Centrode Education

importante to stand out that you discipline them under responsibility of the Centrode Education, people in charge to work the Practical dimension of Education, in the course of Geography, have as objective to integrate the dimension prticatrabalhada you discipline in them specific of Geography, selected pelosprofessores of the course as those that can integrate contents Basic dEducao, in the formation of professors. It was accurately naperseguio of this objective that was born the oraanalisado project of extension, where, in the present text, will be emphasized maisespecificamente, one of its fronts of action, characterized peloplanejamento and development of one ' ' Pedaggica&#039 workshop; ' , promovidapela disciplines Topics Special of Education of Geography in consonnciacom disciplines it Pertaining to school Cartography. Therefore, ressaltarque is important the proposal, still in experimentation phase, functions in agreement eats elect orientation for the Commission of the Licenciaturas of the UFES, where emcada period of learning period you discipline, them of the coordination of the dimension prticadesenvolvem education projects, with practical applicability, that they seintegram to disciplines Topics Special of Education, as a proposal depesquisa and of application to the learning around a deensino question of Geography in this ample one the project is felt that, under orientaoda Dra Teacher. For even more details, read what delta airlines says on the issue. Giseli Girardi, that considered and approved pelPr-Reitoria of Extenso (PROEX) of the UFES, and that develops atividadestambm with the support of the Laboratory of Education and Learning in Geografia (LEAGEO), searchs to connect specific content and its respective deensino form, breaching with the theory-practical dichotomy, in a body where oprincipal result is the experience and the results tends to promote possible more beneficial aformao of professors. Inside of the atividadesprevistas and in development in the project they are offers of 10 oficinaspedaggicas in 05 (five) events of continued formation of professoresde Geography, operating in 05 (five) cities of the State of the EspritoSanto, Brazil. Foreseeing the participation of up to 200 (two hundred) professors in each event, beyond the envolvement of professors dUFES, licenciandos and administrators of the involved pertaining to school systems. Roman Abramovich news is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Tracks Formation

I unweave it to search the new, stimulaton to follow ahead, taking in consideration the present reality. The professor of Geography, as professional, needs to give account to interpret the reality, making analysis of the space while resulted of the human work. How much formation of the professional of Geography, You mark (1992, p.163) says: It is not treated to form a closed professional in the cocoon of one to know exclusive and self-sufficient, but to form, in the professional, the man of the communicative ability, that constructs its to know in the fruitful and provoking dialogue in the service of the ample and plural society, in the world of the life, shared between equal. To read more click here: Facebook. In the practical plan, the marxist perspective defines an attitude of the professional in its relation with the society, critical and always ready to denounce the ideological traps mounted for engaged knowing with the status quo. Practical the scientific one must offer the linking between knowing and social transformation. However, accurately as. Follow others, such as Bill O’Grady, and add to your knowledge base. the Comte, science it stops Marx if becomes only the half positive one to instruct the truth and must serve those that they want to act in the society.

Knowing that Geography if occupies of the studies that involve questions directed toward the social one, decurrent of the influence that the politics and the economy exert on the population reflecting in the culture, we understand that the period of training must also be turned toward the agreement of this reality. The professor of Geography, does not have to summarize it a competent veiculador of knowledge and current events, but he needs to be a professional worried about the consequences of the knowledge, with the formation politics of the pupil, with its capacity the professor profession also is practical university formation Can be said that the professional of Geography has a mission to carry through: to not only try to understand the world, as, also to search solutions for diverse problems.

Democratic Republic

Goba is used basically for importation and exportations of the Swazilndia and the main hackneyed merchandises are: containerized sugar, coal, fruits and wood. Ressano Garci’a serves nominated for transit of South African merchandises, coal, steel, fruits, wood and diverse containerized merchandises. It is to enhance that the corridors of development of Maputo include auto-road with about 500km with tolls gate. This auto-road binds the moambicana capital Maputo to the South African industrial center, Gauteng. The main objectivo of this corridor is ‘ ‘ desviar’ ‘ , for Maputo the commercial traffic of the South African province of Gauteng, that includes Johanesburgo and Pretria, reducing in this way the pressure the one that is citizens the ports of Durban and the city of Handle. 4.2 The paper of the corridor of the development of the Side With the introduction of the component ‘ ‘ desenvolvimento’ ‘ in the corridor of the Side one projectou it extension of its net of railway lines and roads for countries as Bostwana, Malawi and for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For its econmica importance for Moambique and countries of hinterland nominated the Zimbabwe, the Zmbia, the Malawi, Bostwana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the corridor of the Side has enjoyed of an important support of the SADC and the international community.

