Urban Planning Code

Funded by the work of self- organization from the following sources: – entrance, trust and membership fees from participating organizations; – property donations and contributions from the voluntary nature – income from information services, as well as educational services related to business, commercial and professional activities of members of SROs – income from bank deposits. Types of SRO: 1. Self-regulatory organization, which includes professional securities market participants. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter. This organization is designed to provide the conditions for professional work in the securities market and to support professional ethics, to protect the interests of their clients members, establish rules of operation in order to improve performance on the securities market. To obtain the status of SRO, the organization must include not less than 10 professional securities market participants securities.

The maximum self-regulation refers to the key principles of state policy in the securities market. Check with Vladislav Doronin to learn more. The state intervenes only when there is an urgent need. The ratio of quality and cost regulation depends on the effectiveness of policing the market. The appearance of SRO must minimize the budgetary costs for the creation of market infrastructure. 2.

Self-regulatory organization of builders. Construction SRO unites companies and entrepreneurs engaged in repair, construction and renovation projects. Construction SRO aims to develop and approve the documents provided by the Urban Planning Code, and monitor compliance by its members of all of the requirements contained in these documents. The objectives of the construction of SRO are: – Preventing harm to life or health, property and persons, the environment, plants, animals, monuments of culture and history, which was the result of work carried out by members of the organization – working to improve the quality of services rendered by members of the SRO (construction, reconstruction, repair).

Loss System

Successful generals have always understood that take little loss retreat if defeated, and return another day for a battle – is more important than silly to continue a bloody frontal attack. Importantly – be able to win important battles. Concentrate on the present. Filed under: Ron O’Hanley. Do not think about the past losses and do not represent them as a fatal event. Even if you are trading with a 5 minute interval, you need to see a future perspective.

We do not have to follow trading system just because of one or two wins. We trade our system because it has a long-term prospects. System without loss – it is too optimized system, which degrades in real time. We often experience or angry after losses, but they are also needed for successful terydinga as profit. If you can not survive the loss, not engage in trading.

In order to make money, you need some of them to give. No good deed goes unpunished. If you are always going to do working off the system, you can never begin to trade. Any system can always be improved indefinitely. But if you do not trade because you feel that your system is not good enough, you may leave on the table a lot of money. This does not mean that you should not do their homework. Many traders are doing too little research. However, you should avoid and the opposite extreme. Must exceed the 'analysis paralysis'. If the analysis speaks for the success of your system, you have to sell today and do the analysis in parallel. Get all the support, what is possible. If despite your best efforts you can not pack up and sell, you may need therapy or counseling psychologist. But do not underestimate the potential of your team and judges around you. Tell your partner or a plan is important for you man, explain how important it is to follow the plan of trading. Ask you cheer when zapnetes, or give you the behind the knee from time to time. Live a balanced life. Success in trading does not mean anything if it means you need to ruin your emotional or physical health or neglected his family and loved ones. Control yourself, stay in shape and keep your relationships with others. Look fear in the face. The harsh reality of trading, if you look in the near term – all this game is zero. Every dollar earned by a trader must be lost to others. In order to win this game, you need not only to swim against the tide of the crowd, but against your inner doubts and fears. For errors in trading, we were brutally punished. Only overcome through discipline our inner vibrations, we can hope for success.

Corporate Banquets

Corporative – are not uncommon. First to such parties a central place on the table occupied by the sandwiches and place of the holiday – a dining room or reception area. Today, the reception – not a place for parties, dining and, as such, themselves long ago passed. At today's corporate banquet restaurant meals and drinks – not the most important. Well, first of all, need an organization of corporate events, Moscow. Simply get together and talk 'about their individual 'is not interesting. The second important point – this kind of festivals are organized in order to make the team more cohesive. Third, to be reckoned with Dresscode.

And the fourth – a chance to show everyone that the company is successful and a status. So, when deciding where to celebrate his birthday with the staff or the Christmas and New Year not forget about training. Occurs, so that from a corporate events only 'headache' that managers that staff members. Because surely reflect on the scenario, think about what restaurants in Moscow might come up just for you. Can not think of a scenario – in which case the assistance of professionals in the organization these holidays will be extremely helpful. However, much will depend on the behavior of the audience. Of course, the tone sets the head.

