The Knights

The graph represents Graalsky fighters, calling them names anturazhnye. The Knights hold a show dramatized fight (first fight henchmen, and then, most entertaining and masterful fight Knights show). After a demonstration bout Graalsky Graf said that we also have our own worthy knights (top managers) who are willing to earn the respect of the king, and worthy of all to show their quality. Each Knight in 5 minutes to submit his small team of heralds, squires, minstrels, Dame of the Heart. But to view the commands they need to prepare and paint your family coat of arms, to come up with a slogan and sing their anthem. A further round of tests to pass and take part in the tournament.

Count refers to the venerable Graalsky royal court and the knights that they evaluated all worthy. Under the rules of each winning Knight (Guest) enhances its Order, receive a white or red rose. Each participant in the competition herald, squire, minstrel, lady add strength to his Order. Get a white or red rose. Graf Graalsky invites guests of the Knights. Order of the White Rose. In a race called the noble knight high and mighty – …

Lionheart. (Apparel) Order of the Red Rose. In a race called the noble knight high and mighty – … Magdegbursky. (Apparel), etc. depending on how many teams. Read out a royal decree, and begin the competition (Archery attraction bout on safe simulators, tug of war, fighting nodding and others), competition completed the tournament. Knight, who won the tournament, holds Rite of Passage to the leaders of the company. Carried out a spectacular ceremony, the newly dedicated presented with a cup of wine to be the ancient ritual of drinking with blade of the sword fighting. In the gift brought by the ceremonial swords and armor. Terminated medieval palace ritual dance. Throughout the festival offers a photo taken together with the knights, ladies, and try on armor and costumes entertain the guests of the palace and medieval peasant dances. Anyone will be able to learn the basic movements and dance to the rules. Themed contests, competitions, fun. Possible to produce case of small hand-made souvenirs for the guests. Perhaps an additional registration sites: banners, heraldic shields and Supplement program change according to customer


The concept of "toaster" emerged relatively recently. And despite the fact that determine the range of its obligations is difficult, everyone, including children, know that the "toaster" is obliged to entertain guests. It is considered that the toastmaster, who manages holiday, toastmaster is responsible for fun pastime activities, most often leading the ceremony. Often the toastmaster at a wedding organizers elect, or else themselves heroes of the occasion. A lot of people say that the toaster is the man who should amuse the guests on your holiday, but this is not a statement.

Toastmasters is not required to be a clown at your wedding, in fact, you own it certainly not like it, because see, hear jokes, even if they are very interesting, during the holiday is not very exciting, and even tedious. Tamada should entertain and do it so that guests took active part in it. Know the elements of the ritual feast, to be able to say nice toast, or desire, so much so that it was funny and touching at the same time. Organically combine all the elements of the holiday with toast and entertainment for guests, make a bright show of any event, that they should remember the guests for a lifetime, so this is the main duty of Toastmasters for your wedding. He writes the script of the holiday, including all the details and comments of the customer. Toastmasters is also a writer and presenter simultaneously. Remember, the toastmaster at the wedding – it's not just a presenter. He must be able not only beautiful tale evening, but also see to it that no one with the guests was not deprived of attention and a good mood.

A good toastmaster is always able to react properly and taxied from casual and not so pleasant situations (such as at weddings happen quite often). Choose your holiday tamada – Not an easy task, but do not be upset, you can always turn to friends who have already encountered this problem. They will certainly advise you to a good specialist, and willingly share their experiences with you. Not forget about that special bridal salons provide services to Toastmasters. It is not necessary to save his own wedding, a good toaster on a holiday will cost is not cheap, but do not forget that the guests will be remembered beautiful tablecloths on the tables and crystal glasses (which is certainly not unimportant, because the picture must be entirely perfect), and the emotions they felt and remembered for years to come. But if you simply do not have money and time to search for Toastmasters, you can always find someone who will give you their services for a reasonable price for you, but note that the cheaper toaster, the less quality it will fulfill its responsibilities. In the extreme case, you may ask someone from your family, or friends took this responsibility on themselves, it is desirable that this man was "wound up", because in the company of your friends there is always some guy (do not exclude the possibility that such person may be a girl), whom you might call the "soul" of the company.