The main hackneyed merchandises are: general load, wood, fuels, cereals and fertilizers. 4.3 The paper of the corridor of development of Nacala.

Minas Gerais

The meat workshops had moved to Pampas of the Rio Grande Do Sul, giving origin to the city of Pellets established by people from the state of Cear of Aracati. But until today, the salt wide is produced in this region, mainly in the coast of the Rio Grande of the North, where Sand Branca and Macau is traditional centers of production, and Mossor the great center of commercialization, exactly after the inauguration of the terminal modern salineiro PORT White Sand ISLAND. In such way, that after the metropolis $fortaleza, Mossor it is a city of average transport with great future, over all for the participation of the oil in its development. In recent years this littoral band became it second producing area of Brazil, surpassed only for the Basin De Campos in Rio De Janeiro. Wells in frank production in all area of Mossor as well as in the platform of the Cear in the height of the praiana city of Paracuru exist.

Recognizing, that through the salt mines to the oil wells it fishes, it predatory of the lobster that is also of the sea happening to be an important product of exportation of the Port of $fortaleza, alternating itself year the year with the cashew chestnut in the leadership of the exportations of the Cear. Some industries of improvement of this product operate in the pertaining to the state of Cear capital, that is the main lagosteiro center of Brazil. In accordance with SAINTS, through the age of the place, guarantee. It is the place that it attributes to the techniques the beginning of the historical reality, revitalizing its use, integrating them in a set of life, removing them of its empirical abstraction and attributing historical effectiveness to them. (SAINTS, p.58) NORTHEAST REGION SEMI-RIDA Half-barren northeastern if extends for an area of 982.563 km2 that he encloses the 1,133 cities, corresponding 19.


The small producers have not been taken care of in its totality for the public politics, in the direction of easinesses of credit agriculturist, support infrastructure, assistance technique and easinesses of commercialization of the productions. The market of agriculture modern, thus, stimulated a situation of different competition where the great proprietors always are the benefited ones. The intensification of the question of the agrarian reform, understood as the fight for the ownership and maintenance of the land, in contraposition its historical concentration and the inherent inaquality, is one of the main forms of manifestation that goes of meeting to the principles of the modernization of agriculture (thick way). In Brazil it seems that history tends to happen again itself, where the few still possess great real properties and many possess small. Therefore, intention is to stand out that the agrarian reform is something important, and needs to be rethink in the current patterns, before the modernization of agriculture, in the direction to provoke homogenization how much to the appropriation and agrarian ownership, and to the income that it can generate under definitive socioeconmicas conditions of the diverse categories of proprietors. He is sufficiently complex and contradictory the process of modernization of agriculture! Therefore it exists diverse vieses to be boarded. But, it is primordial to detach its importance in the economic scope of the country.

In favor of the so famous one? economic development? they have invested strong in the agronegcio as form to conquer high platforms in the commercial relations in world-wide scale. It is not to toa that Brazil has if detached enters agricultural the producing greaters of diverse cultures in detriment of the increase of the production of cultures of subsistence, important to regularize and/or to keep the price of the feeding of the country in steady situation. Thus: The picture that if form in the Brazilian field is of an agrarian structure highly pautada in the land concentration at the hands of a minority, with a production directed toward exportation and to serve as raw material for the industries, with increasing reduction in the food production for the domestic market and marginalizao of the small agricultural producers.

