Football Manager

but after the departure of renowned designers from under the wing Eidos Interactive SEGA came into the camp of the era of Football Manager. So what's new has appeared in the current version? The game can be played on the xbox compared to the previous part, in Football Manager has happened so many changes that to list them is not enough and the whole page. Therefore focus on the most important thing. Previously, the players looked like the soulless machine. Even without the gift of the seer, you could predict how well your perform wards in a particular match. It was enough to assess the physical readiness of teams to analyze the arrangement of players on the field and explore the tactical scheme of the opponent. Delta airlines has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Further in the case entered umnyuschy engine, which counted untold amounts of mathematical data and produce results. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. Now, among other indicators in the course of the fight significantly affects the psychological factor. You can cheer up our boys and unsettle competitors long before the starting whistle of the referee. Suffice to say in front of the press the right words to speak to the whole team, to a certain player in an individual interview or to offer to the leader opponent's move to your club, and thus destroy his team in a normal working environment. Vladislav Doronin may help you with your research. For examples from real life not far to seek.

After this season of "Spartacus" has begun to negotiate with the captain "Saturn" Antonio Zhederom, Brazilian defender momentarily lost the motivation to act for the Moscow Region club. However, such tactics do not always bear fruit. If players do not bring your freshly bought expected result, but at the same time you spend on them too much money, then you will be retired. Another significant innovation – the emergence of the so-called donors. If you lead a well-known club with a big budget, then certainly in the first team you are the seasoned stars, and the stock is languishing in a deep talented young people. Because of the lack of serious match practice their skills do not grow, and the rate of morality and does fall from match to match. In Football Manager 2007 such children can be given to the friendly team from a lower division. Let the wet behind the ears gain experience and improve their performance. Perhaps then someone will fit for great things. Improved considerably in the Scout xbox360. About potential of each scout is now saying a special "light of knowledge." It is reasonable to send a specialist in Scottish football on foggy Albion, but not in Latin America, and vice versa. And another remarkable moment. Football agents have learned to play for time to knock you out of extra money in the latter stages of the transaction. Say, you, dear people, we better pay and our other young talent to be at risk from your competitors. In life, these situations happen all the time.

Russian Empire

Chervonets a monetary unit of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. Takes its name from the gold piece "pure gold", gold has a high quality silver, pure gold hue. At different times had different ducat equivalent in rubles. But the gold coins is usually called coins or bank notes in denominations of 10 rubles. This value was fixed after the monetary reform in 1926. In 1924 was released in August, a new sample ticket face value of 3 gold pieces. He had the force of your payment before the reform in 1947, but was almost completely replaced by new banknotes in circulation in 1932, and 1937's.

And as a continuation of the series in 1926 issued the ticket face value of 1 gold piece, in 1928, 2, and 5 gold pieces. In 1932 released new ticket in 3 gold pieces. At that time our country was on track stabilize the currency. Chervonets significantly strengthened the monetary system of the Soviet state, but there were still difficulties in exchanges. Sometimes workers refused to even receive a salary of such embarrassing, but hard ducats. When was launched small coins, I had to place some orders for coinage in Britain since the Soviet factories do not cope with the pace with which the appeal swallowed the coin.

By the beginning of 1925 small coin crisis was overcome. Gold pieces of metal used mainly for foreign trade, but some coins and addressed in Russia. Already in 1925 the ducat equated to 10 rubles. Then later import and export of ducats for the Soviet border was prohibited. In 1937 the appeal launched a new series of banknotes par 1,3,5, and 10 ducats. Portrait of Lenin for the first time appeared on them. Gold coins existed before the reforms of 1947, when they were replaced by new bills denominated in rubles. The exchange was 10:1. It turned out that an old chervonetz match one ruble.