Sonnet Eden Divine Child Jesus

And the world is to be desperate … persistent and committed in their quarrels between lightning and thunder Threat, False peace is not truth, always stubborn. God is peace visible the invisible and silent word we understand, if elected to the kingdom we know. When born in Bethlehem is incredible, Children, their mission is impossible, everything can love as we shall see! Sonnet Eden Divine Child Jesus is now I think Escondido, quiet and tiny, can not cover nor infinity of God's heart is so big. Tree growing everywhere, extensive, without sin, the human without crime, Prince of Peace The Miracle nice dreams his intense love of Eden. He gets to mourn and sleeping Tears of God, I come out, happy to be sad and crying. Awake from your sleep and you smiling And the Virgin looks charming, good night dawns the sun I sing! Friendship Sonnet combines transparent love, you'll end up loving, the truth does not lie, you're believing the lie that you are feeling false. Misperception wandering ends.

There is no unfairness you're thinking the joke is not an enemy that is hurting, you invent the ghost you're seeing is not the wound and you're imagining. Combines love love the sea and the river is life running towards death, has already said Manrrique rivers. Dar is the way to the sea and good luck maternal source and strong friend, friendship Transparent, no such trouble walking! Incredibly unforgivable Sonnet Love of friendship knot is well that is dry and we weigh, and weigh the truth and frankness, Silent malicious, is mute. It is not intended to mock or play rough, Who wants to be faithful to their fortitude does not ignore the truth that interests you and is a fatal blow to know he could not. Stone hardens the soul friend of greed, does not have a crumb, Generosa becomes greedy. The rose becomes a nettle growing every thorn, if an enemy, Its petals thorns without the rose. Credible and excusable Sonnet If dry it well and if we weigh Their silence is never silent, the love of friendship knot is not God speaks frankly sincere.

The never say that and really could not ignore our weakness, forgetting the offense to his integrity, with its clean friendly, frank nudity. Wasting a banquet every crumb liberality lacking greed, the Divine friendship is without malice. It does not make a nettle pink and even your spine, flowers and stem, petals and is always in your caress. In conclusion God Haiku Without fail my roots will not let me dry, Divino friend! Success Sonnet With the kiss of love of God is eternal kiss If we truly love, His divine friendship conservative, is triumphant friendship, full success. The kiss that is treason is worse than zero Betraying to kiss him, we lose, we can not deny that we know that heaven is hell without love. Forgiving heart grow healthy, God friend hides in the beggar If we extend a hand to each brother. We must not let go of his hand, not enemy, God is always good friend, I never want to let go, it is flat!