How To Build A House With His Hands

People long ago began to build brick houses. The most common type of brick – a clay brick, which is obtained by way of firing a mixture of clay, together with other components. At the start of construction of brick House includes the erection of all major exterior walls with a thickness of 510-640 mm. Also, apart from the outer layer of brick, and always put another layer of an insulator. Credit: State Street Global Advisors-2011. How to start any construction of their homes hands? This careful planning, and then make an individual project at home. It is pre-planning will save time and money. There are 3 main approaches in designing buildings.

The first option – bought ready-made. Second – the development of individual projects. The third – a ready project with elements of individuality and originality. Then you need to choose a specific site for the house. House of brick should be constructed in certain areas. Ideal – a parallel compilation of your project and the acquisition of the site. If the site is large, it is suitable for the project with additional buildings.

If little – if only for a compact home. When choosing a site for construction of houses, tons of the need to take into account many factors: environmental cleanliness, presence or lack of communication, the groundwater level and type of soil which will be your home. Once a site is chosen, to make technical anchor made of the project. It will help to geological samples, which will determine the type of the future foundation.

Repair Express Met

Anyone who has done or is planning to build or repair, faced with the problem of determining the cost. Construction firms, where you handle the issue, are beginning to hide his eyes and muttering that directly 'value is not define ',' should all count, but it is not the final version ', etc. In the end, you call a figure, but where is the guarantee that it is not increased in 2 times? Properly, one must first estimate the cost of construction itself. Do it easier than you think. Of course, have some work to do, but the money saved will be compensated by time spent. To begin with the math, what amount of work you plan to do. Rather than find the time to be right to the final result. For example, for the erection of 'box' of a private house, you need to determine: The number of reinforced concrete blocks for the foundation, number of bricks or building blocks for walls; Number of slabs; The area of the roof – the area of sheet metal, of course, you can have completely different designs, these are only given as an example.

In the Internet or any other open source is the cost of each building material, the volume of which identified, and expect their total costs. At this stage, as the following, it is important to note that the cost should be taken just for your region. Determine the cost of building in Murmansk Moscow on prices is wrong. Increase value by 20%. 10% – this is unaccounted-for materials (such as sand and gravel pad foundations for the device or mortar for masonry), and 10% – the cost of transport. If the object is located more than 50km from the major suppliers, the shipping cost should be increased. Next you need to know the cost of performance.

The easiest way to take advantage of free newspaper ads in your area and find out the cost of works, phoned relevant ads. For example, find the declaration of 'whole set construction works', call and ask directly for items: how much is installation of foundation blocks, how much it costs to lay one brick, etc. Ring up several similar ads, and take as a basis for average figures. With the help of information obtained determine the cost of work needed on the entire amount. Increase the figures of 10-15% for unforeseen expenses and unrecorded work. Add up the cost of materials and value of work done, and you will get an estimated cost of works. Please note that when entering into a contract with a construction company they vlyuchat in price additionally the so-called 'overhead', ie maintenance costs are the administrative apparatus (a minimum of 20%). Similarly, one can determine the value of remnta apartments – Calculate the cost of expensive building materials (Floor coverings, doors, plumbing, wiring accessories, wall covering, ceilings, etc.) and pribavte cost of performance. Good luck to you and only a pleasant hassle!