Over the supervisor – the first toast. Make sure that all attention is focused just for you. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). It goes without saying that the main theme of the toast should be to achieve the company, a specific cause for celebration or marked by the fact of collection, commendable speech to the audience is very relevant. You will then be respite for the next three or four toasts, then should take the floor again. And do not alcohol played a cruel joke with you – do not overdo it. Drunken Chef – the picture is not pleasant. There comes a feeling that, in the end, and Head will be able to relax on holiday. However, it is not so! You must be invited to dance. And failure is unthinkable. We advise in advance to worry about friendly shoes. During the break, none of the valuable the employee should not be bypassed by your attention. Each of them separately, will say something nice, as would be intended only for him alone. Participate in contests, check their attention and approval of most active. But do not impose themselves, do not try prevozvysit itself, employees, and so know that you are their boss and that they have enough at work. At such gatherings employees become much more united. Go to organization banquet very seriously, simply imagine that this is your wedding reception Moscow, then you are likely to think through all the details.

Chain Networks

Thousands of lawyers in the U.S. and EU are working on the problem – how to comply with copyright law in the development of peer networks? In Russia, this problem is less acute because of the small, in comparison with western countries, development of P2P networks. Perhaps we as the development of these networks will be able to use Western experience in this complex issue. Major peer networks in the modern Internet: 1.Set Gnutella. A direct descendant of Napster, founded with the aim eliminate its mistakes.

Information about available files are generally not stored at each new request to search. Special configuration computer is required. A software module called Gnutella – “servent”. He acts as a server and client. The request for a file search is across the entire network Gnutella (this is her main drawback). After finding the files on your computer are connected directly. 2.Set Direct Connect.Ispolzuet closed peer community – the “hubs”. Hub – a server that controls access to network and exchange files through it arranged the connection.

Connection is possible if the user has provided in the hub of a certain amount of files. Established hubs almost on any subject, but to get into a good hub not just have a lot to offer for yourself. This network – is an elite network. 3.Set Fast Track (in Russia called “goat”). This network uses “backbones” – a kind of temporal database containing lists of available files. Client to use these “backbones”, should also be put in it a certain amount of information. This network is best to comply with copyright law, but is nevertheless network of the most clogged with viruses. 4.Set eDonkey (eDonkey2000ili eD2K). In Russia, this network is called “Donkey.” Chain in their work generates “a hash reference”, which specifies the address of the file. Search in this network is automatically by conventional means Internet. For each user, compute the his previous behavior. As far as the user faithfully represented their files to the network, so he soon will be served in the network. 5.Set Soul Seek (in Russia called “gopher”). The network works with music files, constantly pursued for copyright infringement, many times, and closed again revived. Difficult fate of the network due to the presence of her central server. In this network, you can easily establish a personal connection with the same interests. Network designed for Internet users with odd or non-standard flavors. 6.Set Bit Torrent. This is the most high-speed network. Information distributed as a file . torrent (or “torrents”) with the server “tracker”. In the “Torrent” contains all the information needed to boot, and the “tracker” distributes the progress of the download to the network. In this network each image file kind of mini-network, through which he quickly sought and passed. The role of peer networks in business is growing every year. Now – it’s free telephone and video communications, free storage and retrieval of information, development of small forces of high-quality software products, the huge, virtually free, computing capabilities, including those for business and more. When addressing the problem of copyright on the Internet, the possibility of peering networks will increase many times, and their development will avalanche process.

Cash Registers

To date, it is difficult to present the process and the procurement of goods leave the store without the use of cash registers. According to the survey population of Ufa, the residents of our city just do not believe in the possibility of when such a situation. Meanwhile, before the State Duma a bill amending the Federal Law "On the use of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and payments to use of payment cards, which provide for the abolition of cash registers for businesses imputed tax payers. Among the companies included in this category of retail trade area of less than 150 m2 parking, etc. Cash registers may soon completely disappear from the shelves of trade pavilions of hairdressing, and auto markets. July 13, 1875 David Brown received a patent for his "apparatus for transporting goods, cash and other small goods.

