Children’s Sandbox. Children’s Sandbox Vendor

What is it and how to install assembly in the playground? This, of course, decide to parents in accordance with the child's age, his physical development and temperament, free space, landscape area and, of course, physical facilities. Someone chooses a quiet corner of the game (sandbox, swing, slide, house). Others prefer the gym outdoors (playgrounds, stairs, sports and playgrounds, a carousel, games form complexes for role-playing games, swings uneven, horizontal bar, basketball hoop, table tennis). Or maybe, it will combine all at once? In any case we have in stock all products for decorating children's and sports sites. Our company offers playgrounds, sports playgrounds, sandboxes, slides and houses, children playing shape, carousel, swings, children's playgrounds and much more. Children of all ages love sandbox. You can buy a separate sandbox, and you can buy a hill, horizontal bar, swing and sandbox in the set – a gaming center. Leisure activities are very helpful for the child.

But let's not forget about the little ones. The most simple that can be for them to come up at the cottage or the playground – it's a sandbox, in which both like to dig girls and boys. Here they have the opportunity to play in adults, planting, watering and okuchivaya own sand 'kitchen garden'. In very small, which have only sifted sand through his fingers and break 'ispechennye'mamoy kulichiki, sand play develop tactile and fine motor skills. Over time, get the hand shovel scoop the sand and pour it into a bucket and molds, the kids quickly get the ability to … wield a spoon. Do kids in preschool sandbox includes a work of imagination and desire to create, which results in the construction of urban tunnels and towers. A drawing in the sand the letters, you can even learn the alphabet. In general, to have their own sandbox – is not only pleasant but also useful! Varying in size and appearance of the sandbox and fungi will be a good addition to any child area and complement almost any yard.