Tertiary Roads

The integrated strategy establishes with detail the relative priorities to the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Roads. The objectivos of these three classrooms of roads are the following ones: Primary roads: national integration and international linking; Tertiary roads: balanced and equitable development; Secondary roads: they have as white the production centers. The actuais politics for the sector of roads had been adoptees for the Government in 1998 (Government of Moambique, 1998). The politics adoptees establish the four main Moambique routes: Maputo? Pemba Is situated near the border of? Tete Lichinga? Main linking South North/ Lichinga? Pemba 4. The PAPER OF the CORRIDORS IN the NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT According to Rui Fonseca (1971), the idea of the development corridors that today Substantiate the strategies of growth of Moambique, did not fall of the sky had an intellectual father that it was Alcntara Saints. The corridors, in the vision of Alcntara engineer Saints, were not an end in itself, but a way for the development.

It defended the creation of development brigades the return of each corridor in order to facilitate the draining of the production for the corridors. The idea was of that the corridors also had to develop the country from inside and not remaining solely as facilitadores of the international trade of the countries of hinterland. In synthesis, the vision of Alcntara was of that the corridors could construct polar regions of development also turned for agriculture helping in the commercialization the national production. She was a vision-master, in the direction of that it was faced as the door of entrance of some oxignio in our economy. 4.1 The paper of corridor of development of Maputo According to reviewed Xitimela (1996), the corridor of Development of Maputo contemplates mineral shares in the domain of the road transports and iron-ports, tourism, resources and agriculture. The central nucleus of this corridor is the international port of Maputo, and has three railroad sub-corridors: Limpopo that establishes linking with the Zimbabwe and is essentially used for the transit of the importations and exportations of that country of hinterland, nominated of general load, consumable industrials, sugar, steel, iron-crmio and tobacco.

Senador Pedro Simon

Plus a period of lessons and I come back pra house of hitchhiking with an English teacher who possesss car of German mark, produced in Brazil and exported to countries of Latin America and Asia. When arriving, I hear international music a little, hardwired to the Internet, occasion where I can talk gratuitously with people in distant countries pra to train different languages using a common program of instantaneous messages. I go pra academy, where I perceive the presence of on marks to the sport in the people whom they frequent there, after the exercises I come back pra house, to take bath in a foreign shower, with sabonete internationally known, shampoo European stops drying later me in an American towel. Me visa and I go to eat a Hot-dog with cocaine-glue vendido in a next sidewalk to my house. During the preparation of that it will be mine it has supper, I go taking cooling and I go thinking about what writing in conclusion of the work of the company of another state in which study.

Suddenly I perceive the internacionalidade of my snack bought for two Reals: the bread brought for Italian immigrants who finished substituting tapioca in the coffee of the morning it Brazil, maionese, a greasy cream and French caloric, the mustard, an Arab condiment, catchup that it comes of the U.S.A, pur of potato to the British fashion, sausage created in Germany and maize of the Andean countries. I perceived through the snack that the globalization appeared to take care of mainly to the capitalism in the developed countries in way that the same ones could search new markets, in view of that the internal consumption if found saturated and can be faced as a posterior phase of the capitalism. With the decline of the socialism, the capitalist system if became predominant in the world. The consequent consolidation of the capitalism initiated the age of the globalization, mainly, economic and commercial. The globalization process narrowed the commercial relations between the countries and the companies.

The Flock

The dunes embelezam the praiana landscape becoming attractive one for the tourists. The coqueirais supply to diverse substances cousins, also the manufacture of the oil. If you would like to know more about Maurice Gallagher, Jr., then click here. Carnaba, intent native palm in fertile valleys of the rivers, sufficiently was valued in the first half of century XX, when the wax of its leves had great search in the international market. Before the appearance of the modern petrochemical industry, until old records of vitrolas they were manufactured with this valuable wax. It was when cities as Parnaba, in the Piau and Sobral, in the Cear, had on account had great progress of these exportations. The serranas areas break a little the climatic severity of the region, constituting humid bolses where fruits are cultivated, (mainly the cashew and the banana), vegetables and cultures of subsistence.