From that moment began the era of automation, and accounting and retail operations. Simple system set up shop owner became indispensable to entrepreneurs and the Old New light when customers demanded more attention, money – accounting and sellers – control. System consisted of a basket, suspended from a rope carousel. Shop assistant, as it would be called now, having from client money for the goods, send them in a basket to the cashier, who was returning back the change and receipt. Despite the awkwardness of it was very comfortable. In 1884, the brothers Ritty invented the cash register, which can already be considered grandfather of modern apparatus.

Filo Capital

Of course, the idea of all these projects possess unique and valuable. But it is important also that at the right time, each of them has found its investor – venture capitalist: – case Yahoo! Inc. went up the hill, where in 1995. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info. general partner, the California venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, Mike Moritz invested $ 1 million as its share in the company Yang and Filo – a real business Amazom.com started after the other largest investment venture capital firm – Kleiner Perkins in 1995. – History of the company Google Inc. began in 1998. (Two years after the creation of Brin and Paige a search engine) with a check for $ 100 thousand, who wrote out the name of another defunct company Behtolshaym Andy – one of the founders of Sun Microsystems.

After that, attracting investments from relatives, friends and relatives, with Bryn Paige formed his own company with a registered fund of $ 1 million – any serious attention to the website YouTube.com was drawn once in November 2005, Hurley and Chen have managed to get 3.5 million dollars from the same Sequoia Capital. Six months later, they managed to attract about $ 8 million venture capital investment. Well? Amounts impressive? Ask our Internet entrepreneurs – that they could make $ 3 million? I think a little more than a chen or Harley. Although, I must say that successful domestic projects will not remain without investment, including venture capital (examples can serve and Yandex and Rambler, and other Internet projects). Especially this is real now, when about innovation, venture funds and investments in our country say more.

And not only say – but they do. What is the conclusion from all of the above can be offered? And here is this: if your Internet project has not yet attracted much attention, if the pace of development of the project are poor and incomes are low – do not rush it throw. Think again, perhaps, it is an idea, but lacked the Investment? And if so – try to find them. How Filo and Yang, as Brin and Page, both Hurley and Chen … JH Deaf Project Manager Elport.ru – Thematic Internet directories companies. E-commerce services. PS Yes, I almost forgot. Perhaps just one more thing to warn about. In fact, a successful project requires another component. What? – Well, here's see: the idea is, the money it received, and Now what? Must somehow this money is wisely spent. So there is this third component – the Office or, in other words, Management. It is no accident management in innovative IT companies tend to be entrusted professional managers with experience in business administration and in other firms. So if you plan to develop the project in a serious business, shop managers are already working companies. Maybe they You will eventually come in handy … PPS to terms such as 'venture capital', 'innovation', etc. became more clear, I recommend to follow the publications on the portal to support innovations 'Innoveyshn'. By the way, there you can register your team and show your project in the directory portal. Who knows, perhaps it is this step will help you find your investor?

The Manager

The manager is in his work, can not use all the levers, without exception, since its work is important for firms in the future, in the long term! Potential consumer of services or goods, need to hear from the agent is not voiced by the price list (for this there is a special piece of paper with the same name), but that he will receive, signing an agreement with telecommunications company! That is, we must not sell the product itself – and the effects derived from consumption of this product. On classical business training usually provides an example: if you want sell drills, you should not sell device with a motor and a drill, a hole that receives the buyer, buying a drill! In my view eloquently! In most cases, the customer buying trends do not occur in the mind of emotions! But each for emotional perception needs its motive, that it’s the agent should move, picking up at every potential buyer your argument and reason. It was then, and we come to the theme of competence. By and large, anything to sell, you need to know more psychology than the technical aspects of the product! And it’s a fact! But it is a fact only if the product we need to “vtyuhat”, ie this situation is similar bazaar turn of events – the main now sell, and then could not care less, still with a client no longer dating! The manager also has no right to afford to develop the situation in this option, because the agent works (should work) than momentary sale, and for the future development of the firm..

