Happiness Is A State Of Mind

They have also come to the conclusion that money or material success are by no means a given factor. Apart from this, it has not drawn any conclusion. I think there is some truth in most of these articles, but today I will share what I’ve noticed about happy people I know, beyond all these considerations. Probably the most important thing I see is that Happy people do not identify with their life or situation. This is my personal definition of freedom.

Not affect their happiness to an external factor. They are happy even if at some point feel sad, disappointed or frustrated. They are basically not happy but not happy all the time. This makes me think that if one can be happy and feel a diverse range of emotions, many of them negative, while happiness is not an emotional response, but a state that is generated and developed at a deeper level. Is happiness a state of mind? Most people are trapped in the belief that there are certain requirements for us to be happy. His life is a constant search for the steps they consider necessary, such as finishing a race, find a mate, have a good job, having children, or improve their physical appearance, to give examples.

But the truth is that happy people are regardless of their status. They are the richest, healthy, handsome and triumphant from the social point of view, but are morally and spiritually advanced. This may be the reason that in similar circumstances, some are happy and others not.