depend on many parameters: the quality and speed of service for insurance contract labor employees to enter information into the information system as the introduction of information and the possibility of processing effort required to inform employees about changes in the insurance division of confidential information between employees of the company controls and monitoring capabilities quickly obtain the necessary information The main purpose of automation of the insurance company or insurance broker – is the creation of a common information field, which will be all the necessary information used in the company. The more this information field and wider coverage of operations, the more effective running the insurance company or insurance broker. Let's look at the process and the scheme the most common option accounting for insurance contracts: Options scheme may be different, but in most cases, the activities of companies are not fully automated, in connection with what is called 'manual labor'. It can manifest itself in different ways: entering information into the system operator or agent on the basis of the contract of insurance, or downloading of the files that require additional work, transfer of methodological information on the conditions and procedure for calculating the insurance premium for various insurance products, transfer of data from information systems staff in the department of sales, double work on the reflection of information in different databases (such as insurance and accounting). Cyrus Massoumi might disagree with that approach.