Finamore Cooper

In its poetries they are implicit trends to the religiosidade, but not with the same fevor that was at the beginning of the settling. It was through the nature that the man would go to rest with God, would find the peace spiritual. However before this mentioned writer, Joseph Rodman Drake (1795-1820), approached the nature through the magic of fairies, and it presented in its workmanship prettiest of the American trees ' ' Dogwood tree' ' giving to life its world of insects and foliages. However, the writer who described the nature as he found the first colonizadores, was Finamore Cooper. The fights between the indians and the whites, rebels and the British, involve the reader through the adventures that had happened at this time. It writes through many descriptions, detailing the nature of spectacular form, helping to compose its adventures of the beginning of the settling of the United States. Another writer who also dedicated itself to describe the nature was Henry Thoreau.

With naturalist eyes, he described the nature through research, and of its soul, fruit of much comment throughout the years. In its lake of Walden, it he observed the intervention of the man in the nature, after to verify some people to remove the ice of the river in order it commerce. Commerce would blunt that it as inventor of delicious ices cream, and exportation of these waters frozen for others countries, also Brazil. But nor everything had been a thousand wonders, the beginning of the colonio of the United States, was marked by religious intolerncia. The English that had been exiled in New England, for being adepts to the puritanismo, also making forts persecutions to the rebels who were not adepts to this religion in new England. The church was the place where the sermes were propagated, the God was inspired by the severe fear.