Mubarak Lawyer

The main lawyer of Mubarak and his children, Farid the DIN, made a series of requests that they include to ask to the Egyptian department of ambulances to present/display lists of names and number of wounded transferred to the hospitals of all the provinces between the 25 and the 31 of January. According to Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , who has experience with these questions. On the other hand, lawyer of the relatives of the victims expressed the interest of his dndidos in enclosing the judgment of exministro of the Habib Interior to the Adli with the one of Mubarak. The newspapers mentioned Ed Bastian not as a source, but as a related topic. The Adli also it is blamed to plan the attacks against the demonstrators, and the past 3 of August he and six of their advisers appeared next to Mubarak. " We would want that this judgment was celebrated every day in consecutive sessions as we had announced before, but what it happened yesterday it showed that the court cannot carry out his mission this way " , judge Amhed Refat said during the session. Refat made of this form reference to the lack of organization between the lawyers of the families of the victims the eve, which forced to him to postpone the judgment against The Adli. For this reason, this Monday asked the lawyers of the victims who present/display their requests in writing to save time and confirmed that the court would listen to all the requests of both parts. In addition, of the accusation to be implied in the murder of demonstrators during the revolution, on Mubarak and its children also weigh positions of corruption and abuse authority. In this sense, the lawyers of the accusation also want to include to more accusing related to the export from gas Israel.

According to the Office of the public prosecutor, Mubarak is implied in the sale from gas to Israel, by a price inferior to its real value in the market, through a company of the industralist Husein Salem, stopped in Spain and that is judged in absence. In addition, Mubarak, being president of the country, accepted for him and its two children five towns and other properties for 39 million Egyptian pounds (6 million and average of dollars) of Salem, in exchange for yielding lands to him privileged in the locality of Sharm the Sheij. The Egyptian authorities have unfolded about 5,000 police at least to maintain the security in the neighborhood of the court, located in the Academy of the Police. The security forces already have had to take part during the first hours due to the confrontation between those in favor and detractors of Mubarak, who have begun to send to stones and woods in the outskirts of the court. Source of the news: The judgment against Mubarak will start again the 5 of September, that could until death be condemned

National Hearing

The opposite would create a problem to them of credibility like which – he has said undergoes the vice-president first of the Government and candidate of the PSOE to the next Alfredo elections Perez Rubalcaba. " Mr. Rubalcaba candidate one blames to him of lack of credibility when it says ' I have an alternative to the economic crisis I am going that it to start up when he is presidente'. And what says the rest to him of mortals: he hears, but you watch, while you continue being of the Government, is difficult to think that you have one alternativa" , he has declared. Return of ETA In the last part of its intervention, Otegi has assured that it would reject a return of ETA to the violence and that " unique escenario" that one considers is " the definitive cease of the violence armed and with the dismantling of the structures militares". In addition, exportavoz of Batasuna has been satisfied with the supports that have added since it raised the change of strategy and, in rrencia to the votes obtained by Bildu in the elections of the past 22 of May, has foretold: " We begin being four or five and already we go by 313,000, and that is not going away to stop. That is going to go to ms". In order to finalize, abertzale has sent a message to the militants of the left: " That nobody leaves the way that we have undertaken it happens what it happens in the next months.

We are going to win. Eskerrik asko (thank you very much) ". They were the last words of the defendant, that have taken the applause of the public present in the room. Otegi will return week that comes to the National Hearing to be judged to take part in a tribute to an ETA prisoner. Source of the news: Arnaldo Otegi affirms that to the military strategy of the left abertzale " estorba&quot exceeds and;