HR Department

Unemployment is one of the major problems throughout the country, not to say first of all. Figures are terrible and we look in the sector which we look there is nothing good that highlight. It is true that during the summer in some as in hospitality employment, hiring has increased, but continues to be a seasonal increase. However, despite everything, there are entrepreneurs, businesses, which need to hire staff and not only in summer. Without a doubt the hospitality industry has its own characteristics that distinguishes it from others.

To depend so much on tourism, vacation at specific times of the year needs to acquire much labor than then other months, may not be charged. Therefore, contracts are very common finally work or temporary (although this type of contracts are increasingly common in all sectors). Another of its features, and in line with the above, is that the personnel changes a lot. The number of waiters, cooks varies depending on the time of year, so for the catering employer (especially of) bars or restaurants more or less small) is very difficult to guess when hiring. Typically, you don’t have a human resources department, so it will depend on their clinical eye for hiring a bartender or competent Cook. Something that will have to do several times during the year, which will increase the risk of mistake. And, let’s not kid ourselves, a little competitive template is very bad for business. For companies, that we can access through the internet, dedicated to creating employment for innkeepers. Without paying a HR Department employers can access hundreds of defendants resumes that fit your needs. Whether chefs, receptionists, waiters without any doubt is a very interesting option for small and medium catering, without large chains of restaurants on their backs, who maintain a human resources department them is very expensive but they need to hire several times during the year.