Refilling Cartridges

In place of a well-proven line of printers printers P1005/1006/1505 HP1010/1018/1020 came with a modified cartridge. Changes have affected the size of the cartridge, the amount of toner is poured into it, have been reduced diameter of the wheel carriers and Magnetic shaft, as well as the capacity for improvement was less than a dozen times. Contact the magnetic shaft was now not be a metal springs, and conductive plastic axle. But the most important change has composition of the toner. Manufacturer began to use chemical toner, which does not correspond to any previously applicable to the transport coefficients or on the melting temperature of the oven printer. For this reason, when filling new Toner cartridges for previous models of cartridges turned out very pale image.

The problem associated with a low coefficient of transfer of toner to the paper for the previous models, expressed in the form of longitudinal black bands on the paper. The reason for this lies in the overflow tank return line toner because, as we have already mentioned, low coefficient of transfer of toner and hit a large part of the bunker return line, and given its small size occurred already at 60-70% of the resources of one cartridge refilling. I must say that the producers toners quickly respond to market changes and released a toner that matches the technical requirements of new cartridges. Chips on new cartridges do not have any problem for the owners, but simply inform the end of the cartridge, for which we are grateful to the producer. In general, hp ink cartridges are among the most suitable for filling and recovery. Currently there are compatible drum units, charging rollers and magnetic walls for the series. This means that the new printers will please their owners' low maintenance performance and durability.

DeskJet Cartridges

In this article, would be affected by such a serious thing, like refueling jet printers. Frankly, I do enjoy the printer is not the first year and the problem of fueling concerns me too directly. It is no secret that the absolute Most home printers today relates to ink jet printers. And no wonder: the cheapest struynik is a factor of 3 less than the cheapest laser printer. True, there is one 'but'. The cost of jet print much more. And the ink cartridges run out very quickly – do not have time to look back.

And here they are Well, no money is impossible to satiate. What to do? Is still have to buy a laser printer? In fact, not all bad: there is an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the printer. To do this, you just have to learn how to refill cartridges. Here's an example. The cost of original cartridges for my hp DeskJet 640 printer is about $ 30 (cost of printing, a total of 4 cents per page), the cost of compatible cartridges third company a little more than $ 20 (3 cents per page). Expensive, is not it? But if most refill ink cartridge, the cost per page can be as low as 0.1 (!) cents.

Certainly, the risk is: Can not refill each time. But 'nothing ventured, nothing gained. " However, if you still decide to refill your cartridge, you should know that the print quality will almost certainly be worse than in the case of 'brand'.