Roh made a statement about this at a conference on the book ‘Deathly Hallows’. 10. All solved if you think you know all about Harry Potter, think again. The filmmakers have hinted that some of the mysteries of life the boy wizard will be revealed at the last minute ‘Half-Blood Prince’. Show trial in Chicago. In early September the private test screening of the film in Chicago, where the visitor has visited one of the fan sites about Harry Potter, which provided the material, which describes how we will be “Half-Blood Prince.” She said that the scenes with Harry and Ginny will be quite a lot of what was expected. At first, Ginny appeared at the Burrow, Harry sees her in the window, reading a book, and momentarily holds his gaze to admire Ginny. “Although Ginny met with Dean Thomas, she never looks happy with him.

Ginny is in Gryffindor Quidditch team. But the only game we saw was the head of Felix Felitsis when Ron thought that Harry slipped him a potion of luck. At Christmas at the Burrow Harry and Ginny walk up the stairs and lean towards each other to kiss, and at this point begins the attack on the Burrow “- tells the spectator,” Do not worry, Nora did not burn to the ground, but she was surrounded by a ring fire, which conjured Bella Lestrandzh.