The number of local agencies of active sponsorships is steadily increasing. We know now 1200 local projects of active sponsorships in Germany distributed on about 800 German cities. ( when compared to the other large EU countries (England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland), Germany is thus very well placed. England is in second place. There in a coordinating body has approximately 700 local projects. That there is the most famous projects in Germany, has several reasons. It let the largest population of all EU countries that have official charities more money than in most other countries, there are other reasons which probably play a role, but less easily quantified that. For example, the German welfare organizations are mostly decentralized organized than in other countries.

This allows the heads of local offices, to try a sponsorship project without having to obtain the blessing of the Central. Two-thirds of all projects include a more or less loose regional or national network. There are currently about 35. The figures of the corresponding projects vary between 2 and 100. A third of all local projects are due to independent local initiatives.

These include also the social services of the municipalities. Within, the active sponsorships in the three large EU countries Germany, France and England have evolved from four main categories. We call them family sponsorships, child sponsorship, learning sponsorships and job sponsorships. The three latter there is some over 300 projects. There are just under 200 of the family sponsorships. Most of the 35 networks deal with only one of the four categories. Seven of them are active in several categories. There are Caritas, Diakonie, AWO, Kinderschutzbund, the multi-generation houses, the senior offices and the voluntary agencies. We have no reliable value for the number of active sponsors, who are active in Germany. We can appreciate them but at least very roughly. The number of active partners in a single Local project varies between 3 and 600. The median, so the most common value could in about 30 lie and the arithmetic average perhaps at 35. This would result in a total of approximately 40000 active Godfather. When you consider that 10 years ago, just 60 local projects were known with less active sponsors per project, but a very positive image for the development of active sponsorships, for your utility and the willingness of the population active godfather to emerges. This willingness by the way well beyond the 40000 who are already active partners. Only a large part can be not mobilized as long as the concept of active sponsorship is still relatively unknown. We know, because we recognize that the daily number of visitors of our websites. The media reports regularly about our sites and active sponsorships. This brings us some more visitors for a few days maybe. Go in the larger number of daily visitors total. There are also media reports, the number of visitors for a few days to three to seven times increase. This happens very rarely per year. But it shows that the interest in Active sponsorships would be much greater if there were such resounding media reports often. You can still dream! The addresses of our websites are: (database) (official website of the Association) (site of our European Group) Randolf Garcia


Very convenient position for local and Moscow bureaucrats – do not take the initiative in creating new jobs, do not exert enough only occasional vague hints at some foreign centers, sponsoring terrorism Caucasian – and a quiet life for some time provided. Although, it should be noted that the centers actually exist, and from there the money properly comes to terrorists. A good example of a purely bureaucratic approach to solving the problem is the situation in Ingushetia. Last year, instead accept their share of responsibility for the current in the country environment and with the Republican leadership to take steps to improve it, the Kremlin, without further ado, decided to replace one official as the President of Ingushetia on the other. The result is obvious.

The saddest thing in this situation, what exactly this result the authorities were warned initially. To verify this, we need to look through a file of "North Caucasus" last year. If Ingushetia is an example of bureaucratic approach to the problem, and Dagestan, is a vivid example of the corrosive society corruption, Chechnya can be seen (in addition to the above), as clear evidence of wrong policies of the Kremlin, directly contributing not only Conservation of the conflict, but also the expansion of its geography. In June 2000, bringing the power of the elder Kadyrov, and supporting him during the so-called presidential elections in Chechnya, the Kremlin has rendered invaluable service to the armed underground. Service was that the federal government retained for the separatists moral right to continue resistance.