Protivosibireyazvennuyu serum should be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously at 50-100 ml of 1 or 2 times a day, and pulmonary and intestinal form – by 100-200 ml of a 1 or 2 times a day. Before the introduction of serum produced desensitization, administered subcutaneously for the 0.1 ml of serum and after 30 minutes – 0.2 ml. If no response after 1-hour 17g after the second injection is administered the entire dose of serum. Serum treatment usually lasts 4-5 days, until disappearance of edema, falling temperatures and improve the overall condition. Protivosibireyazvenny gamma globulin, which more effective than protivosibireyazvennaya serum, injected intramuscularly at 30 – 50 ml (adult). It can be administered repeatedly to the same doses. Before the introduction of the gamma globulin heated for 10-15 minutes in warm water temperature of 40 . Perhaps check out Phil Vasan for more information.

Before the introduction of the gamma globulin also checked the individual horse's sensitivity to the protein. To do this, enter intradermally 0.1 ml of 10% solution protivosibireyazvennogo gamma globulin, diluted 100 times with sterile saline. After 20 minutes, with negative reactions taking 0.1 ml of 10% solution of gamma globulin and injected subcutaneously already. In the absence of reaction to this dose by intramuscular injection one hour (preferably in the buttock) to introduce the entire prescribed dose 10% solution of gamma globulin. Said complementary therapy infusion novarsenola. This drug is administered at a dose of 0.45 g intravenously at intervals of 2 days (only 2 times for the entire course of treatment). Novarsenol before the introduction of pre- dissolved in 8 ml of sterile double-distilled water, the introduction must be done slowly.

In the skin form of dressings can be used indifferent ointments. By reading can be assigned to cardiovascular drugs. Prescribe a patient recovering from cutaneous anthrax is possible only after ecdysis, epithelialization and scarring. If septic, pulmonary and intestinal form of patients discharged after clinical recovery and double-negative results of bacteriological research, guiding them in 5 days. Depending on the clinical form of the disease examined blood, sputum and feces. Prevention. All measures against anthrax should be directed at strengthening the veterinary-sanitary inspection of animals for slaughter cattle, the sources and foci of infection and rely on the conduct of health education work. When the epizootic imposed strict quarantine on the importation and exportation of animals. Quarantine can be extended to 1.5 months from the last case of the disease. Should be close confinement of animals and humans at the slightest suspected anthrax in them. The corpses of animals and human anthrax is better to burn or bury at 2 m boarded coffin. Corpse wrapped in a sheet soaked in 10 or 20% hlornoizvestkovym milk. At the bottom of the coffin poured bleach into a layer of 3-4 cm manure, litter and other items that have been in contact with sick animals, are burned. The meat of sick animals for consumption is prohibited. Vaccination is widely used among animals and people to enjoy this live spore vaccine STI beskapsulnoy made of avirulent strain of the anthrax microbe. The vaccine is administered in the scarified skin on skin, or subcutaneously. At the same time vaccine should contain 1 ml of 2 billion spores in 50% glycerin solution, and for the subcutaneous administration of 50 million spores in physiological! solution. It is recommended prophylactic gamma globulin. Dose it for adults – 20-25 ml, adolescents (14-17 years) and 12 mL of children – 5-8 ml injected intramuscularly it. To disinfect the skin (skins, harness, saddle, etc.) use the method of pickling. Furs processed paroformalinovyh cells. – Herbs for skin problems

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Israel is considered one of the world's leading manufacturers of cosmetic products. To a large extent this was due to the presence in Israel of such a miracle of nature, like the Dead Sea. The successful use of modern technology and treatment of Dead Sea minerals has created the Israeli cosmetologists and chemists to a variety of cosmetic products and brands. Dead Sea Cosmetics Dead Sea Premier – is one of the most famous and popular in the world of cosmetic lines of Israeli production. The company's products Dead Sea Premier is exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Japan, as well as in western Europe.

Premier offers a wide range of beauty products: face creams, creams, wrinkle, facial masks, a variety of cosmetics for the body, masks, shampoos, hair cosmetics for men. Dead Sea Premier – that patented cosmetics producing the latest technology. This is the result of joint activities of the scientists, experts in the field of biology, dermatology, and chemistry. The uniqueness and magnificence of products achieved a combination of 26 minerals extracted from the salt and mud from the Dead Sea with the original liposomal complex, vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants. This unique composition reduces wrinkles and prevents premature skin aging skin care body and hair.

The patented formula increases the skin's natural ability to heal itself by stimulating the epidermal cells and changes in the structural balance of the skin. Cream of the Prime quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy, without disturbing the skin to breathe and not disrupting its normal biological function. Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics is a new generation of products from the Dead Sea, belongs to Among the most advanced care products for face and body. The company's specialists Dead Sea Premier managed to combine the wisdom of nature with the radically new technology, so that your skin will always remain young and beautiful!

The Pharmacy

And even the well-known rule, "80:20", which states that most paying customers to your pharmacy make up only 20% of all buyers, but generate 80% of her profits, can not be your main guide for loyalty programs. Strengthening relations with all of your customers – a pledge success of the pharmacy in the future. It remains to understand who your visitors, and to identify major categories. Then – then, the ground that will determine your program to fight for customer loyalty. Necessary for each target groups to develop, in fact, the impact of an individual strategy that will achieve the desired effect: to get consumers to buy more goods and more often recommend a specific pharmacy to their relatives and friends.

It general scheme. Now in more detail. The main consumer category is defined as follows: – potential buyer – a man who does not feel the need to visit your pharmacy and pharmacy visits competitor – casual – went to the pharmacy by chance, as a rule, for whatever reason could not reach the usual pharmacy – purchase – buy in your pharmacy on a regular basis (good), but is actively considering other proposals – regular customer – in your pharmacy buys more often, because satisfied with the product and service process. Now try to identify the possible loyalty program for each category of customers. The potential buyer. All that is needed – is make him make the first test purchase at your pharmacy. To do this, you can use the pharmacy or advertising messages on promotions to stimulate purchases of specific goods.