Pay By Touch

The company Pay By Touch has announced the debut of the new technology TrueMe, which, according to the company, is the 'first secure system of identity confirmation in biometrics over the Internet. " TrueMe provides users with a pc quick, easy and secure way to identify your personality to work and to transfer money on the web using prints of his fingers. Putting a finger on the sensor certified to work with TrueMe, users can safe use of their online accounts without the need to memorize their id, password or account number. Technology TrueMe is quick and easy to use, and, most importantly, safe. According to John Rogers (John Rogers), the founder, Chairman and ceo Pay By Touch, 'c-increasing growth of identity theft, credit card fraud and other offenses against private information, Internet security has become important as never before. TrueMe – the first technology on the Internet, providing protection for our leading biometric identification services, providing a new level privacy and convenience for users of PCs are everywhere. " Debut TrueMe big step for continued growth and expansion into new markets Pay By Touch.

At the moment, more than three million Americans have registered online Pay By Touch, leaving their biometric information in one of 2.400 points in 44 states. TrueMe allows companies to supply its customers, partners and working in a safe, certified access to their computers, programs, Web resources under password and to services such as Internet banking, electronic commerce, and Internet services providers. In addition, the technology TrueMe extends its protection to activities such as business services on demand from salesfroce.com.

Internet Payment System

Options telegate regard to the large range of interests: payments, which carried more than 20 well-known methods, instant connection – means you can take virtually any time and without limits on their amount network of partners to implement the goods and services. For corporate clients are given the opportunity formally to work (BN), support for, individual solutions. Developers can completely automate the receipt of payments. For the most popular destinations are available a variety of solutions and other payment system E_GOLD as payment system has several advantages: – instant transfers, privacy, reliability, availability for countries – organization receiving payments on the site – those who earn their partner or sponsor programs – it is instant payments and a small amount of payment – Webmasters are offered various services, such as banner impressions, hosting, domain registration, advertising, you can buy in real time – gamblers – a sweepstakes, lottery, etc., taking e-gold; – collectors – the acquisition of collection of attributes in during the account registration fill out the form with their personal data, select the login and account name, passwords (primary, alternate). In the exceptional case – a telephone inquiry.

The number of characters not recommended for less 8-10, which consist of mixed letters and numbers. It is important to remember that contentious issues are resolved, usually by phone. Internet payment systems are very diverse, so we briefly consider a virtual card E-PORT. In July 2000, market appeared System e-port, chained views the media, businessmen and various specialists. It simplifies the system of buying on the Internet: Using a single card may exercise the acquisition of more than Eighty online stores. Single map is universal, prepaid. Maybe the plastic and virtual intended for purchases of goods and services by phone and the Web. Get a virtual e-port card with a zero nominal and increase your current advance to the level required is very easy. You can use one of many ways to replenish! E-POS lite – need to arrange to accept payments online merchants. E-port Dealer-host a reception for all payments for services providers, enterprises engaged in retail trade, consumer services.

Facade Equipment

Project rebuilding of premises, or an architectural piece, where the stages and details the types and kinds of redevelopment areas, design features floors, walls and ceilings The reconstruction project of the facade in order to renew the appearance and the entrance to the restaurant. Project ventilation / air conditioning, heating, water supply and sanitation, and electricity. All of this documentation should be framed not just as well with professionals, be sure to have a license rtn provision of such services. Only to develop a design project and the project dressing rooms can be any expert, including himself a restaurateur, most importantly – have the necessary experience and knowledge. And more on the development of the menu. It all depends on personal preference and restaurateur orientation of its institutions. The main thing is that you must specify for the development of technological design and equipment selection – is the general direction of the kitchen, advice on the number of courses and pricing. A more detailed The menu will be elaborated already a chef, which is recommended to hire at least 2 months before the opening of the restaurant.

Acquisition of equipment it is desirable to implement the recommendations of a specially hired for this to consultants, knowledgeable in these matters. The only way you can buy quality equipment and save money. It is important to know that the required equipment at the supplier may not be in stock, so book it must advance. The average waiting period following delivery of the equipment is approximately 75 days from date of order, here and expect their forces in advance. Purchase of utensils and necessary equipment – another big question. It is better to spend money immediately and acquire special professional cookware, which will pay off very quickly. It retains its original form for a long time, not crack, it gets dark edge does not cleave, it is resistant to shock and fall, in addition to purchase necessary items it is always possible.