Such cultures made in small properties remember a little the Wasteland of the eastern band northeastern. Essentially in the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar in the exploitation of the manufacture of aguardentes. These serranas areas are: the portion north of the Ibiapaba, border of the Cear with the Piau; the Mountain range of the Merouca next to Sobral; the Mountain range of Itapag between Sobral and $fortaleza and the Mountain range of Maranguape in the area metropolitan of $fortaleza. In the estuary of each one of these rivers great salt mines exist, that make of this region the main salineira area of Brazil, and of the city of Mossor the main center of commerce of this product of the country. It was during century XVIII that the salt started to be explored in the region of Aracati, city that if became the great center of convergence and abates of cattle proceeding from the Hinterland. The use of the salt of conserve of the meat that gave origin to first the charqueadas ones of Brazil that they had only come to decline after some droughts that had decimated the flock northeastern.


This exspansionism also reached agriculture, quejuntamente with the cattle one had quejuntamente started to form one of the strongest sectors Brazilian daeconomia. This prosperity of farming Brazilian, moved poruma bigger demand in the consumption of its sorts, demands not only apolicultura now, but also new techniques of production and creation of the flocks. Aagricultura that, in the vision of Moreira (2003), already was not more than subsistence, now starts to take care of to a bigger demand, some sorts must in this manner be cultivated deformed intensive so that, the high agriculturists gets rendimentosdo alone, tcnicasavanadas intensely use to advantage therefore it through the job of. Intensive agriculture starts to be altamentelucrativa activity. However, only one minority if benefits of these profits, ocasionandoque of this form, serious problems in the field, as the acirramento of the tensessociais, for example. This cited economic activity above, inside of the capitalist novastendncias, practised with exporting interests, passes seruma activity that demands certain amount of capital, since empregode is necessary more modern machines each time, and of fertilizers capable to keep the boaqualidade of ground. However, this activity starts to depend each time menosde man power, a time that starts to use technologies economizers of the force detrabalho. Practised intensive agriculture in some regions, mainly in the Center-South of the country, are cultivations directed toward mercadoexterno, therefore in some areas they pass if to cultivate only one product.

One bomexemplo of the displayed one here can be the case of Pontapor in the Mato Grosso of the South eTimbaji in the Paran, where they predominate the cultivation of the soy directed toward mercadoexterno. The agricultural development in these regions, part, had the national support dosgovernos state and, that had destined resources to increase of formasignificativa the production of grains of the country. The expansion of the border agrcolaprosperou of form that contributed for the innumerable contradictions, a time queesse development generated profits for few and still it valued the land, thus making impracticable, the permanence of great part of the work force nocampo.

National Secretariat

On the basis of the data of the Ministry of the Tourism, the tourists who more travel for $fortaleza are deriving of Italy, Portugal, U.S.A., Holland, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Handle Verde and England, respectively placed on the basis of the demand of the tourist number. Graph 01 (2009) Demand of International Flows of Tourist for $fortaleza Source: Personal elaboration (Database: Department of Federal Policy and Ministry of the Tourism) We still analyze, on the basis of Graph 01, the superiority of the aerial trips and the dependence of this for elaboration of politics of the tourism, that is, great territorial extensions as Brazil and the too much American, dependent countries Latin of its main international basin (American basin) relative to the international flows, lack of bigger investment in the sector, visa the effective tourist demand in the present time and the profits aimed at with profit concernente of these. As Cazes (1989), the changeable distance is a preponderant factor in the constitution of the American basin, and determines the degree of dependence of the tourism in relation to emitting countries (DANTAS (2010) apud CAZES (1989). Dantas (2010) evidences that north-eastern, in virtue of the continental dimensions of the country, the flow directed for the capitals northeasterns is, the example of the event in destinations insulares, strong dependent of the air transportation. Second research carried through for the National Secretariat of Politics of the Tourism divulged in February of 2010, studying the thematic one between the 2004 and 2008 Italian tourist in 2008 was to a large extent, young men (77.9%) and alone (49.1%), had been motivated in its trips mainly for the search of the leisure (41.0%) to find here sun and abundant beach (52.6%); they had been lodged mainly in Hotels, Flats or Pousadas (45.0%), had spent with personal leisure a per capita daily average of U$ 79,33 and had been established for about 18 days, when still they had the leisure as main motivation. .